How to become an NBA ref: Find out what you need to be a referee in the NBA

How to become an NBA ref: Find out what you need to be a referee in the NBA

Lenah Ann
April 18, 2024 at 10:59 AM

There are numerous ways to land a basketball-related job. However, the question of how to become an NBA ref is one in many enthusiasts' minds. Every NBA game is a high-stakes spectacle, and the officials, wielding the whistle, are at the centre of it all. NBA referees oversee professional teams' play and officiate at the highest level. So, how does one become an NBA referee?

NBA referee
Referee Justin Van Duyne (L) officiates the game on 14 April 2024. On the right, NBA referee Jenna Schroeder at a match on 5 April 2024. Photo: Lachlan Cunningham, Ric Tapia. (Modified by author)
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In addition to overseeing safety and fair play on the basketball floor, National Basketball Association referees enforce the rules. Throughout each game, they balance a number of obligations. Becoming the league's referee requires experience, game knowledge, and determination.

Who is an NBA ref?

NBA referees are officials in charge of enforcing basketball regulations during National Basketball Association games. They undergo intense training and must be well-versed in basketball laws and regulations.

They make decisions about fouls, violations, and other infractions to preserve fair play, guarantee player safety, and promote a fluid game flow.

A step-by-step guide on how to become an NBA ref

According to various online sources such as Indeed and NBA Blast, certain steps are needed to become a league official. Here is a detailed guide on how to become an NBA referee.

NBA referee
Referee Eric Dalen makes a call during the game between the Phoenix Suns and the Atlanta Hawks at Footprint Center on 21 March 2024 in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo: Chris Coduto.
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1. Earn a high school diploma

To proceed to the next phase, all applicants must have passed their General Educational Development (GED) exams and have a high school diploma. This is the bare minimum needed for referees at all basketball levels.

Candidates can start officiating basketball games at several levels, like youth leagues, collegiate competitions, and high school games. You will learn the game's rules and acquire the necessary skills.

2. Understand the rules

Get acquainted with the professional-level interpretations and study the official National Basketball Association rulebook. Attend officiating clinics and seminars to learn more about basketball mechanics and regulations.

3. Network and build relationships

Connect with current National Basketball Association officials, coaches, and referees to learn more about the industry and get guidance. Networking can also help you find out about vacancies and possibilities in the officiating community.

4. Attend officiating camps and clinics

Participate in officiating clinics and camps sponsored by the National Basketball Association or other professional associations. These occasions offer insightful directions, critical criticism, and exposure to higher-level scouts and officials.

5. Apply to officiating programs

After getting enough experience and expertise, apply to NBA-approved officiating programs like the NBA G League, the NBA's minor league. The league's referees can be promoted to the National Basketball Association on the advice of their superiors.

6. Stay committed and persistent

To become a National Basketball Association referee, one must possess commitment, tenacity, and a desire to improve. Be ready for a difficult path, but keep sight of the objective and pursuit of greatness.

NBA referee
NBA referee Ashley Moyer-Gleich reacts during the first half of the game between the Atlanta Hawks and Chicago Bulls on 01 April 2024 in Chicago, Illinois. Photo: Patrick McDermott.
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How long does it take to become an NBA referee?

The period depends on various factors, such as experience, perseverance, networking skills, and the availability of officiating risks. While some rise through the ranks more rapidly than others, it may take them many years to make it to the big stage.

Generally speaking, before one is considered for an officiating position, one must have several years of officiating experience at several levels, including youth leagues, high school games, and college tournaments, acquiring an in-depth understanding of basketball mechanics, regulations, and interpretations.

How hard is it to become an NBA referee?

Considering the intense competition and high standards the league sets, officiating is one of the hardest professions. Candidates must demonstrate a broad spectrum of officiating expertise and in-depth knowledge of basketball mechanics and rules to stand out from the competition.

The National Basketball Association has very high criteria for its referees; they must possess flawless decision-making and communication abilities refined via rigorous training and education.

NBA referees must be very intelligent and in peak physical shape to keep up with the fast-paced action and make accurate calls from ideal court locations. They must also make quick decisions under the intense scrutiny of players, coaches, and fans.

What is the salary expectation for NBA referees?

With an average pay of six figures, National Basketball Association referees are among the best-paid officials in professional sports. They earn hefty salaries yearly, usually between $150,000 and $550,000, though precise numbers are rarely made public.

Experience, seniority, and performance are among the factors that affect their pay; elite referees are paid more and receive extra money from playoff games and special assignments.

The National Basketball Association is dedicated to compensating referees for their experience and professionalism. As such, they receive perks like health insurance and retirement plans in addition to competitive pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

NBA referee
Referee Kevin Cutler officiates the game between the Sacramento Kings and the Memphis Grizzlies at Golden 1 Center on 18 March 2024 in Sacramento, California. Photo: Lachlan Cunningham.
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It is more complex than it may appear to become a basketball referee. Candidates need great patience, perseverance, and a strong enthusiasm for the game and its regulations. Here are some frequently asked questions about how to become an NBA ref.

Who is the highest-paid NBA referee?

James Capers is estimated to make $550,000 a year, plus $9,000 in compensation for each playoff game, making him the highest-paid National Basketball Association referee as of 2024.

What is the job outlook for NBA referees?

NBA referees' employment prospects are strongly correlated with the developments and trends within their field. The Bureau of Labour Statistics projects that employment growth for the league's referees will increase by 32% between 2021 and 2031.

How are NBA officials chosen?

The management team of NBA referee operations evaluates each ref thoroughly during the regular season, taking into account their team rankings, play-calling accuracy, and graded rankings. After the season, the top referees are chosen to call playoff games.

How do you become a certified NBA referee?

Obtaining a bachelor's degree, providing officiating experience, and passing a physical fitness exam are prerequisites for becoming a licensed NBA ref. To be listed in the NBA's top 100, prospective candidates must further complete an assessment program and do well in on-court assessments.

Who trains NBA referees?

The NBA's longest-tenured employee, Steven Angel, is in charge of roughly 25 employees who work in various capacities in the NBA's Secaucus centre for refs review and grading. They work together to create and prepare the referees who call the games.

Final word

Most enthusiasts inquiring about how to become an NBA ref have now been answered. Candidates must possess perfect decision-making and communication skills and a thorough grasp of basketball mechanics and rules. A comprehensive education, training, and commitment to learning the essentials of professional officiating are necessary to meet the standards.

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