Ranking the top 10 best WrestleManias of all time: Which was your favourite WrestleMania?

Ranking the top 10 best WrestleManias of all time: Which was your favourite WrestleMania?

Lenah Ann
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WWE's WrestleMania is the grandest stage of them all. It is where stars rise to stardom and showcase their immortality, determination, strength, and will to win. Since its inception, some of the best WrestleManias of the century have been witnessed. As a custom, people from all over come together to experience the thrill, chills, and excitement brought out when ring and cage giants collide.

Best WrestleManias of all time
Hall of Fame 2023 during WrestleMania at SoFi Stadium on 2 April 2023 in Inglewood, California. Photo: Ronald Martinez
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The event is where legends make names for themselves and go down in history as the greatest of all time. The fact that it is held once a year is probably one of the most anticipated events, especially in the United States of America. With millions of fans from every corner, the show has always had a record sitting attendance and television tune-ins.

Top 10 best WrestleManias of all time

Although some shows were better than others, it is without a doubt that even the so-called worst shows had something special about it.

According to various online sources, here is a list of the top 10 best WrestleManias of all time ranked according to the matches and moments that defined them.

10. WrestleMania 14

  • Date held: 29 March 1998
  • Venue: Fleet Centre, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Attendance: 19,028
  • Highlight: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels

The event was so rare in the sport's history to the point of giving the franchise a new direction. The fight between Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels was among the best WrestleMania matches in history.

Although the ring's contents could have been better, the show received worldwide viewership due to the rivalry experienced between the competitors. The fight between Undertaker and Kane was among the best Undertaker's WrestleMania matches.

9. WrestleMania 28

  • Date held: 1 April 2012
  • Venue: Sun Life Stadium, Miami Florida
  • Attendance: 78,363
  • Highlight: CM Punk vs Chris Jericho

Even though The Rock and John Cena were not the show's highlights, they gave a once-in-a-lifetime performance worth watching. Their presence alone revived the WWE industry and propelled it to another level, leaving fans salivating for the real occasion.

The match between the two legends and the highlight of the day, between CM Punk and Chris Jericho, indeed delivered. Other competitors such as Undertaker, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels were also present alongside the fighters in the spotlight.

8. WrestleMania 31

  • Date held: 29 March 2015
  • Venue: Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, California
  • Attendance: 76,976
  • Highlight: Seth Rollins cashing in his money in the Bank

When Seth Rollins cashed his money in the Bank, he made the event one of history's most unforgettable Triple Threats. Competing alongside Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar, they turned the whole stadium upside down with an incredible performance.

However, at the end of the charade, Seth takes advantage of his tired opponents and wins the WWE Championship title. On a closer look, the match is ranked among the best finales in the history of the WWE.

Although Randy Orton defeated Seth Rollins, the latter, with his Triple Threat, was the talk of the town due to his jaw-breaking performance.

7. WrestleMania 20

  • Date held: 14 March 2004
  • Venue: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York
  • Attendance: 20,000
  • Highlight: Christian vs Chris Jericho
Best WrestleManias of all time
Wrestler Shawn Michaels attends a press conference to promote Wrestlemania XX at Planet Hollywood 11 March 2004 in New York City. Photo: Peter Kramer
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Among the best WrestleManias ranked, 2004, which marked 20 years since its start, features some of the best matches in history. A match between Eddie Guerrero and his two world-class opponents took the day despite being considered too long.

Other famous ring legends such as The Rock, Triple H, Chris Jericho, and Kurt Angle made appearances. Another highlight of the day happened when John Cena defeated the legendary Big Show and thus creating one of the best WrestleMania moments in history.

6. WrestleMania 21

  • Date held: 3 April 2005
  • Venue: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
  • Attendance: 20,193
  • Highlight: Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle
Best WrestleManias ranked
Hall of Fame inductees during WWE WrestleMania 21 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, United States. Photo by J Shearer
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One of the best WrestleMania entrances in history happened when Shawn Michaels entered the stage to meet his opponent Kurt Angle in a fight of the decade. The show was focused on taking WWE to the future and thus was held in Hollywood.

John "Bradshaw" Layfield, John Cena, and Batista engaged in a Triple Threat that saw the duo, John and Batista take home the trophy. Other matches on the card involved some of the most aggressive stars destined to be the future of the WWE franchise.

5. WrestleMania 3

  • Date held: 29 March 1987
  • Venue: Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac, Michigan
  • Attendance: 93,173
  • Highlight: Ricky The Dragon Steamboat vs Macho Man Randy Savage

Ranking fifth on the list is one of the best WrestleMania main events that shook the entire WWE franchise with incredible performance. The fight between Ricky and Randy Savage was among the most highlighted and hyped matches, and indeed it did not disappoint.

Aside from that, other legendary icons such as Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, and Tito Santana rose to stardom with incredible performances in the ring.

4. WrestleMania 30

  • Date held: 6 April 2014
  • Venue: Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Attendance: 75,167
  • Highlight: Daniel Bryan's win
Best WrestleMania records
Daniel Bryan attends the series 30 press conference at the Hard Rock Cafe New York on 1 April 2014 in New York City. Photo: Taylor Hill
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The WWE had its 30th-anniversary celebration alongside an unlikely winner, Daniel Bryan. In one of the best WrestleMania stages, Bryan achieved the unthinkable when he took down two legends in a Triple Threat match to claim the WWE World Heavyweight Championship title.

Although many thought that either Batista or Randy Orton would take the day, Daniel proved them otherwise. He fought throughout to the top, and at the same time, Undertaker was heading to retirement.

3. WrestleMania 10

  • Date held: 20 March 1994
  • Venue: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York
  • Attendance: 18,065
  • Highlight: Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon Scott Hall

The 1994 show broke some of the best WrestleMania records by giving two five-star performances on one stage. The WWE 10th anniversary event was worth the wait since it showcased some of the best fights in the world, such as Shawn Michaels and Owen Hart.

The renowned legends Bret and Owen Hart helped revolutionise the franchise with iconic ladder performances in the Intercontinental Championship competitions.

2. WrestleMania 19

  • Date held: 30 March 2003
  • Venue: Safeco Field, Seattle, Washington
  • Attendance: 54,097
  • Highlight: The Rock vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Best WrestleMania entrances
Vince McMahon (Left) and Hulk Hogan get together at the ESPN Zone restaurant for a WWE news conference to announce details of Wrestlemania XIX. Photo: Richard Corkery
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The 2003 event gave the greatest surprise of all in the WWE industry. It was creative, with most superstars showcasing what they are made of, attracting millions of views from all over the globe.

Although the franchise felt like the end of an era was coming for some legends, the tides turned, and it became the start of something beautiful since women competitors rose to the occasion to give an unforgettable performance.

1. WrestleMania 17

  • Date held: 1 April 2001
  • Venue: Reliant Astrodome, Houston, Texas
  • Attendance: 67,925
  • Highlight: Edge & Christian vs The Hardy Boyz vs The Dudley Boyz

The show, held in 2001, went down in history as one of the best WrestleManias of all time. Every audience had something to look forward to since they were all catered for on the card and thus was considered the greatest PPV ever to see the light of day.

Aside from having some of the best fighters in the industry, the show also comprised several Hall of Famers in attendance. Edge & Christian, The Hardy Boyz, and The Dudley Boys gave the performance of a lifetime in the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs categories.

What is the best WrestleMania in history?

Undoubtedly, Mania 17 is the all-time best since its card was stacked from top to bottom with some of the greatest rivals and champions in the world. Its magnificent matches have been the talk and debate among WWE fans to date.

What is the most viewed WrestleMania?

Although it is not ranked as the best event of the decades, Mania 39, with over 500 million views, is the most viewed show in WWE history. It is estimated that the number of viewers increases at a rate of 42 percent every year.

What is the fastest win in WrestleMania history?

Best WrestleMania stages
Dwayne Johnson and John Cena in action during WrestleMania XXVIII at Sun Life Stadium on 1 April 2012 in Miami Gardens, Florida. Photo: Ron Elkman
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The Rock's win when he defeated Erick Rowan in six seconds holds the record as the fastest win in the sport's history. When the bell rang, the legendary ring star had already pinned down his opponent to secure the win and record.

Is there anyone undefeated at WrestleMania?

According to statistics from the WWE, no one is undefeated in the legendary sport. Before Lesner defeated the Undertaker in 25 minutes and 12 seconds and, as a result, shocking the world, the Undertaker held the record as the undefeated Mania champion.

Over the past decades, WWE has produced some of the best WrestleMania matches and events, leaving fans anticipating for more. With some of the legends, such as the Undertaker, The Rock, Triple H, John Cena, and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, the industry has experienced immense success in sports.

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