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Joel Reyes

Education: Bachelor of Arts in journalism, University of the Philippines (2004-2009)
Experience: WorldHub Services/TopBet News (2014-2017), Sportradar (2017-2020), Sports World News (2021-2022)
Joel Reyes is a sports editor at He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of the Philippines, graduating in 2009. He has eight years of work experience in sports writing. Joel began his career as a Sports Writer for WorldHub Services/TopBet News (2014-2017) before joining Sportradar as an Integrity Analyst (November 2017 to December 2020). He then took up a position as a Content Writer at Sports World News (June 2021 to 2022) before joining Sports Brief as an Editor in February 2023. He can be reached via
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