Who is Eddie Feigner? Remembering the king of softball

Who is Eddie Feigner? Remembering the king of softball

Ciku Njuguna
November 20, 2023 at 2:58 PM

Eddie Feigner was a man with many names, including the Man with the Golden Arm, the King of Softball, and the Showman of Softball. For over six decades, the pitcher was a leading figure in the sport, rightly earning the crown as the King of Softball. Discover details of the legend's life and career records.

Eddie Feigner
Softball: Eddie 'The King' Feigner in action pitching with his team on May 15, 1972 in Savannah, Georgia. Photo by John Iacono/Sports Illustrated.
Source: Getty Images

How good was Eddie Feigner? The King, who pitched to victory in over 9,700 matches, is undoubtedly the best male softball pitcher of all time. This article dives into the publicly available data on the personal and professional success of Feigner and discovers how fast Eddie Feigner threw.

Eddie Feigner's profile summary

Full name

Myrle Vernon King, Eddie Feigner


The King, Man with the Golden Arm, The King of Softball, The Showman of Softball



Date of birth

25th March 1925

Zodiac sign


Place of birth

Walla Walla, Washington, United States of America

Date of death

9th February 2007

Place of death

Huntsville, Alabama, United States







Biological parent

Naomi Feigner

Adoptive parent

Mary King




Anne Marie




9 as of February 2007


4 as of February 2007


Walla Walla Academy

Walla Walla High School


Professional softball player, entertainer

Years active



The King and His Court

Net worth at the time of death

$1 million – $5 million

How tall was Eddie Feigner?

Although Eddie Feigner had over six decades at the top of the softball world, details of his height remained unknown. At the time of writing, details of his weight in his prime have yet to be revealed to the public.

What happened to Eddie Feigner?
Softball pitcher Eddie 'The King' Feigner makes a throw in Newark, New York, on June 6, 2002. Photo by Richard Mackson/Sports Illustrated.
Source: Getty Images

Eddie Feigner's biography

Sports Illustrated's most underrated athlete of his time was born to Naomi Feigner, an unwed mother. Shortly after his birth, he was adopted by Mary King, a single 50-year-old woman who had raised four sons and lost one.

Upon completion of his adoption, the newborn was given the name Myrle Vernon King. Later, he adopted his birth mother's maiden name, Feigner and his childhood friend, Eddie Colts's first name.

Is Eddie Feigner still alive?

Eddie Feigner's death on the 9th of February, 2007, came as a shock to die-hard softball fans. Towards the end of his life, a wheelchair-bound Feigner, who suffered from Dementia, would still entertain his fans by throwing a pitch or two. The King of Softball passed away in Huntsville, Alabama, at the Cogburn Health and Rehabilitation community from respiratory complications.

Who is Eddie Feigner's wife?

The King of Softball was married four times. At the time of his death, he was married to Anne Marrie, his fourth wife and a member of his softball team. As the Queen of The Court, she performed several duties, including playing, managing the team and its finances, promotion, and scheduling tours.

How fast did Eddie Feigner throw?
Eddie Feigner pitches in Canada on August 30, 1973. Photo by Frank Lennon/Toronto Star.
Source: Getty Images

Eddie Feigner's family

As of February 2007, the King was survived by four children, Eddie Jr., Shirley, Carol and Debbie. In addition, he had left nine grandchildren and four great-grandchildren at the time of his death.


Eddie's childhood friend, Meade Kinzer, was instrumental at the start of his career. From amateur practice to the big leagues, the friends became an undefeated duo from fourth grade to The King and His Court. In high school, he played for the local college softball team.

His schooling days came to an abrupt end after he was expelled from Walla Walla High School. The King would later enlist in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1942.

Who are the players in The King and His Court?

While playing for the Kilburg's Grocery store in the Green Pea League of the Walla Walla Valley, Eddie formed a three-man softball team on a dare in 1946 before adding a fourth man. One of the first matches for Eddie Feigner and the King and his Court was against a nine-person team from the state prison.

How many players are on King and his court?
Eddie 'The King' Feigner (FRONT) and his four-person softball team (BACK) pose before playing at Bears Stadium on May 30, 1968. Photo by The Denver Post.
Source: Getty Images

The team of four was comprised of a pitcher, catcher, shortstop and first baseman. The original King and his Court's softball players included Eddie, Meade Kinzer, Mike Meilicke, and Ken White. Between 1958 and 2011, thirty-three more softball players played with the King, including Eddie Feigner's son and his fourth wife, Anne Marrie, the first woman in the team.

Eddie Feigner's stats

For 65 years, the King and his Court toured around the world, showcasing some of the best softball players of all time. Here is a summary of the King and His Court's record at the time of writing.

Total games


Perfect games








Shut outs


Wind ups


Home runs


Frequently asked questions

With a pitching hand that threw over 100mph fastballs, Eddie has distinguished himself as the fastest male softball pitcher. Here are some facts about the Man with the Golden Arm.

1. How fast was Eddie Feigner's fastest pitch?

Eddie Feigner’s fastest pitching speed is estimated to be between 104 mph and 114 mph. However, the fastest documented pitch by a player in the major league was recorded at 103 mph.

2. How did Eddie Feigner throw so fast?

According to the New York Post, the softball king threw with his right hand. Based on the publication, his throwing arm was noticeably more muscled compared to his left arm.

3. What was Eddie Feigner's net worth?

At the time of writing, details of the King's net worth have not yet been revealed to the public. According to various publications, his net worth was valued between $1 million and $5 million at the time of his death.

4. What is the movie about Eddie Feigner?

Based on his IMDb profile, the King appeared in one documentary, The King And Me: A Softball Odyssey and three television shows, including The Mike Douglas Show, The Kraft Music Hall and the First Annual All-Star Celebrity Softball Game. His influence on the sport has also been recognised in literary works such as From an Orphan to a King, What Little I Know About Pitching & Hitting and official souvenir booklets of the team's performances.

5. What Hall of Fame is Eddie Feigner in?

Various organisations have recognised the King's efforts in the sport. He has been inducted into multiple Halls of Fame, including the National Senior Softball Hall of Fame, the Baseball Reliquary's Shrine of the Eternals, the Bridgeton Hall of Fame and the Washington Sports Hall of Fame.

How did Eddie Feigner throw so fast?
Softball legend Eddie Feigner pitches with his court on May 15, 1972, in Savannah, Georgia. Photo by John Iacono/Sports Illustrated.
Source: Getty Images

Final inning

Eddie Feighner's role in the growth of softball can not be understated. The pitcher and entertainer utilised creative and competitive skills to win the hearts and minds of fans, a factor that allowed him to have one of the longest and most successful careers.

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