The 12 Best Football Jerseys of the 2023/24 Season So Far: Photos

The 12 Best Football Jerseys of the 2023/24 Season So Far: Photos

Isaac Darko
updated at July 13, 2023 at 7:24 AM
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  • The release of new kits is one of the best parts of the break between football seasons
  • 2023 has not disappointed thus far with some absolute beauties dropping worldwide
  • Here is a rundown of Sports Brief's favourite football jerseys for the 2023/24 season

Excitement continues to build ahead of the new season of European football.

While transfer news and looming pre-season friendlies may dominate the headlines, fans are often as captivated by the introduction of new kits for the new term.

Sports Brief looks at the top 12 kits for the upcoming season - so far.

12 of the best jerseys of the 2023/24 season
Here's a rundown of Sports Brief's favourite jerseys for the 2023/24 season. Credit: @espnfc
Source: Twitter

While the release dates for kits vary from club to club, with some already unveiled and in use before the previous season had concluded, some designs remain a secret.

Here are our top picks:

12. Newcastle (away)

BBC reported that the emergence of green as a prominent colour at Newcastle has sparked a lively debate. However, few can deny the pure visual appeal of the kit.

Assuming this is Castore's final design for the Magpies, the design certainly leaves a lasting impression and would serve as a fitting farewell.

11. Fiorentina (away)

This one is bound to stir up some strong opinions.

Fiorentina's away kit, drawing inspiration from the exquisite flowers of Florence, has generated both fervent admiration and heartfelt disappointment among fans.

Regardless of where fans stand on the matter, this kit undeniably commands attention.

The floral-focused details feature across the jersey and the pops of bright colour draw the eye in, as reported by Soccer Bible.

10. RC Lens (away)

In a remarkable display of artistry, the French team has masterfully incorporated their primary colors - red and yellow - through tasteful pinstripes on their black jersey. The red collar also adds a touch of elegance to the ensemble.

Despite finishing only one point behind Paris Saint-Germain in the previous Ligue 1 season, Lens has unquestionably taken the lead in the realm of away shirts for the upcoming season.

9. Liverpool (home)

Ever since their collaboration commenced, Nike has been churning out delectable kits for Liverpool, and this particular design pays homage to the victorious 1973-74 FA Cup team. It also commemorates the 14th and final season of Bill Shankly's illustrious tenure as the club's manager.

The round neck and the subtly lighter shade of 'gymnasium red' used in this kit are well appreciated.

8. PSG (away)

While predominantly white, this kit cleverly incorporates PSG's iconic red and blue colours, ensuring immediate recognition of the club.

In this case, the gradient at the shirt's centre impeccably enhances the appearance of the primary sponsor, lending it a clean, sophisticated, and contemporary aesthetic.

To complement the blue, white, and red gradient, a tastefully placed French flag is at the back of the neck, seamlessly blending with the overall design.

7. AC Milan (home)

The legendary red and black stripes of Milan have undergone a revolutionary transformation, infused with a repetitive tonal pattern that pays homage to the city's dynamic and lively spirit. Notably, the stripes form a continuous 'M' motif that runs throughout the shirt.

The black v-neck collar, accompanied by black cuffs and sleeve trim, elegantly enhances the overall aesthetic of the kit. To complete the thoughtful design, the club name is prominently displayed at the back of the neck, showcasing Puma's skillful execution.

6. Benfica (away)

Benfica's remarkable creation is a thing of beauty. It incorporates an exquisite blend of blue, yellow, white, green, and red hues that captivate us entirely.

One might question the presence of five stripes, but each stripe carries profound significance. They commemorate Benfica's 120th anniversary by symbolizing the five continents and honouring the countless loyal fans scattered across the globe.

The depth of admiration we hold for this kit knows no bounds, as it impeccably celebrates Benfica's rich history and widespread fanbase.

5. Juventus (home)

Juventus' jerseys have long been hailed as one of the most iconic in global football, characterized by their distinct narrow black and white stripes. However, this season brings forth a remarkable transformation.

The traditional stripes have been ingeniously morphed into captivating 'Zebra' stripes, imbued with a blurred and textured effect that emulates the appearance of the majestic animal. The result is undeniably cool and visually striking.

Furthermore, a vibrant yellow theme takes centre stage, adorning various kit elements. The Jeep sponsor, Adidas logo, Juventus crest, collar, sleeves, and shoulders all proudly feature the lively hue, creating a cohesive and eye-catching ensemble.

Notably, the addition of blue lightning bolts on the Jeep sponsor serves as a splendid embellishment, injecting a touch of artistry into the branding itself.

4. Arsenal (home)

Arsenal have added significance to this season's kits. It features a captivating gold trim throughout, symbolizing a special tribute. The design aims to honour the Arsenal team that achieved an extraordinary feat: going unbeaten throughout an entire Premier League campaign.

As this season marks the 20th anniversary of that remarkable achievement, the kit serves as a tribute to that historic accomplishment.

Interestingly, the white trim of the shirt has been intricately stitched with the results from that memorable season. Fans astutely noticed that the stitching showcased only 34 results instead of the expected 38, prompting the suspension of shirt sales until the issue was rectified.

3. Ajax (away)

Ajax consistently delivers some of the most aesthetically pleasing kits in the Eredivisie, and this season is no exception.

The Dutch giants have produced absolutely stunning designs in recent years, whether home, away or pre-match shirts. It's the away strip that's getting the love from fans this year.

2. Real Madrid (home)

Real Madrid's latest home shirt is truly breathtaking. For the first time ever, the kit proudly displays the club's iconic slogan, "¡Hala Madrid!", adorning the collar.

The addition of a refined goldish orange trim adds a touch of elegance while seamlessly blending with Real Madrid's distinctive colour scheme.

This exquisite detail also seems to symbolize the gilded triumphs and trophies with which Real Madrid has been synonymous throughout its illustrious history.

The partnership between Adidas, Emirates, and Real Madrid is simply a heavenly union, creating a seamless synergy that perfectly complements the club's identity.

1. AS Roma (home)

Roma's transition from New Balance to Adidas as their kit manufacturer has made an impressive impact right from the start. The absence of a primary sponsor on their shirt immediately catches the eye, highlighting that the club reportedly lacks a sponsor.

The kit itself draws inspiration from the 1992-94 home kit, featuring the iconic Lupetto logo instead of the usual club crest. Furthermore, the Adidas logo is elegantly represented by three stripes alone, without the accompanying brand name.

This minimalist approach adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

Liverpool releases 'Nigerian inspired' kit

In related news, Sports Brief reported on Liverpool's release of their third kit trending on social media ahead of the 2023/2024 season.

The Premier League side, taking inspiration from the 1995/96 season away jerseys, have produced a kit with a touch of green and white.

Chelsea unveil sponsorless new kit

Sports Brief also reported on Chelsea revealing their 2034/24 season kit, which does not feature a sponsor for the front of the blue jersey.

Fans are concerned that the club's ownership has not confirmed a new partner despite having a year to find a name for the embattled Blues.

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