Which are the best tennis courts in the world currently?

Which are the best tennis courts in the world currently?

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Tennis is one of the sports that has grown significantly in popularity around the world, and because of this, some of the best tennis courts have been built. Most fans, however, tend to concentrate more on the players and frequently forget the amazing grounds where these players play their games.

Which are the best tennis courts in the world currently?
Blue tennis court and illuminated indoor arena with fans, upper front view. Photo: LeArchitecto
Source: Getty Images

Almost everyone has heard of tennis, and millions worldwide participate in it. Playing is one of this sport's pleasures, but watching a match is the next best thing.

The top 10 best tennis courts in the world

The world's top athletes compete in tournaments at a few of these locations. Although some of the courts in this article do not hold official matches, you should be aware of them because they are in such picturesque settings. Which is considered the best tennis court in the world?

10. Center Court, International Tennis Hall of Fame

Best tennis court USA
A general view of the ground at the International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum in Newport, RI. Photo: Steven Ryan
Source: Getty Images

It is in Newport, USA, and is much associated with recognizing former stars for their accomplishments and contributions to tennis. Award ceremonies are also held there at an elegant location.

The Hall of Fame Open, an ATP 250 event, is another tournament held annually at this facility. The US Open was also held at the Tennis Hall of Fame. Despite having such a rich history and traditions, the public is allowed at the facility.

9. Four Seasons Resort Nevis

Best tennis courts in the caribbean
The Four Seasons Resort's tennis facility. Photo: @Caribbcuptennis (modified by author)
Source: Twitter

The opulent Four Seasons Resort is located on the tiny Caribbean island of Nevis, which boasts that there are no structures taller than coconut trees and is only 36 square miles in size. You will be tempted to stay more around these ten tennis courts close to the lovely Pinney's Beach.

Going back to your local tennis court after exploring one of these treasures will be very challenging, and you have been forewarned. These facilities, however, are only available to resort visitors.

8. Singita Sabora Camp, Tanzania

Tanzania's Serengeti National Park is where the camp is situated. Imagine sitting next to a court and watching wild zebras and giraffes graze on the Savannah plains of the Serengeti. A 350,000-acre private game reserve in Tanzania's Singita Sabora is home to an explorer's camp designed in the style of the 1920s.

Before going on a safari where you will get up close to cheetahs, elephants, and baboons, why not work up a sweat on the clay court? The stuff of fantasies. The best tennis court in Africa, without a doubt!

7. Church of San Paolo, Milan

Which is considered as the best tennis court in the world?
People play tennis on the US artist Asad Raza's new piece of art, a tennis court called "untitled (plot for dialogue)", inside the San Paolo Converso church in Milan. Photo: Miguel Medina
Source: Getty Images

At Milan's Chiesa San Paolo Converso, an orange facility created by artist Asad Raza allows visitors to play matches beneath sacred artefacts. The installation, titled Untitled (Plot for Dialogue), is open to the public and includes all the standard court equipment, such as racquets, nets, and even jugs of iced tea and coaches.

Stone statues stand in for spectators as they watch games from the sidelines. The deconsecrated Milan church was transformed in 2014 by CLS architects, who retrofitted the area as a studio, inserting a free-standing black iron box as an office and turning the crypt into a 'table of ideas'.

6. Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia

Good tennis courts in Australia
Fans in Rod Laver Arena during the 2023 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 17, 2023, in Melbourne, Australia. Photo: Kelly Defina
Source: Getty Images

Rod Laver Arena is one of the good tennis courts in Australia and serves as the primary location for the Australian Open. The first Grand Slam tennis tournament of the year takes place there as well.

The name of the arena has twice been changed. In 1988, it was known as the National Tennis Centre at Flinders Park; in 1996, it was known as Centre Court; and on January 16, 2000, the name was once more changed to Rod Laver Arena in recognition of Rod Laver, one of the greatest male players and a three-time Australian Open champion.

5. Il San Pietro di Positano, Amalfi Coast

It is situated among the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea on the beautiful southern Italian coast. Where else can you play and immediately go swimming in the sea to cool off? Unfortunately, to use this good tennis court, you must be a guest of the 5-star hotel that includes this facility.

4. Optics Valley Int. Tennis Center, China

Most beautiful tennis courts
A general view of the stadium prior to the 2019 Dongfeng Motor Wuhan Open at Optics Valley International Tennis Center on September 28, 2019, in Wuhan, China. Photo: Zhe Ji
Source: Getty Images

The Chinese city of Wuhan, in the province of Hubei, is home to the Optics Valley International Tennis Center. The centre serves as the location for the Wuhan Open, a professional event of the Women's Tennis Association that has been held every year since 2014.

The centre has six standard outdoor hard courts with all necessary supporting facilities, a 15,000-seat capacity at the main stadium called "Central Court," and a 5,000-seat capacity at the annex Stadium (Court 1).

3. Louis Armstrong Stadium, New York City

Best tennis courts
Louis Armstrong Stadium, US Open Tennis court, Queens, New York. Photo: Lindsey Nicholson
Source: Getty Images

Louis Armstrong Stadium serves as one of the venues of the US Open. The stadium, which seats 14,000 people, doubles as the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center's main court. It was built to replace the same-name stadium from 1978 and has a bigger capacity for the 2018 US Open. The stadium bears the name of Louis Armstrong, a well-known jazz musician who lived nearby until his passing in 1971.

2. Arthur Ashe Stadium, New York

Best tennis courts in the world
A general view of Arthur Ashe Stadium during the US Open Tennis Championship on September 11th 2022. Photo: Tim Clayton
Source: Getty Images

This enormous stadium is situated at Billie Jean King Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, New York. It is the largest tennis court in the world and the best court in the USA.

Given its enormous size, you might mistake this location for a soccer stadium. Still, when more than 23,000 spectators fill Arthur Ashe Stadium, they focus entirely on a single tennis match. The stadium is one of the primary venues for the US Open.

1. Centre Court, Wimbledon

Which is the best tennis court in Europe?
Players in action during a game at Wimbledon on July 8, 2022. Photo: Simon Bruty
Source: Getty Images

This iconic facility is the centre of the All England Club, and for many fans, it is the most famous tennis court. Every summer, the Wimbledon Championships are held on the club's grounds.

The main part of the complex, Centre Court, has the most seats available. The top competitors in the men's and women's draws play their matches here.

It is regarded as the best tennis court in Europe and is where the last tournament stages are held. Therefore, some of the most thrilling semifinal and final historical matches have occurred at this facility.

That is our ranking of the world's top tennis courts. If you are fortunate enough to reside close to one of these fantastic facilities, make sure to utilize it. If not, perhaps this will inspire you to choose a new location for your next vacation.

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