Learn about the talented Argentinian skater Milton Martinez through his biography

Learn about the talented Argentinian skater Milton Martinez through his biography

Lenah Ann
February 17, 2024 at 12:02 PM

Milton Martinez is an Argentine professional skateboarder who rose to fame due to his near-impossible kickflips. With his versatility and gentle disposition on all kinds of terrain, he has grown to be one of the most famous skaters in the world. His popularity in the sports community is a testament to his unmatched talent and prowess on a skateboard.

Milton Martinez displays his skating moves
Milton Martinez displays his skating moves on the street. Photo: @miltonmartinez (Modified by author)
Source: Instagram

The renowned skateboarder has made history by pushing the limits of skateboarding, and his impact has been witnessed globally. Due to his unwavering pursuit of innovation and brilliance on the world stage, he has influenced the sport far beyond national bounds, as demonstrated by his widespread praise. Here is everything you need to know about the famous Argentine skater.

Milton Martinez's profile summary

Full name

Milton Martinez

Date of birth

5 March 1992


32 (as of February 2024)

Place of birth

Mar del Plata, Argentina






5 feet 6 inches or 168 centimetres

Hair colour


Eye colour





Tatu (father)


Ezekiel, Manuel


Professional skateboarder

Net worth

$1 million - $5 million

Social media presence

Instagram, X (Twitter)

Milton Martinez's biography

The renowned skateboarder Milton Martinez (age 32 as of February 2024) was born to his parents on 5 March 1992 in Mar del Plata, Argentina. He was raised alongside his two brothers, Ezekiel and Manuel. Since he is a private person, little is known about his family, and thus, it is unclear if he has other siblings.

Like his father, Tatu, most of Milton Martinez's family members were skateboarders and were thus introduced to the sport at a young age. They lived and owned a skate shop in their hometown, Mar del Plata, and he took part in numerous contests throughout his childhood.

Milton Martinez's career

Milton Martinez competes during his preliminary heat
Top 5 facts about Milton Martinez. Photo: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images (Modified by author)
Source: Getty Images

The famous skateboarder started his career at a young age since his family had a background in the sport. When he was 16, he left school and travelled to Europe to pursue his skating career, and within no time, he attracted the attention of various sponsors. During an interview with Red Bull, he said,

I was playing soccer, and when I started going to the streets by myself, it wasn't just skating, you figure out everything getting in fights, trying to drink beers, smoking cigarettes, and doing kind of bad-kid stuff, you know? But then you figure out what you really like to do is skating, that's what you want to do.

In April 2015, he had an injury while trying to ollie into the Sunset Carwash bank in Hollywood, California. He returned to the sport, re-did his trick, and landed a perfect kickflip into the bank. His kickflip photo was later used by Thrasher Magazine in 2019.

The Argentine national went down in history as the first person to land a flip trick into the bank. Other skateboarders, such as Dustin Dollin, who tried a kickflip, and Mark Gonzales, who tried an early grab, had attempted and failed to do tricks into the carwash bank.

Milton Martinez's deck

The legendary skateboarder has various decks depending on his sponsorship deals. However, most of his decks are from his deal with Creature and have a width and length measurement of 8.6 by 32.11 inches, respectively.

Milton Martinez's awards

The famous skater, Milton Martinez poses for photos with his skateboard
The famous skater, Milton Martinez poses for photos: Photo: @miltonmartinez (Modified by author)
Source: Instagram

The renowned star has made history in his skating career, and in doing so, he has bagged numerous awards and achievements, including being named the 2019 Skater of the Year during the T-Eddy Awards.

Milton Martinez's Thrasher cover

Owing to his successful career, the well-known skateboarder has been highlighted in several publications and media, such as Transworld Skateboarding and Thrasher Magazine. The latter used his kickflip photo as its cover in December 2019.

Milton Martinez's net worth

The Argentine national has led a successful skating career, and in doing so, he has made quite a fortune, primarily through brand endorsements and sponsorship deals from companies such as Volcom, Converse, Creature, and Independent Truck Company.

According to various online sources such as Celebrity Age Wiki and BuzzLearn, he is allegedly worth between $1 million and $5 million as of February 2024.

Frequently asked questions

His ability and talents continue to captivate audiences worldwide, so he has consistently improved his performance and bettered himself. He has, time and again, blown the internet with his skills. Here are the frequently asked questions about Argentine national.

Milton Martinez is seen with a shove
The famous skateboarder, Milton, occasionally engages in community work. Photo: @miltonmartinez (Modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Is Milton Martinez on Instagram?

Thanks to his career, the renowned skater has made a name for himself and has thus become a famous personality across various social media platforms. As of February 2024, he is on Instagram with over 411k followers and on X (Twitter) with over 4.7k followers.

How tall is Milton Martinez?

The famous legend is 5 feet 6 inches or 168 centimetres tall and has black hair and brown eyes. Due to his private nature, details regarding his weight are unknown.

What happened to Milton Martinez?

After attempting to roll into the Sunset Carwash bank on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California, in April 2015, the well-known legend shattered his leg. In 2019, he made a comeback at the location and executed a kickflip into the bank.

Who is the richest skateboarder?

Tony Hawk is the richest skateboarder in the world, with a net worth of approximately $140 million as of February 2024. Aside from being the wealthiest, he is also the most famous.

Is Milton Martinez in a relationship?

Milton Martinez's daughter
Milton Martinez's daughter, Isabelle. Photo: @miltonmartinez (Modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Although the famous athlete is reportedly in a relationship, he has not disclosed any details about her girlfriend, except she is Brazilian. The two have been blessed with one daughter, Isabelle, who they often flaunt on their social media pages.

What companies are sponsoring Milton Martinez?

As of February 2024, the renowned skater has sponsorships with companies such as Skateboards, Creature, Independent Truck Company, Converse, Bronson Speed Co., OJ Wheels, Social Skateshop, Volcom, Mob, and Bum Bag.

Final word

Despite Milton Martinez being a highly prominent individual in the skateboarding community, he is also a father. With his performance, he has made a remarkable mark in the sports industry and is now one of the most influential figures in the skateboarding world. Undoubtedly, we will see more of him in the coming years.

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