NFL waterboy application: How to become a waterboy in the NFL

NFL waterboy application: How to become a waterboy in the NFL

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Many people have the ambition to be involved with the most well-liked professional sport in the United States of America. Your goal of working for an NFL club as a waterboy can come true. You will interact with your favourite football players practically daily. Additionally, you may get paid simply for watching and working for the NFL. But how do you become an NFL waterboy?

Application for NFL waterboy
How to become a waterboy in the NFL. Photo: @Dhia Eddine (Modified by author)
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Behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating a good game should be noticed. Players practice and work hard daily, but professionals like waterboys, who are always on the field to give thirsty players water, are often overlooked. However, the job can pay extraordinarily well in terms of salaries and the incentives associated with the position.

NFL waterboy job application

The educational requirements to work in this position are minimal, and you must possess a high school pass certificate. You also need good management and communication skills to succeed in this job. Ask college coaches or other experts in the field for help. This way, it will be beneficial as you will keep their goodwill, and in the end, some of them could recommend you.

Any job may benefit from networking. Making connections with NFL players should be the primary goal of a prospective waterboy, and qualifications are less crucial than connections. To save money, some clubs hire coaches in a relatively more conventional manner. To have to pay the stipend, they hire interns.

NFL waterboy job description
Quarterback Kirk Cousins is given water during day 4 of the Washington Redskins summer training camp in Richmond VA on 1 August 2016. Photo: John McDonnell
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A step-by-step guide on how to apply for waterboy in NFL

The employer will briefly look at your skills before meeting you in person. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to be a waterboy for the NFL:

  1. Visit the official NFL website.
  2. Click on the Team or League link.
  3. Vigilantly choose between intern and entry-level positions.
  4. Click the highlighted link and upload your resume.

Procedure on how to become an NFL waterboy

You may participate in the tryouts. Learn about the hiring practices used by teams during selection. For this kind of job, some teams arrange trials while others hold raffles. Ask about hiring insights or the qualities teams seek during employment. Any link to the NFL personnel will be beneficial, and it can be something other than a coach, referee, or scout.

NFL waterboy job application
Nick Bosa and Jimmie Ward of the San Francisco 49ers drink water during a timeout during an NFL football game on 11 December 2022 in Santa Clara, California. Photo: Michael Owens
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Duties of an NFL waterboy

After practice, they give the parched players water. Both the practice and the game are off-limits to them. There is a prospect of advancement to assistant status for a waterboy who performs very well. A waterboy may not be required in the whole game, but they must be available whenever a player desires to quench their thirst. He must therefore be alert and always prepared.

Additionally, he is frequently required to carry out tasks that are inappropriate for his position, such as retrieving the players' training equipment or keeping their towels.

How much does an NFL waterboy make?

Waterboy NFL jobs
Tommy Kramer and QB Wade Wilson get refreshments and a towel from the waterboy during an NFL game on 4 September 1986 in Tampa, Florida. Photo: Michael Minardi
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Although the job does not quite sound like the most glamorous job in the world, it sure is one of the essential jobs on an NFL training staff. According to various online sources, the typical starting salary is approximately $53,000 annually.

A waterboy may be paid on par with an employee who works in an office. Furthermore, every job requires effort, and an effective waterboy may be promoted to assistant status based on such abilities. Follow the steps above for the NFL waterboy application and procedures.

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