John Fashanu Breaks Silence on How He Treated His Late Brother After He Publicly Declared He isn't Straight

John Fashanu Breaks Silence on How He Treated His Late Brother After He Publicly Declared He isn't Straight

  • John Fashanu regrets how he treated his brother Justin who was the first professional footballer to be openly homose*ual, having declared his status in 1990
  • Justin, who played for top clubs in England including Manchester City, West Ham, and Newcastle United committed su*cide in 1998
  • John publicly reprimanded his brother over the scenario, but following Justin’s passage, the ex-Wimbledon star expressed disappointment on how he treated his late brother

Former Wimbledon of England striker John Fashanu has disclosed that the way he treated his brother after he publicly declared himself as homosexual, remains one of his biggest disappointments.

In a chat with Joseph James Nantomah on the YouTube programme The Metaverse, Fashanu who began his professional career at Norwich City said he is disappointed how he treated his brother, Justin, who passed away in 1998 - having committed suicide.

The Athletic reports that John Fashanu publicly reprimanded Justin for speaking openly about his sexuality.

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John Fashanu
John Fashanu unimpressed with how he treated his brother. Photo: Duncan Raban
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It was gathered that he paid his brother not to come out and, when Justin did so anyway, John described his gay sibling as an “utter stranger” and said he would not share a post-match shower with Justin if they were on the same team.

In 2018, he admitted he had acted like a “monster” towards his brother, yet only in 2012, he angered those in the gay community who grew to admire Justin when he alleged that his sibling had never really been gay.

And now Fashanu has lamented how he treated his brother as he suggested that his actions at the time prompted the sad act.

He told The Black Mentor YouTube channel:

“I would say… it is very difficult to say as well because having a brother who came out and said he was homosexual; I won’t say that was one of my biggest disappointment.

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"I would say how I treated him and how his tragic death which was suicide which was prompted by me, I would say I’m disappointed with myself.
“If I could reverse the clock, it would be wonderful. To actually be there to see somebody you love, somebody you’ve been so close to take his own life…when of course if that happens now; it just wouldn’t happen.”

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