NBA Star Jalen Green’s 39-Year-Old Pregnant Girlfriend Strongly Hints She Is an Arsenal Fan

NBA Star Jalen Green’s 39-Year-Old Pregnant Girlfriend Strongly Hints She Is an Arsenal Fan

Rene Otinga
updated at March 16, 2024 at 12:48 PM
  • Reality TV star Draya Michelle is dating rising NBA talent Jalen Green
  • Green, 22, is almost the same age as Draya’s oldest son
  • The couple is reportedly expecting their first child together

Houston Rockets star Jalen Green has been trending for the past week for all the controversial reasons.

The 22-year-old basketball star is dating 39-year-old Draya Michelle, and the couple is reportedly expecting a child together.

Jalen Green and Draya Michelle got together in 2021.
NBA star Jalen Green and TV personality Draya Michelle are expecting a daughter. Photo: Carmen Mandato/Gilbert Flores.
Source: Getty Images

Draya made the announcement official in an Instagram post on International Women’s Day, drawing a wave of criticism from online users.

The backclash was so bad, that the former Basketball Wives star had to turn off comments on her post.

Many of her critics accused her of getting pregnant by a young, promising athlete for the money, while others questioned her morality for deciding to have a baby with a man who was almost the same age as his firstborn son.

Draya Michelle poses in an Arsenal shirt

The controversial reality TV star is surely used to criticism at this point, as she continues to post on Instagram after her pregnancy announcement.

Recently, she shared cute snaps flaunting her baby bump as she rocked Arsenal’s luminous green away shirt.

She simply captioned the photos with two hashtags to suggest she was 28 weeks into her pregnancy.


One of Draya’s latest Instagram posts also alluded to the fact that many people misunderstood her.

As reported on Page Six, one of her Instastories this week read:

“Get comfortable being misunderstood. Only a fraction of people will be able to truly grasp your essence. You are not on anyone else’s timeline of comprehension.“

“Also, it’s none of your business how others choose to perceive you. Most High sees you clearly – let that be enough.”

Jalen Green’s hefty contract and salary

A look at Draya’s past brings to perspective why sections of critics view her as someone out to ‘trap Jalen Green’.

Green, a shooting guard at Houston Rockets, is in his third season at the NBA, and is considered one of the promising stars in the most lucrative basketball league in the world.

According to Yard Baker, Green signed a four-year rookie contract worth $40,808,448 in 2021 in a deal that came with a guaranteed $18,433,920 at signing.

This contract leaves the young shooting guard earning an average of $10,202,112 annually.

Meanwhile, Draya’s dating history has sections of fans believing she got pregnant by Jalen to “secure the bag”.

She has two children by two different fathers, and one of her most public relationships was with former Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick. The pair welcomed a son, Jru Scandrick, in 2016.

Footballers with older spouses

Elsewhere, Sports Brief reported on football stars who are dating or married spouses considerably older than them

Former Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea headlines this list, as the Spaniard wedded Edurne Garcia in 2023, eight years after they started dating.

Edurne is five years older than the shot-stopper.

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