What is the Sidemen Charity Match and when is the next one? All the facts and details

What is the Sidemen Charity Match and when is the next one? All the facts and details

Ciku Njuguna
updated at May 17, 2024 at 6:48 PM

Celebrity charity football matches allow famous individuals to give their fans a dose of sports entertainment as they raise money. Annually, the Sidemen, a group of British YouTubers, hold a charity football match to raise funds for various causes. Dig in for all details concerning the Sidemen Charity Match, its history, participants, and the next match for 2024.

Sidemen Charity Match
The Sidemen Charity Match is one of the best football charity matches. Photo by @Sidemen. Modified by author
Source: Getty Images

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Is the Sidemen Charity Match real? Since 2016, the Sidemen Football Club have competed against YouTube All-Stars in live-streamed football tournaments. This article dives into the world of charity football and the YouTube collective taking it by storm.

What is the Sidemen Charity Match?

Each year, the seven members of the Sidemen and affiliated YouTube stars converge in London for a football match. Such Proceeds collected before and during the game are distributed among various charities.

Which Youtubers play in the Sidemen Charity Match?

The seven members of the Sidemen, KSI, Miniminter (Simon), Zerkaa, Tobjizzle, Wroetoshaw, Behzinga, Vikkstar, and other allied YouTubers, make up the Sidemen Football Club. On the other hand, the YouTube All-Stars is a collective of popular creators on the platform. Here is a list of all Sidemen Charity Match players for each team.

The 2023 Sidemen Charity Match
The Sidemen Charity match stars celebrate during different matches. Photo by @Sidemen. Modified by author
Source: Twitter


  1. KSI
  2. Calfreezy
  3. Wroetoshaw
  4. JME
  5. Lazarbeam
  6. Behzinga
  7. TBJZL
  8. Zerkaa
  9. Manny
  10. Randolph
  11. Mr Beast
  12. Deji
  13. Tareq
  14. Airrack
  15. AngryGinge13
  16. Minimister
  17. Vikkstar123
  18. Callux

YouTube All-Stars

  1. xQc
  2. WillNE
  3. JiDion
  4. Danny Aarons
  5. Max Fosh
  6. ChrisMD
  7. Karl
  8. Chunkz
  9. Theo Baker
  10. Yung Filly
  11. AboFlah
  12. Jacksepticeye
  13. Duke Dennis
  14. Kon
  15. Niko
  16. IShowSpeed
  17. Kai Cenat
The 2023 Sidemen Charity Match lineup
Some of the most popular online personalities turned up as players for the 2023 Sidemen Charity Match. Photo by @Sidemen. Modified by author
Source: Twitter

Which players were in the 2023 Sidemen Charity Match lineup?

On September 9, 2023, over 60,000 fans gathered to watch the All-Stars battle against SFC at London Stadium. SFC’s first team that included KSI, JME, Wroetoshaw, Calfreezy, Lazarbeam, Mr Beast, Behzinga, TBJZL, Zerkaa, Minimister, Vikkstar123 played in a 4-2-2 formation. Substitutes for the team were Randolph, Airrack, Deji, Angry Ginge, Manny, Callux and Tareq.

On the other hand, the YouTube All-Stars starting eleven included xQc, Max Fosh, Jidion, Willne, Danny Aaron, Kai, Filly, ChrisMD, Speed, Theo Baker, and Niko. Its substitutes were Duke, Aboflah, Jacksepticeye, Karl and Chunkz.

Sidemen Charity Match’s all-time stats

The SFC stands out as the most dominant football team with four wins against All-Stars one victory. Based on FotMob's analysis, the SFC has a 7.03 rating, while the YouTube All-Stars trail behind with 5.02. Here is a summary of the clubs' average performance stats per game.

2023 Sidemen Charity Match players
The Sidemen Football Club members in action. Photo by @Sidemen. Modified by author
Source: Twitter


YouTube All-Stars




Goals conceded



Expected goals (xG)






Shots on target



Big chances



Accurate passes



Accurate long balls



Accurate crosses









Successful tackles









Who won the Sidemen Charity match?

The fifth-ever Sidemen Charity Match was dominated by the SFC. The All-Stars lost by three goals in an 8-5 goal differential.

How much were the Sidemen Charity match tickets?

Tickets to the 2023 soccer tournament went on general sale in July. At £8 ($10), they sold out in less than two hours.

2023 Sidemen Charity Match winners
Sidemen FC, the winners of the 2023 fifth installation of the Sidemen Charity Match. Photo by @sidemenupdated. Modified by author
Source: Twitter

What was the attendance at the Sidemen charity match?

According to the Teenage CancerTrust, 62,000 tickets were sold for the fundraising outing. 2.7 million fans watched the live-streamed event. At the time of writing, the game has received 37,437,411 views on YouTube.

How much did the 2023 Sidemen Charity match raise?

During the live-streamed game, fans' donations were displayed. At the end of the competition, £2,443,786 ($3,060,450) was raised. Prime made the largest donation, $424,000.

Which charities did the Sidemen donate to?

The fundraising proceeds collected during the football tournament were shared between five charities, including the Bright Side, Teenage Cancer Trust, Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), M7 Education, and Rays of Sunshine. 37.5% of funds raised went to Bright Side, 25% to CALM, 25% to Teenage Cancer Trust, 7.5% to Rays Of Sunshine, and 5% to M7 Education.

2023 Sidemen Charity Match players
Players in the Sidemen Charity Match are some of the most famous YouTube personalities. Photo by @Sidemen. Modified by author
Source: Twitter

Frequently asked questions

The YouTube collective brought together personalities from England, Ireland, Somalia, Canada, Saudi Arabia and the United States. Here is a collection of interesting facts about the charity tournament.

1. When is the next Sidemen Charity match?

The YouTube collective has not revealed much about their 2024 plans. However, in December 2023, members of the group revealed that the sixth charity tournament may be held at London Stadium after failing to get Wembley and Old Trafford.

2. Where can I get the Sidemen Charity match 2024 tickets?

As of May 2024, much has yet to be revealed about the annual game. However, fans can express interest in donating or fundraising through the Sidemen FC website.

3. Where to watch the Sidemen Charity match?

In 2023, the football game was streamed on the official competition website for free. Fans also watched the game on the group's official YouTube channel.

Final word

Various sources suggest that the Sidemen Charity Match will make a comeback in 2024. However, the group's impact through the fundraiser can not be underestimated.

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