Boxing equipment: Everything you need to be a professional boxer

Boxing equipment: Everything you need to be a professional boxer

Kenneth Mwenda
April 28, 2024 at 10:06 PM

To succeed in boxing, you must have raw talent and determination. However, having the right boxing equipment during training and competition is paramount. The equipment includes footwear, protective headgear and heavy bags. We highlight the essential gear every boxer should have.

 Boxing glove, heavy bag, and a shoe.
From left: Boxing glove, heavy bag, and a shoe. Photo: Yevgen Romanenko, Gerenme, Christian Petersen (modified by author)
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Boxing is a combat sport in which two people throw punches at each other for a given period in a ring. Join us as we explore the list of boxing equipment for fighters and discover how the tools help boxers in the ring.

The 10 must-have boxing equipment and their uses



Boxing gloves

Protect hands during training and matches

Hand wraps

Provide wrist support and protection for hands


Protect teeth, gums, and jaws from impact


Cushion and absorbs impact from punches

Boxing shoes

Quick footwork, providing agility and flexibility

Jump rope

Enhances footwork, coordination, and cardio endurance during workouts

Kidney belt

For support and protection for the lower back and kidneys during training and bouts

Heavy bag

Used for practising punches, kicks, and combinations

Speed bag

Improves hand-eye coordination, timing, and rhythm

Boxing shorts & shirt

Comfortable, breathable clothing designed for freedom of movement and temperature regulation during training and matches

Do you know that boxing is one of the oldest combat sports, practised as far back as 688 BC? Before the invention of boxing gloves, boxers used leather thongs to shield their hands during matches. But since the world has experienced significant development, we can now share with you a list of boxing equipment you should have.

10. Boxing shoes

Sunny Edwards' shoes are seen at Desert Diamond Arena on December 16, 2023 in Glendale, Arizona.
Sunny Edwards' shoes are seen at Desert Diamond Arena on December 16, 2023 in Glendale, Arizona. Photo: Christian Petersen
Source: Getty Images

Boxing shoes have­ a specific design for in-ring performance­ and safety. They are lightwe­ight for quick footwork, providing agility and flexibility.

Sole­s offer superior traction on canvas without compromising spe­ed or movement. Ankle­ support stabilises feet, re­ducing injury risk from sudden direction changes. Snug fit minimize­s foot shifting inside, ensuring stable, comfortable­ wear.

9. Jump rope

Boxing gloves and skipping rope.
Boxing gloves and skipping rope. Photo: John Lawson
Source: Getty Images

A boxing workout includes the jump rope as an essential piece of equipment for training because it is functional and efficient. The best boxers depend on the jump rope to enhance their footwork, agility, coordination, and cardio endurance.

Jumping variations, including single jumps, double unders, and crossovers, can serve as self-imposed tests for boxers to develop their athletic ability in general. Jump rope also strengthens the muscles around the calves and ankles.

8. Kidney belt

Abdominal leather groin midsection protector for boxing.
Abdominal leather groin midsection protector for boxing. Photo: @_jure
Source: Getty Images

The kidney belt helps people train and compete without exposing their lower backs and kidneys to threats or injuries. It provides pressure over the lumbar area and subsequent compression of the ribcage to immobilise these vulnerable structures from sudden movements.

For those fighters who often indulge in huge punching and twisting movements, this type of support is very beneficial as it helps to reduce the risk of straining and injuring the lower back or kidneys.

7. Headgear

Boxing helmet on display
Boxing helmet on display. Photo: @popovaphoto
Source: Getty Images

According to Boon Sport, the headgear aims to mitigate and absorb impact from punches to reduce the chances of cuts, bruises, and other head injuries. It will generally protect most parts of the head, such as the top, sides, and front, including cheeks and chin, for maximum security.

Headgear does not entirely eliminate the likelihood of a concussion. However, it can significantly reduce the degree of force applied to an individual.

6. Mouthguard

A mouthguard to prevent and reduce injury.
A mouthguard to prevent and reduce injury. Photo: Douglas Sacha
Source: Getty Images

Mouthguards help reduce the potential of oral injuries, including teeth, lips, gums, and arches. They function just like a helmet for the head. For the jaws and teeth, they help diminish shock and concussion by limiting the complete closure of the jaws that occurs during clenching or grinding.

5. Heavy bag

A boxer with boxing gloves hitting heavy bag on a ring
A boxer with boxing gloves hitting heavy bag on a ring. Photo: Gerenme
Source: Getty Images

A heavy bag is a vital piece of boxing equipment for beginners. It is a big, cylindrical bag usually packed with sand, cloth or other materials and then suspended from a strong frame or ceiling mount.

Boxers use heavy bags to train for different punches, kicks, and combinations, enhancing power, speed, accuracy, and endurance. Working the heavy bag also helps improve footwork balance and overall fitness.

4. Speed bag

Speed bag hanging in front of a door.
A speed bag hanging in front of a door. Photo: Westend61
Source: Getty Images

A swivel suspends a speed bag, commonly a tiny air-filled sack from a wall mount or platform. Hand-eye coordination, timing and rhythm are some of the skills that boxers use to develop hand-eye coordination.

In this case, many punches are made at the bag with fists corresponding to a specific beat, allowing boxers to respond quickly and hit their targets accurately.

3. Boxing shorts and shirt

Boxer training with coach.
A female boxer training with her coach. Photo: Fancy.yan
Source: Getty Images

Boxing shorts and shirts are designed with the boxer's comfort and performance in mind. The shorts are loose and fit to allow freedom of movement during training and matches. The shorts also have an elastic waistband and lightweight, breathable fabric to keep the boxer cool and comfortable in the ring.

The shirts are usually sleeveless or have short sleeves. Their design is suitable for body temperature regulation and keeps the boxer dry during intense workouts or bouts.

2. Hand wraps

A female boxer wraps her hands before wearing boxing glove
A female boxer wraps her hands before wearing boxing glove. Photo: NanoStockk
Source: Getty Images

Boxers and fighters in various combat sports employ hand or wrist wraps, which are strips of cloth that cushion the hand and wrist from blows. It is firmly wrapped around the wrist, palm, and base of the thumb, supporting and strengthening the hand's soft tissues when a punch is delivered and keeping the joints in alignment.

1. Boxing gloves

Pair of red leather boxing gloves
Pair of red leather boxing gloves. Photo: Yevgen Romanenko
Source: Getty Images

Gloves are among the most important of all boxing equipment. Fighters wear cushioned gloves, called boxing gloves, on their hands during practice sessions and fights. Modern boxing gloves are non-lethal and made to shield the fighter's hand and the opponent's head during a fight.


If you want to try boxing, ensure you purchase the best equipment and understand some of the game's rules. It would help if you also visited the gym to build muscles.

What equipment do you need for boxing?

To get into boxing, you must have essential gear, such as headgear, mouthguard, kidney belt, boxing gloves, and hand wraps, to protect yourself.

How do I choose boxing equipment?

When choosing boxing equipment, check for quality and fitness to ensure optimal performance and protection. Other factors include purpose, comfort, and budget.

Does boxing require shoes?

Boxing boots are not necessary if you are training for conditioning and fitness. However, boxing shoes are an essential addition to your boxing equipment. They will help you advance your footwork skills if you want to improve your partner's work, sparring, and footwork.

Final word

The proper boxing equipment is essential for every fighter's success and safety. So, invest in quality equipment and prioritise quality training. Thus, you can maximise your performance and achieve your goals.

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