Which are the best Nike basketball shoes in the history of the game? A ranked list

Which are the best Nike basketball shoes in the history of the game? A ranked list

Have you ever thought about some of the best Nike basketball shoes? Nike is considered the biggest and most popular sports brand globally. The American multinational company produces footwear, apparel, and equipment for athletes. Its products are used in various sports, including football, rugby, and basketball.

Best Nike basketball shoes
Lined up shoes during the unveiling of a partnership between Nike and Apple announced the Nike+iPod, which combines the Nike Air Zoom Moire and the Apple iPod Photo: Mike Ehrmann
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Nike designs a wide variety of shoes with the right mix of support, comfort, cushion, and traction. Some are specially designed for forwards, guards, and all-round players, while others are exquisitely customized for athletes.

Top 10 best Nike basketball shoes

ShoeOverall rating (/10)Cost
Nike KD 159.0$149.99
Nike Lebron 208.8$200
Nike Air Zoom GT Jump8.8$80.96
Nike Air Zoom GT Cut 28.6$169.99
Nike Kyrie 88.5$65
Nike Cosmic Unity 28.4$199.99
Nike PG 68.4$95
Nike Air Max Impact 38.4$69.97
Nike Zoom Freak 48.3$97.49
Nike Kyrie Low 58.3$75

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Nike KD 15, Nike Lebron 20, and Nike Air Zoom GT Jump are among the most famous Nike basketball shoes. Here is an in-depth look into the 10 best Nike basketball shoes in 2022 and their features.

10. Nike Kyrie Low 5

Best Nike basketball shoes for jumping
Kyrie Low 5 is one of the best shoes for basketball players. Photo: @shadesnsoles
Source: Instagram

Nike Kyrie Low 5 is one of the best cheap Nike basketball shoes. It is made of light materials and is suitable for players relying on quick footwork.

9. Nike Zoom Freak 4

Zoom Freak is Giannis Antetokounmpo's signature brand that has gained much popularity over the past few years. Basketball players looking for solid performance and springy cushioning on a budget will enjoy using it.

8. Nike Air Max Impact 3

Top 10 best Nike basketball shoes
Air Max Impact 3 has a clean design with the patented Air Max cushioning. Photo: @kickz93
Source: Instagram

Impact 3 is one of the best Nike basketball shoes for outdoor and traction use. It features pressure-tested Max Air cushioning to help absorb impact. In addition, the footwear has rubber wraps up the sides for added durability and stability.

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7. Nike PG 6

Paul George's signature shoe line is one of the best in the market. It is suitable for players looking for a well-balanced performance footwear.

6. Nike Cosmic Unity 2

Best cheap Nike basketball shoes
Cosmic Unity 2 is a precious gem in the industry. Photo: @kickspotting
Source: Instagram

The Nike Cosmic Unity 2 material slightly improves it from last year's model. It offers good cushioning and a low feel to the ground

5. Nike Kyrie 8

Kyrie 8 is the eighth official signature shoe of the Kyrie Irving basketball shoe line. It is an improvement from the previous ones. Kyrie 8 is a good shoe with barely weaknesses and is perfect for many athletes.

4. Nike Air Zoom GT Cut 2

The shoe offers plenty of cushioning and solid overall performance. As a result, it is one of the best for professional basketball players.

3. Nike Air Zoom GT Jump

Which basketball player uses Nike?
Nikola Jokic's Nike Air Zoom GT Jump PE. He is one of the users of the brand. Photo: @nbakicks
Source: Instagram

Players with explosive playing styles will find the Air Zoom GT Jump outstanding. It offers good cushioning for jumping.

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2. Nike Lebron 20

The Nike LeBron 20 is the twentieth signature brand by Nike for LeBron James. It is known for its bouncy cushion and solid traction. Lebron 20 is best suited for quick and explosive basketballers.

1. Nike KD 15

Best Nike basketball shoes for guards
Kevin Durant of the Warriors wears Nike KD 9 Multicolor sneakers during warm-ups before a pre-season game against the Los Angeles Lakers at T-Mobile Arena on 15th October 2016. Photo: Ethan Miller
Source: Getty Images

The Nike KD 15 is a shoe that offers a lot to basketballers. It has a consistent grip on different surfaces and a dust-resistant outsole. The brand also has a plush and protective foam, a bouncy midsole, and a well-ventilated upper.

Which basketball player uses Nike?

The footwear and apparel company has signed multiple deals with some top basketball stars who use its products. Here are NBA stars with a signature shoe with the company.

LeBron JamesNike LeBron 20
Kyrie IrvingNike Kyrie 9
Giannis AntetokounmpoZoom Freak 4
Kevin DurantNike KD 15
Paul GeorgePG 6

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Which basketball player has the best shoes?

Michael Jordan's Air Jordan 36 is regarded as the best and most popular basketball shoe. It is a classic sneaker model that keeps improving. Air Jordan 36 has a midsole for cushioning and an additional Zoom Air unit in the forefoot that helps increase bounce. It also has fabrication contours to the foot that provides support.

Is Nike Air good for basketball?

Nike Air technology is perfectly suitable for walking. It provides solid support and cuts down on the weight of the midsole. However, it does not offer soft cushioning but has solid support underfoot. As a result, it is more of a lifestyle brand than for playing basketball.

Best Nike basketball shoes for jumping

Any basketball player would love to add a couple of extra inches to their vertical jump. So naturally, one would need a good shoe that provides adequate impact protection throughout jumping exercises. Below are some of the jump-friendly options from Nike available on the market in 2022.

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  • Air Jordan 36
  • Air Zoom GT Jump
  • Nike KD 15
  • Anta KT 7
  • Air Zoom SuperRep 3
  • Metcon Turbo 2
  • Metcon 8

Best Nike basketball shoes for ankle support

Is Nike Air good for basketball?
Nike Air Jordan shoes, worn by Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans during a game at the Smoothie King Center on 30th November 2022, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo: Jonathan Bachman
Source: Getty Images

Ankle injuries are some of the more common bones and joint injuries in sports. As a result, most athletes often look for ways to minimize the chances of sustaining ankle-related complications. Some NBA stars tape their feet or wear ankle braces to support their ankles. However, Nike has specially-designed shoes that protect players' feet from excessive ankle movements and increase stability. They include:

  • Air Jordan 35
  • Lebron Soldier 14
  • Air Zoom GT Jump
  • Lebron 18
  • LeBron 19
  • Jordan 36
  • Kyrie 8
  • Renew Elevate

Best basketball shoes by position

Best Nike basketball shoes for outdoor
A pair of Nike Lebron James sneakers suitable for all-rounders sits near the bench of the Virginia Commonwealth Rams on 16th March 2014, in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Photo: Mike Lawrie
Source: Getty Images

The apparel company has produced different kinds of shoes used for specific purposes. Here are some of the best Nike basketball shoes for guards, forwards, centres, and all-rounders.

Forwards and centres

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  • N. Air Zoom
  • N. Max Air
  • Jordan Why Not


  • N. cosmetic
  • Air Zoom Strobel
  • Nike Air Zoom


  • N. LeBron
  • The Zoom Freak
  • Nike KD
  • Nike PG

You now know some of the best Nike basketball shoes to buy if you want to kickstart a career in the sport. The apparel company has something for everyone. All you need is to identify the best suitable shoe for your use, and which satisfy your specific needs.

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