Here are the 12 loudest NFL stadiums at the moment in 2023

Here are the 12 loudest NFL stadiums at the moment in 2023

Samuel Lisubila, Jackline Wangare
February 27, 2023 at 8:29 PM

The loudest NFL stadiums typically have an enclosed design with seating close to the field of play. Some of these stadiums have reached sound levels of up to 144 dB, which is louder than a jet engine taking off. To add to the atmosphere, many stadiums also feature large crowds, cheering sections, and jumbotrons that can further amplify the noise.

loudest NFL stadium
New England Patriot fans hold up a sign 'Noise' during the AFC Championship Game at Gillette Stadium on January 22, 2012, in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Photo: Rob Tringali
Source: Getty Images

NFL fans in the stadium are renowned for their enthusiasm and energy. They are passionate about their teams and will cheer and boo loudly to support their team. Which is the loudest stadium in the NFL?

What is the loudest NFL stadium?

NFL fans are some of the most devoted sports fans, which has benefited teams for generations. The following is a list of the loudest NFL stadium as of 2023, ranked by the highest sound level attained.

12. Lucas Oil Stadium

What is the loudest US stadium?
General view of the fans in the game between the Tennessee Titans and the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium on October 02, 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Photo: Justin Casterline
Source: Getty Images
  • Opened: August 16 2008
  • Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
  • Capacity: 70,000
  • Teams: Indianapolis Colts
  • Sound level: 86 decibels

In 2009 when it was renovated, it was the home to the Indianapolis Colts, and its fans brought heaps of enthusiasm. The stadium features a retractable roof and window wall. It is also the site of the annual Big Ten Football Championship Game and will host the upcoming NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four in April 2026 and April 2029.

11. AT&T Stadium

top 10 loudest NFL stadiums
Dallas Cowboys fans cheer on their team during the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants on November 24, 2022 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Photo: Matthew Pearce
Source: Getty Images
  • Opened: May 27, 2009
  • Location: Arlington, Texas
  • Capacity: 80,000
  • Teams: Dallas Cowboys
  • Sound level: 87 decibels

AT&T Stadium is an iconic football stadium and the home of the Dallas Cowboys. It is a multi-purpose stadium that has hosted various events, including concerts, professional and college football games, wrestling events, and the annual Cotton Bowl.

It features luxury suites, two high-definition video boards, and the world's largest HDTV. AT&T Stadium is one of the world's most recognizable and celebrated stadiums and is a must-visit destination for any football fan.

10. Acrisure Stadium

loudest stadium in the NFL
Pittsburgh Panthers fans react during a college football game against the Tennessee Volunteers on September 10, 2022 at Acrisure Stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Photo: Joe Robbins
Source: Getty Images
  • Opened: August 18 2001
  • Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Capacity: 68,400
  • Teams: Pittsburgh Panthers
  • Sound level: 90 decibels

Apart from being one of the loudest, the arena is also one of the most beautiful. It has excellent 68,400 seats that attract fans from opposing teams, which is why it has held a lot of Super Bowl finals over the last decade. On September 1, 2022, a crowd of 70,622 broke Pittsburgh's sporting event attendance record.

9. Lincoln Financial Field

What is the loudest stadium in the world?
A fan holds up a sign during the third quarter between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Photo: Tim Nwachukwu
Source: Getty Images
  • Opened: August 3 2003
  • Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Capacity: 67,594
  • Team: Philadelphia Eagles
  • Sound level: 93 decibels

Lincoln Financial Field is the home stadium of the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL). It features various amenities, including luxury suites and club seats. The stadium hosts a variety of events, such as concerts and other sporting events.

8. M&T Bank Stadium

which NFL stadium is the loudest
Fans are shown during the Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins game at M&T Bank Stadium on September 18, 2022 in Baltimore, Maryland. Photo: Rob Carr
Source: Getty Images
  • Opened: September 6 1998
  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland
  • Capacity: 71,008
  • Team: Baltimore Ravens
  • Sound level: 105 decibels

M&T Bank Stadium is a football stadium and the home of the Baltimore Ravens NFL team. It is one of the largest stadiums in the NFL. The stadium also hosts various other events, including concerts, college football games, and lacrosse games.

7. Gillette Stadium

loudest stadium in the NFL
New England Patriots fans look on against the Miami Dolphins during the second half at Gillette Stadium on September 12, 2021 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Photo: Maddie Meyer
Source: Getty Images
  • Opened: May 11 2002
  • Location: Foxborough, Massachusetts
  • Capacity: 65,878
  • Teams: New England Patriots
  • Sound level: 106.4 decibels

Gillette Stadium is the home of the NFL's New England Patriots. It is widely regarded as one of the best stadiums in the NFL.

The stadium features a variety of unique amenities, such as a Hall of Fame Club and multiple restaurants and concession stands. Gillette Stadium also hosts concerts, college football games, and other events throughout the year.

6. U.S Bank Stadium

loudest NFL stadium in 2023
Minnesota Vikings fans do the SKOL chant before the NFL game between the Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN. Photo: Bailey Hillesheim
Source: Getty Images
  • Opened: July 22 2016
  • Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Capacity: 73,000
  • Teams: Minnesota Vikings
  • Sound level: 120.1 decibels

What is the loudest US stadium? The U.S Bank Stadium is among the top 10 loudest NFL stadiums in the USA. Since its expansion in 2016, Minnesota Vikings' home with over 73,000 seats has been the joy and excitement of fans.

The arena has been the town's talk since the noise build-up terrorizes the opposing team. It has hosted several other major sporting events, including the 2018 Super Bowl, the 2019 NCAA Final Four, and the 2019 ESPN X Games.

The stadium features a unique transparent roof, which allows natural light to enter the seating area. U.S. Bank Stadium is one of the most advanced sports venues in the world and a must-see for any sports fan.

5. Lambeau Field

what is the loudest stadium in the NFL?
Green Bay Packers Romeo Doubs (87), in action, jumps in the stands and celebrates with fans vs New England Patriots at Lambeau Field. Photo: David E. Klutho
Source: Getty Images
  • Opened: September 29, 1957
  • Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
  • Capacity: 81,441
  • Teams: Green Bay Packers
  • Sound level: 123 decibels

Established 65 years ago, the home to the Green Bay Packers stands as the oldest NFL arena. It is small in size, but the 81,441 fans are never dull.

It is one of the oldest and most iconic stadiums in the NFL. Lambeau Field has seen a lot of history, from the Ice Bowl in 1967 to hosting the first-ever Super Bowl in 1967. The stadium is known for its genuine fans and holds the record for the loudest NFL stadium decibels.

4. State Farm Stadium

What is the loudest NFL stadium?
A general view of Arizona Cardinals fans during the 1st quarter of the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at State Farm Stadium on December 25, 2022 in Glendale, Arizona. Photo: Christian Petersen
Source: Getty Images
  • Opened: August 1 2006
  • Location: Glendale, Arizona, United States
  • Capacity: 63,400
  • Team: Arizona Cardinals
  • Sound level: 130 decibels

State Farm is one arena with one of the best stadium atmospheres. The stadium is known for its retractable roof, which allows various events to be held there, including football, soccer, concerts, and other live events. State Farm Stadium is one of the few NFL stadiums where you can tour the locker rooms, field, and press box.

3. Caesars Superdome

loudest NFL stadium in 2023
New Orleans Saints fans in stands during game vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Caesars Superdome. New Orleans, LA 10/31/20/21 CREDIT: Erick W. Rasco Photo: Erick W. Rasco
Source: Getty Images
  • Opened: August 3 1975
  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Capacity: 73,208
  • Team: New Orleans Saints
  • Sound level: 130 decibels

The Caesars Superdome was formerly known as Mercedes-Benz Superdome. It is a multi-purpose stadium that hosts many other events, such as concerts and college football games. It has hosted some of the most memorable events in the history of the NFL, including Super Bowls and the NCAA Final Four.

2. Lumen Field

loudest NFL stadium decibels
Seattle Seahawks fans yell during the first half of the game against the New York Giants at Lumen Field in Seattle, Washington. Photo: Lindsey Wasson
Source: Getty Images
  • Opened: July 28 2002
  • Location: Seattle, Washington, United States
  • Capacity: 72,000
  • Teams: Seattle Seahawks
  • Sound level: 137.6 decibels

Lumen Field is Seahawks' loudest stadium that has twice set the Guinness World Record for the loudest crowd roar at an outdoor stadium, first at 136.6 decibels in 2013 and again in 2014 at 137.6 decibels.

The noise they make to prevent opponents from communicating is compared to that of an aeroplane taking off. The crowd's notorious noise has also contributed to the team's home-field advantage.

1. Arrowhead Stadium

Why is Arrowhead stadium so loud?
Kansas City Chiefs fans react during the trophy presentation after the game against the Cincinnati Bengals on January 29th, 2023, at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Photo: William Purnell
Source: Getty Images
  • Opened: August 12 1972
  • Location: Kansas City, Missouri
  • Capacity: 76,416
  • Team: Kansas City Chiefs
  • Sound level: 142.2 decibels

What is the loudest stadium in the NFL? Arrowhead holds the record as the all-time loudest stadium in the NFL, hitting an incredible 142.2 decibels in a 2014 match with only 76,416 fans. It is also known for its iconic Tomahawk Chop song, which has become a staple at Chiefs' home games.

Which NFL stadium is the loudest?

The table below summarizes the loudest NFL stadiums, the highest sound level recorded, and the stadium capacity.



Sound level

Stadium capacity


Arrowhead Stadium

142.2 decibels



Lumen Field

137.6 decibels



Caesars Superdome

130 decibels



State Farm Stadium

130 decibels



Lambeau Field

123 decibels



U.S Bank Stadium

120.1 decibels



Gillette Stadium

106.4 decibels



M&T Bank Stadium

105 decibels



Lincoln Financial

93 decibels



Acrisure Stadium

90 decibels



AT&T Stadium

87 decibels



Lucas Oil Stadium

86 decibels


What is the loudest stadium in the world?

Apart from Arrowhead Stadium, many other stadiums have been known to vibrate as a result of the loud noises made during a game. They include:

  • Williams–Brice Stadium in South Carolina, USA
  • Ali Sami Yen Spor Kompleksi in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Hampden Park in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Westfalenstadion in Dortmund, Germany

Why is Arrowhead stadium so loud?

Arrowhead Stadium is so loud because of the passionate fans who cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs. The stadium was designed to amplify the crowd's noise and enthusiasm, with the upper deck close to the field and the stadium walls angled to direct sound back down onto the field.

Does each NFL team have a stadium?

With 32 teams in the league, there are only 30 full-time NFL arenas meaning two sets of teams share arenas. The New York Giants and New York Jets share MetLife Stadium, while the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers share SoFi Stadium.

Which is the largest NFL stadium?

MetLife Stadium, home of the New York Giants and Jets, holds the title. It has a capacity of up to 2.1 million square feet, 82,500 seats and 28,000 parking spaces to uphold a fantastic arena atmosphere.

With the league getting more exciting, arenas are expected to be even louder. The loudest NFL stadium at the moment is undoubtedly one not to get into if you are not ready to get your eardrums shaken a little bit.

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