Lionel Messi’s Son Visibly Confused After Spotting Dad’s 7 Ballon D’ors

Lionel Messi’s Son Visibly Confused After Spotting Dad’s 7 Ballon D’ors

  • A video of Messi’s exchange at home with his eldest son has gone viral
  • Thiago Messi was visibly confused after spotting seven Ballon d’ors on the table
  • He goes on to ask his dad how there is an extra award and the pair have a hilarious exchange
  • Messi was feted his seventh Ballon d’or on November 29, beating his closest rival Robert Lewandowski

Lionel Messi’s eldest son Thiago has gone viral for his reaction to seeing his dad now has seven Ballon d’ors.

Lionel Messi’s Son
Lionel Messi’s Son was visibly confused after counting seven Ballon d'ors. Photo: Screengrab/Walterwhite Youtube.
Source: UGC

As reported, Messi, who had an extraordinary 2021, won his seventh Ballon d’or recently, narrowly beating Robert Lewandowski to the title.

In the aftermath of his triumph, a video has emerged of Messi’s son Thiago’s reaction to seeing another Ballon d’or to the collection.

The 9-year old seemed to struggle to understand when he saw seven trophies lined up at the table at home.

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What ensued was an exchange between Messi and Thiago which was as hilarious as it was awkward.

'Why do you have seven Ballon d'Ors dad? Don't you have six? Thiago asks, to which Messi replies:
“I have seven now.”
The unrelenting Thiago continues to go in on his dad, following up his initial question with:
“Did you win it today? In the house there's only six balls. When did you win it?”

Messi tells him he won it ‘today’ (presumably on Monday, November 19, and Thiago hilariously goes on to ask “why?”

Messi, clearly baffled by the exchange, plays the question down by saying, “I don’t know”.

It comes as a slight surprise that Thiago was oblivious to his dad’s Ballon d’or win, especially because he was present in the award ceremony alongside his brothers and mother to see Messi receive the award.

Thaigo is also a huge fan of football and is currently in the PSG academy.

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In 2020, Messi disclosed in an interview that Thiago was a fan of six other footballers in the world, including Cristiano Ronaldo.

"Thiago talks a lot about Luis [Suarez], with whom we have the best relationship, about [Antoine] Griezmann and Arturo [Vidal] since the first day because of his hair and all that. He said in the interview as per The Sun.
“Also about people from outside, [Kylian] Mbappe, Cristiano [Ronaldo], Neymar.

“I hope Messi’s words were sincere"

Recently, Robert Lewandowski reacted to Messi’s calls to have him awarded the 2020 Ballon d’or.

Fans felt Lewandowski was hard-done by Ballon d'Or chiefs, who cancelled last year’s event when the Poland international was a heavy favourite to win it.

In his acceptance speech, Messi said he would love to see Lewandowski be feted with the 2020 accolade.

But in a rejoinder, the Bayern Munich striker admitted he was not too enthusiastic about being ‘compensated’, adding that he hoped Messi’s words were sincere.