Lewis Hamilton Stands With Vinicius Junior: F1 Star Condemns Racism in La Liga

Lewis Hamilton Stands With Vinicius Junior: F1 Star Condemns Racism in La Liga

Joel Reyes
  • Lewis Hamilton condemned the racial abuse hurled at Vinicius Junior over the weekend
  • Hamilton said that the Real Madrid winger is incredibly brave for his actions toward the racists
  • Hamilton has also been subjected to racial abuse during his motorsport career

Seven-time Formula 1 world champion, Lewis Hamilton lent his support to Vinicius Junior after the Real Madrid winger was subjected to racial abuse once again over the weekend.

The Mercedes driver condemned the devastating abuse hurled at Vinicius, saying it brought up emotions from his own experiences against racists.

The Brazilian star spoke out on social media after being racially abused in Sunday's league match against Valencia.

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Lewis Hamilton and Vinicius Junior. Images: Dan Mullan/ Javier Soriano
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Vinicius attacked La Liga in his post, saying the Spanish league “belongs to the racists.”

He added that it was a problem he had endured throughout his time in La Liga.

Hamilton's painful memories evoked

Hamilton knows what Vinicius is going through, as he was also the victim of racial abuse during his motorsport career.

The 35-year-old said Vinicius’ situation evoked memories of the abuse he suffered on his way to becoming F1’s first black driver, per Reuters.

Hamilton addressed the controversy on Thursday ahead of this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix, saying:

"It really hits home for me; it really brings up emotions, things that I experienced - whether it was back in the UK, or whether it was when I was racing in Italy, or France, or Spain.”

Hamilton added that “it can be so hurtful the things that people say."

Vinicius was targeted by abusive chants from Valencia supporters during Sunday's game, per Sky Sports.

The match was stopped for 10 minutes in the second half as he urged the referee to do something about the abuse that was being directed at him.

The 22-year-old was later given his marching orders for violent conduct in injury time after he had an altercation with Valencia striker Hugo Duro, but La Liga has since rescinded the red card.

Hamilton hails brave Vini

Hamilton, who has been a leading figure in F1 in campaigning against racism, called Vinicius “incredibly brave” for standing up against the racists.

He added that “there is no room for discrimination in society today, so sports need to do more.”

Reina chides Vinicius after abuse

Sports Brief recently reported on Pepe Reina’s controversial comments about Vinicius.

Reina believes Vinicius bears some responsibility for the increase in racist incidents he has endured in La Liga since 2021.

He said Vinicius must mature in behavior and have more respect for his rivals.