Top 10 best soccer jerseys of all time ranked: Find out which is the best looking jersey ever

Top 10 best soccer jerseys of all time ranked: Find out which is the best looking jersey ever

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People from different backgrounds, occupations, and religious affiliations join together to support their side when it comes to soccer, which is an excellent way of bringing people together. Of course, having a great-looking kit helps a team look great out there on the pitch. Over the years, we have witnessed some really impressive soccer jerseys. Which are the best soccer jerseys of all time? Let's find out!

Best international soccer jerseys of all time
Top 10 best soccer jerseys of all time ranked: Find out which is the best looking jersey ever. Photo: Henrik Sorensen (Modified by author)
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Nothing is more empowering and tribal when helping your local or national team than proudly sporting their colours. In this article, you will find a compiled list of the ten best soccer jerseys of all time.

Best international soccer jerseys of all time

Jerseys are a vital part in the soccer world. Not only do players wear these singlets, but also their diehard fans. According to various online sources, here are some of the best football club jerseys of all time.

10. USA (1994)

Best USA soccer jerseys of all time
Ernie Stewart of the USA national soccer team in action against Saudi Arabia during the exhibition play at Rutgers, New Jersey on 25 May 1994. Photo:Simon Bruty
Source: Getty Images

A large part of why the USA World Cup of 1994 was one of the most commercially successful World Cups ever was the rise in popularity of products like jersey sales. Although the concept of a denim uniform is odd, this shirt has too many happy memories associated with it not to rank among the top jerseys.

The host nation, the United States, tied with Switzerland and defeated Colombia to advance to the tournament's knockout stages. The now-iconic denim print American uniform had stars flying over the front as a tribute to the American flag.

It represented the optimism and vigour the USA brought to the competition and is still a fan favourite today.

9. Chelsea (1970)

Best international soccer jerseys of all time
Chelsea Football Club squad players posed together at Stamford Bridge stadium in London on 20 March 1970 prior to their FA Cup final match against Leeds United. Photo: Rolls Press
Source: Getty Images

An epic moment in the Blues' history occurred when they first drew 2-2 with their illustrious adversaries at Wembley; there was no winner in the extra period. 1970 saw the debut of the clear, gorgeous blue and yellow West Londoners' jersey as they won the FA Cup.

Given that it has been 50 years since the club won the FA Cup after the 1969–70 season, Chelsea and Nike have chosen to recreate the team uniform used in the victory over Leeds United.

8. Ajax (1971)

Most famous soccer jerseys
View of the Dutch football team Ajax posed together on the pitch prior to competing against Panathinaikos of Greece in the 1971 European Cup Final on 2 June 1971. Photo: Rolls Press
Source: Getty Images

Ajax would go on to win three consecutive European Cup medals in this gorgeous football jersey; thus, it's the jersey that started it all for the Dutch superpower.

The traditional white shirt and shorts with a red stripe down the front of the shirt are not particularly innovative, but the athletes they covered are what made this uniform stand out.

Pure football, as the Dutch refer to it, and a star-studded squad led by the famous Johan Cruyff shattered their home league and swept across Europe.

Teams could not get close to the ball, and when they did, they lost it again as armies of Ajax players pushed forward to overpower their opponents. This team and its jersey will never go out of style, since quality never goes out of style.

7. Celtic (1967)

They say that if it is not broken, do not fix it. And Glasgow Celtic has stuck to their guns ever since 1967. The Scottish giants' iconic green and white hoops' kit helped them win the 1967 European Cup, and they have worn them ever since.

Every player on the Celtic team was born within 30 miles of the club, which is an incredible testament to the organization. The team and their uniform will go down in history as the first British team to win a European trophy.

It is impossible to overstate the significance of Celtic's 1967 European Cup victory. The boost to their prestige resulted in a sharp increase in teams emulating Celtic's famous green and white hoops; now, at least 35 other professional teams wear the same kit style.

6. Nigeria (2018)

Best football club jerseys of all time
A man selling Nigerian World Cup jerseys is seen in Balogun Market in Lagos on 14 June 2018. Photo: Stefan Heunis
Source: Getty Images

This jersey was so popular that it was completely sold out within days of going on sale. It sold an astounding 3 million kits, shattering pre-order records. Nigeria unexpectedly became everyone's second favourite team at the 2018 World Cup thanks to its magnificent light-green, black, and white striped-jersey.

The Twitter verse erupted in laughter as soon as Nike unveiled a marketing campaign showcasing Nigeria's new stripes, and for a good reason. A staggered zigzag pattern looks great both on and off the field.

5. England (1966 away)

Best USA soccer jerseys of all time
Football fan wearing a replica 1966 England football shirt clasps his hand over the badge and his heart. Photo: Andrew Errington
Source: Getty Images

The instantly recognisable long-sleeved red shirt of England must be on our list because it was worn by the team during their lone World Cup victory and still looks terrific over 50 years later.

The only time England has ever won a major tournament, this iconic uniform is red, except for the three lions logo. It is fashionable, significant historically, and one of a kind.

The kit has a classic appearance that brings to mind when players would treat a broken leg with a pail of water and a sponge, and soccer balls weighed as much as bowling balls.

4. Barcelona (2010)

Best soccer jerseys of the decade
Lionel Messi and Alves hold a jersey during a press conference at the Mayfield hotel on 2 August 2010, in Seoul, South Korea. Photo: Chung Sung-Jun
Source: Getty Images

Everyone loves a winner, and the Barcelona team of 2010 triumphed in every soccer-related competition. The 2010 jersey was worn by the side with Lionel Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, and Puyol, to name a few, and they were incredibly successful.

Contrary to many other teams of the era, Barcelona opted to put UNICEF on their kit and donate to the organization annually, a sophisticated decision that significantly enhanced the look of the shirt.

Given Barcelona's supremacy during this time, it's difficult to look at this jersey without becoming tense. If your team lined up against this team wearing this kit, you were probably in for an embarrassing thrashing.

3. West Germany (1990)

Best soccer jerseys in the world
West Germany vs England. FIFA World Cup Semi-Finals at Stadio delle Alpi on 4 July 1990. Photo: Mark Leech
Source: Getty Images

This list also includes the simple yet stunning West Germany uniform from 1990, in which the team won the 1990 World Cup. This timeless classic is easily recognizable, with black shorts over a white shirt bearing the German flag's black, red, and yellow band.

The West Germans defeated England in the semi-final and Argentina in the final at the Olimpico Stadium in Rome, arguably the nation's best performance ever. This was the final competition before East, and West Germany ceased to exist as separate countries at the end of the year due to Germany's reunification.

2. Holland (1988)

Most famous soccer jerseys
Ruud Gullit during the team presentation of the Dutch National team for the European Championship on 1 June 1988, Netherlands. Photo: VI Images
Source: Getty Images

With a nickname like Oranje, it should be no surprise that the Dutch national team chose their recognizable orange jerseys for their home uniform. The Netherlands won its only tournament in 1988 with the help of a star-studded squad that included van Basten, Rijkaard, and Gullit from Milan.

Dutch soccer has long been a breeding ground for ephemeral talent, and the 1988 uniform personifies the spirited brand of play that ruled the Euros that year.

Holland, the tournament's recurrent runners-up, has consistently been one of the competition's top teams despite never quite crossing the finish line. As long as soccer supporters are interested in the sport, their jerseys will stand the test of time.

1. Brazil (1970)

At the top of our list, for no other reason than its historical importance, is the legendary yellow uniform of the best national soccer team ever.

Best soccer jerseys of the decade
A Carlos Alberto Torres 1970 World Cup Brazil jersey signed by Carlos Alberto and Pele is displayed at a press preview on 18 May 2020 in Culver City, California. Photo: Rich Fury
Source: Getty Images

This soccer team's uniform, which consists of a canary yellow jersey, blue shorts, and white pair of socks, is head and shoulders above the competition. Under the direction of manager Mario Zagallo, Brazil would storm to the World Cup Finals by winning all of their qualifying games.

Brazil boasted some of the most beloved players ever to play, such as Pele, in championships that have enthralled billions. Soccer enthusiasts and non-soccer fans can recognize the squad by looking at their uniforms. This kit personifies all that is admirable about the World Cup and soccer.

All soccer supporters long for the good old days, when their team would be successful and players competed only out of a passion for the game rather than monetary gain. There have been numerous iconic soccer jerseys over the years, but none of them beat the above listed.

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