Who are the 20 best Astros players of all time? Find out all the details here

Who are the 20 best Astros players of all time? Find out all the details here

Steve Njuguna
November 21, 2023 at 5:48 AM

The Houston Astros are an MLB franchise founded in 1962 and based in Houston, Texas. They are two-time MLB World Series Champions. This article delves into the details concerning the best Astros players of all time.

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The Houston Astros celebrate after winning the 2023 ALDS. Photo by Kyodo News
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Hundreds of Hall of Fame calibre players have turned out for the Astros during their six-decade existence. Despite all the talent, they had to wait until 2017 to lift their first World Series title, with their second title coming five years later in 2022. We have a look at some of the key centrepieces to their success.

Who are the best Astros players of all time?

This list consists of players who participated in the success or growth of the franchise throughout its history.

20. George Springer (OF, 2014-2020)

George Springer, a key contributor to the Astros' recent success, played a pivotal role in the team's 2017 World Series victory. Known for his power, defensive skills, and clutch hitting, Springer earned World Series MVP honours. His memorable postseason performances and leadership qualities made him a beloved figure in Astros history before his departure in 2020 for the Toronto Blue Jays.

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George Springer during a 2023 game for the Blue Jays Photo by Vaughn Ridley
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19. Alex Bregman (OF 2016- ongoing)

Bregman is a one-club man, having been at Houston his whole career since being drafted in 2016. He was a key part of the young core of players that won the World Series in 2017 and 2022 and is an expert at third base.

18. Brad Ausmus (C, 1997-1998, 2001-2008)

Brad Ausmus, a defensive stalwart behind the plate, was a key figure for the Astros during multiple stints with the team. A three-time Gold Glove winner, Ausmus was known for his ability to handle a pitching staff and control the opposing running game. After retiring from his playing career, he transitioned into coaching.

17. Richard Hidalgo (OF, 1997-2004)

Richard Hidalgo, a power-hitting outfielder, played a key role in the Astros' lineup during the late 1990s and early 2000s. He made the All-Star team in 2000.

16. Doug Rader (3B, 1967-1975)

Nicknamed "The Red Rooster," Doug Rader was a defensive stalwart at third base for the Astros. A five-time Gold Glove winner, Rader's excellence with the glove was a defining aspect of his career and left him as one of the greatest Houston Astros players of all time.

15. Joe Morgan (2B, 1963-1971, 1980)

Although Joe Morgan's time with the Astros was relatively short, his impact was substantial. A two-time All-Star with the team, Morgan's exceptional skills at second base and ability to get on base were evident early in his career. He went on to have a Hall of Fame career, solidifying his status as one of the greatest second basemen in MLB history. He passed away on October 11th 2020,

Joe Morgan
Hall of Famer Joe Morgan looks on during the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony at Clark Sports Center on July 21, 2019 in Cooperstown, New York. Photo by Jim McIsaac
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14. Bob Watson (1B/OF, 1966-1979)

Bob Watson, a consistent hitter and versatile player, spent the majority of his career with the Astros. A two-time All-Star, Watson's offensive contributions were crucial to the team's success. After his playing career, Watson made history as the first African-American general manager to win a World Series, adding another layer to his significant impact on the Astros organisation. He passed away on 14th May 2020.

13. Ken Caminiti (3B, 1987-1994)

Ken Caminiti, a power-hitting third baseman, had some of his best seasons with the Astros. A three-time All-Star and Gold Glove winner, Caminiti's combination of offensive and defensive skills made him a standout Astros player and a fan favourite.

12. Jimmy Wynn (OF, 1963-1973)

Known as the "Toy Cannon," Jimmy Wynn was a dynamic outfielder with a blend of power and speed. A three-time All-Star, Wynn played a crucial role in the Astros' early years. He passed away on 26th March 2020.

11. J.R. Richard (RHP, 1971-1980)

J.R. Richard was a dominant force on the mound for the Astros during the late 1970s. A two-time All-Star, Richard's imposing presence and powerful fastball made him one of the most famous Astros pitchers of all time. He has a remarkable story of hope and resilience as he first started off as a homeless man before rising to become a professional baseball player. His unfortunate early retirement due to health issues left fans wondering what could have been for this Astros legend.

10. Billy Wagner (LHP, 1995-2003)

Billy Wagner, the Astros' all-time saves leader, was a flame-throwing left-handed closer. With a blistering fastball and devastating slider, Wagner struck fear into opposing hitters. A seven-time All-Star, his consistency and dominance at the back end of the bullpen played a crucial role in the Astros' success during his tenure.

Billy Wagner
Billy Wagner throws out the first pitch before Game 2 of the ALDS on October 05, 2019 in Houston, Texas. Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images
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9. Cesar Cedeno (OF, 1970-1981)

Cesar Cedeno, a five-tool player, was a dynamic force for the Astros in the 1970s. A three-time Gold Glove winner and two-time Silver Slugger, Cedeno showcased a rare combination of power, speed, and defensive prowess. His impact on the early years of the franchise puts him in the category of the top 10 best Houston Astros of all time.

8. Mike Scott (RHP, 1983-1991)

Mike Scott's time with the Astros was highlighted by his remarkable 1986 season, where he won the Cy Young Award. A master of the split-finger fastball, Scott's dominance on the mound played a crucial role in the Astros' success, leading them to the NL West title.

7. Carlos Correa (SS, 2015-2021)

Carlos Correa, a key member of the Astros' young core, made a significant impact during the team's 2017 World Series run. An outstanding defensive shortstop with a potent bat, Correa's clutch performances in the postseason were key in Houston winning their first-ever World Series. More often than not, before he was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays, he was the best player on the Astros team.

6. Jose Altuve (2B, 2011-present)

Jose Altuve, the heart and soul of the modern Astros, rose from obscurity to become an MVP and World Series champion. Known for his exceptional hitting, speed, and defensive skills, Jose was a key cog in both 2017 and 2022 World Series wins and remains one of the best baseball players to ever play for the Houston Astros.

Jose Altuve
Jose Altuve during a 2019 game. Photo by Tim Warner
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5. Roy Oswalt (RHP, 2001-2010)

Roy Oswalt, a three-time All-Star, was a cornerstone of the Astros' pitching staff in the mid-2000s. Known for his excellent command and devastating fastball, Oswalt played a pivotal role in the team's success, helping them reach the World Series in 2005. He was named the Most Valuable Player of the NLCS in 2005.

4. Nolan Ryan (RHP, 1980-1988)

Nolan Ryan, though renowned for his time with multiple teams, had a memorable stint with the Astros. Joining at the age of 33, Ryan continued his dominance, throwing his record-breaking fifth no-hitter in 1981. His intimidating fastball and workhorse mentality left an indelible mark on the Astros' pitching legacy. He made the All-Star Team eight times during his career.

3. Lance Berkman (OF/1B, 1999-2010)

Nicknamed "Big Puma," Lance Berkman was a switch-hitting force in the Astros' lineup. A five-time All-Star, Berkman was a key contributor to the team's success in the 2000s. Known for his power and ability to hit from both sides of the plate, he played a crucial role in the Astros' memorable playoff runs.

Lance Berkman
Lance Berkman during a game with the Astros. Photo by Bob Levey
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2. Craig Biggio (2B/C/OF, 1988-2007)

Craig Biggio's 20-year career with the Astros showcased his versatility, determination, and offensive prowess. A seven-time All-Star, he accumulated over 3,000 hits and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2015. Biggio's leadership and ability to transition between positions solidify his status as an Astros legend.

1. Jeff Bagwell (1B, 1991-2005)

Jeff Bagwell, a Houston Astros lifer, was a prolific first baseman known for his distinctive batting stance and consistent power. The 1994 National League MVP, Bagwell was a four-time All-Star and a three-time Silver Slugger. He ranks as the Astros' all-time leader in home runs and is widely regarded as one of the greatest first basemen in MLB history.

who is the best player on the astros team?
Jeff Bagwell during an Astros game in 2004. Photo by George Gojkovich
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The Astros are one of modern baseball's success stories, and they continue to look strong going into the 2020s. More of their players have the chance to write their names into the history books as the best Astros players of all time as the search for World Series titles continues.

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