Top 20 highest paying sports jobs in the world right now

Top 20 highest paying sports jobs in the world right now

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People who love sports but aren't professional athletes can still work in the industry they love. Based on the fact that the sports industry relies on professionals from other industries to keep players at their best and to keep fans entertained. You can work as a manager, coach, athletic trainer, or part of a team's medical support staff with good qualifications. But which are the highest paying sports jobs in the world and how much do they earn?

Highest paying sports jobs in the world
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Like any other carrier, getting a job in the sports industry starts with a level of education and expertise in the field. A practical experience is also required, which can be achieved by attending networking events to build relationships and connections with key people in the industry. Read on to find out more about these highest paying sports jobs around the world.

Is sports a good career option?

Sports is among the most rewarding career options with lots of job opportunities. For starters, it opened up many career opportunities for young talents. Does the sports industry pay well? While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $163,000 and as low as $20,000, then it safe to say that it sure does pay well.

Highest paying sports jobs and salaries

Below is a list of twenty most paying sports jobs and their estimated salaries. Many at times, people would just focus on the players without realising that subordinate staff members also play vital roles in ensuring the player's well-being. Here are some of the highest paying sports jobs for you to look at.

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20. Snowboarding Instructor

Salary range: $27,500-$51,000 annually

A snowboarding instructor helps people learn how to snowboard and advance toward their next level. They schedule lessons according to factors like the experience of their students and the snowboarding routes that are safe to go through.

most paying sports jobs
Snowboarding instructor teaching in Quebec Canada. Photo: manonallard
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19. Certified Athletic Trainer

Salary range: $39,000-$52,000 annually

A certified athletic trainer is a health professional with know-how in sports injuries and athletic training. Their job is to prevent injury and maintain players' good health. To earn certification, one must have a bachelor's (and often a master's) degree and has passed all examination requirements by the Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer.

18. Ski Instructor

Salary range: $28,000-$52,000 annually

Ski Instructors help clients of all ages learn how to ski. A ski instructor manages multiple classes throughout the day that vary in difficulty. In addition, they may teach groups or offer private lessons.

17. Track and Field Coach

Salary range: $22,000-$52,000 annually

Track and field coaches work in high schools and colleges as training coaches to athletes. They recruit and train students, thus helping them improve their performance in various events, overseeing track meets and travel with the team during the season.

16. Athletic Trainer

highest paying sports jobs and salaries
An athletic trainer giving his student instructions on how to run the ladder. Photo: Kolostock
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Salary range: $38,000-$52,000 annually

Athletic trainers are certified health care professionals and are experts in providing care for athletes in colleges, high schools, hospitals, clinics, and professional teams. They are trained in first aid and emergency care, assessing injuries, and understanding anatomy and physiology.

15. Strength and Conditioning Coach

Salary range: $39,000-$53,500 annually

A strength and conditioning coach is in charge of training players to improve their strength and conditioning. Their duties involve working directly with athletic teams to prepare players to excel physically in their field. In addition, they help focus on players' endurance and aerobic performance while being concerned with improving upper-body strength for baseball athletes.

14. Baseball Instructor

Salary range: $36,000-$55,000 annually

Baseball instructors teach baseball players how to improve their batting, catching, and running to better themselves. A baseball instructor evaluates the players' strengths and weaknesses and then runs drills to improve their skills, focusing on pitching, and batting.

13. Dive Supervisor

highest paying sports jobs in the UK
A dive supervisor training a young boy on how to position his body before diving. Photo: Joos Mind
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Salary range: $30,500-$59,000 annually

A dive supervisor implements and creates dive plans based on the clients' construction projects in coordination with barge or vessel teams and the superintendents. They are in charge of;

  • Monitoring the safety and competence of the dive team
  • Choosing a suitable location
  • Supervising underwater construction work

How much though do water-boys get paid? For instance, NFL water-boys make $53,000 per year. However, that's just the salary for beginners. For professionals, their salary can be higher than any other highest paid NFL water-boy.

12. Lacrosse Coach

Salary range: $25,500-$62,500 annually

A Lacrosse Coach teaches the sport of lacrosse to high school, college, or professional players. They train the team in the rules and regulations of the sport and act as positive role models for the players. The crucial aspect of the job is to teach the players about perseverance, teamwork, and integrity.

11. Ground School Instructor

Salary range: $37,500-$62,000 annually

A ground school instructor provides simulator training to students in a flight school. Their duties and responsibilities include elaborating on aeroplane controls, aircraft systems, and other relevant topics. In addition, they plan lessons and give lectures, ensuring that all information is covered according to the FAA requirement.

10. Umpire

highest paying sports jobs around the world
An umpire calling strike two. Photo: RBFried
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Salary range: $39,500-$61,000 annually

An umpire's job is to enforce the rules of play in a baseball game. Their responsibilities are to handle disputes, determine whether a player is on base, apply rules, communicate with players and coaches and ensure the field is safe.

Between an Umpire and a Baseball Instructor who has the highest salary? An umpire is paid more than baseball instructor.

9. Golf Course Superintendent

Salary range: $40,500-$59,500 annually

A golf course superintendent carries out the duty of maintaining a golf course. Their responsibility includes ensuring members' or players' needs are met. In addition, they manage the labour and the course and oversee the financial well-being of the course and country club if there is one attached to the course.

8. Head Golf Professional

Salary range: $41,500-$66,000 annually

A head golf professional is in charge of the operations of a golf shop that is a part of a golf facility certified by the PGA. Their duties include:

  • Developing and maintaining good member relationships.
  • Developing coaching and training programs for members.
  • Managing the equipment at the shop and keeping them clean and in order.

7. Flight Instructor

most paying sports jobs
A flight instructor is describing various dials and displays to a trainee pilot in the cockpit of a simulator. Photo: Thomas_EyeDesign
Source: Getty Images

Salary range: $52,000-$73,500 annually

A Flight Instructor is in charge of teaching students how to fly an aircraft by utilising in-class instructions, a flight simulator, and test aeroplane flights. They train students on the physics of aerodynamics and how to manage the navigation and emergency systems provided in the pre and post-flight checklists.

6. Head Tennis Professional

Salary range: $57,500-$75,000 annually

A head tennis professional has to run and manage a tennis program. They schedule activities or manage youth programs to find or recruit talented tennis players. Requirements to become a head tennis professional include a bachelor's degree in sports science or a related field and advanced tennis skills, including competitive experience.

5. Tennis Professional

Salary range: $51,000-$76,000 annually

A Tennis Professional works for a sports club, country club, or recreational facility that provides tennis activities for guests. A Tennis Professional helps to develop and facilitate tennis activities according to the ability levels of the players.

Duties include coaching players, overseeing practice sessions, running tennis clinics, and offering private lessons.

highest paying sports jobs
A tennis professional training a young girl. Photo: George Shelley
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4. Player Development Manager

Salary range: $45,000-$77,000 annually

A player development manager majors in technology, gaming, and athletics, but most positions involve working in a c*sino or other gaming facility. For instance, in a c*sino, the responsibilities are quickly resolving guest issues using enhanced communication skills.

They execute and manage strategies designed to support the best experience for each guest, including an incentive or reward program and special promotions to increase customer acquisition.

3. Cycling Instructor

Salary range: $41,500-$83,000 annually

A cycling instructor teaches clients or a class how to exercise with a bike properly. In addition, they provide personal training for different clients. Cycling instructors often specialise in areas like spinning or group classes, and doing so can help them stand out from other cycling instructors.

The responsibilities and duties of a cycling instructor require one to be keen on observation skills, communication skills, and the ability to remain focused after an intensive class.

2. Sports Information Director

highest paying sports jobs
Successful information director looking at camera while working at computer in modern office. Photo: Liubomyr Vorona
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Salary range: $37,000-$90,000 annually

A sports information director carries out media relations duties for college or professional sports teams. They keep track of players' information and statistics and thus develop relationships with members of the sports and press.

They also handle interview requests, schedule player availability and train coaches and players on how to conduct themselves during interviews and press conferences or other on- and off-field appearances.

1. Sports Statistician

Salary range: $41,500-$100,500 annually

Sports statisticians are responsible for tracking players' team data and analysing information used to develop a unique intuition about the team, a specific athlete, or the effectiveness of a strategy or tactic.

They then make recommendations to the team management staff based on their analysis. They also record statistics of games in real-time. It is currently among the highest paying sports jobs in the UK.

What sport makes the most money in the United States of America?

As per revenue, the NFL is the wealthiest professional sports league.

What are the best careers in sports?

Below is a list of the best careers you can opt for if you are into sports.

highest paying sports jobs around the world
Basketball Player surrounded by basketballs. Photo: : Matt Henry Gunther
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  • Basketball player
  • Baseball Player
  • Hockey Player
  • Football Player
  • Sports Broadcaster
  • Coach

What are the highest paid jobs in Canada?

Canada is among the nations who have fully embraced sports. The following is a list of the highest paid jobs as of 2022.

  • Sports editor
  • Baseball coach
  • Athletic scout
  • Personal trainer
  • Umpire

From the list above, you will realize there are lots of opportunities in the sports industry. But even though these are the 20 highest paying sports jobs in the industry today, the list is still endless as there are more than fifty sports jobs today.

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