NFL waterboy salary: How much does a waterboy earn on average?

NFL waterboy salary: How much does a waterboy earn on average?

Helix Odhiambo
January 16, 2023 at 1:19 PM

The job of an NFL waterboy may sound like a low-paying job, but it has many benefits and privileges. Over the years, the NFL waterboy salary has increased, and they now earn even higher than many office positions. This article has everything you need to know about the job, what it involves, the wages, and the application process.

Average NFL waterboy salary
Zach Ertz (86) of the Philadelphia Eagles is hosed down by the waterboy during an NFL game against the TB Buccaneers on 16 September 2018 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. Photo: Roy K. Miller
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NFL waterboy jobs are usually in demand as many people dream of following the game closely and interacting with the athlete. They are an essential part of the training staff, ensuring players are well taken care of during training and matches.

NFL waterboy salary 2023

Before we look at how much the job pays, let us first understand what it entails. Can anyone do the job? Initially, the job was done mostly by men, but nowadays, teams also employ water girls.

Their primary duty is to provide water and other liquids to thirsty players during practice or games. They also provide players with fresh towels and dispose of those that have been used. However, they are not needed during the whole match but only when a player is thirsty.

How much does a waterboy make in an NFL team?

How much a waterboy makes in the NFL
A waterboy carries Gatorade pink towel and bottle during the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens on 7 October 2007 at Monster Park in San Francisco. Photo: Jed Jacobsohn
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You probably are eager to know how much a waterboy makes in the NFL and whether it is worth it. Well, the NFL waterboy salary in 2022 is quite attractive. According to sources, the average NFL waterboy salary per year is $53,000.

Besides the average NFL waterboy's salary, the highest-paid employees earn even more because of their experience. However, only a few of those you see on TV get paid; some are on internships and only receive stipends.

NFL waterboy salary per month

The highest-paid NFL waterboy takes home around $4,400 per month. Besides, their salaries depend on the teams they work for in the league. Successful teams like Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, and New York Giants pay their employees more than small-market teams like Green Bay Packers and the Buffalo Bills.

How many hours do they work?

They typically work 40 hours or more per week during the NFL season. Meanwhile, NFL teams usually have two or three on staff to cover all the practices and games. Meanwhile, an efficient person can get promoted to assistant based on their qualities.

Do NFL waterboys travel with the team?

NFL water boy salary per game
A waterboy follows the San Diego Chargers around the practice field during training camp on 29 July 2003 at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California. Photo: Stephen Dunn
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Teams often travel to away matches with a list of staff. They include players, coaches, front office staff, equipment staff, sponsors, security personnel, and doctors. While the NFL waterboy's salary per game may seem low compared to others, the privilege of travelling to places with the team makes it exciting.

NFL waterboy application

Job opportunities for this category are usually advertised on the NFL website. However, it is a competitive position, which only a few people are fortunate to get. Some teams even employ family members or friends. Therefore, a connection with an NBA staff will be vital to securing the job.

In addition, a high school or college experience is an added advantage for applicants. Good Communication skills are also crucial if you want to land the job. Successful applicants must sign contracts to prevent them from working for another NFL team or sports organization.

Do they get Super Bowl rings?

Waterboys and cheerleaders may receive Super Bowl rings depending on team policy. Often, the winning team will decide to whom they will give a ring, and in most cases, they select all players, coaches, the board of directors, and general staff.

Pros and cons

Every job has its highs and lows. Waterboys enjoy many benefits like other NFL employees despite the physical nature of the job. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the NFL job.


  • They receive two free tickets each year
  • Getting benefits and reward
  • Travelling to places with the team
  • Meeting top athletes face-to-face
  • Some receive gear souvenirs from top players, such as jerseys and jockstraps
  • They get close to players and understand their routine and lifestyle


  • It is a physically-demanding job involving a lot of running and carrying bottles
  • Sometimes, holding the sweaty towels of players may turn someone off
  • Many people less appreciate the job compared to others

Many books, documentaries, and movies have been produced about the job and inspired many people. Adam Sandler's The Waterboy (1998) movie inspired former NFL offensive guard Rich Ohrnberger who developed an interest in the game in middle school after watching the movie.

The NFL waterboy salary may discourage someone from applying, but the benefits and privileges while working are encouraging. They may not be playing on the pitch, but their support and contribution to the team are immense and commendable.

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