All MLS Mascots ranked: Find out the best mascot in Major League Soccer

All MLS Mascots ranked: Find out the best mascot in Major League Soccer

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While European and American soccer adhere to the same rules and ideals, their cultures could not be more different. The MLS Mascots best represent that. These characters are a staple of matchday, whether boosting pre-match enthusiasm or providing some humour during halftime.

MLS Mascots
The Philadelphia Union Mascot in 2022(L), the FC Dallas mascot in 2018(C), and the Real Salt Lake mascot in 2009(R). Photo: G. Fisher, A. Dieb, M. Majchrzak/Getty Images
Source: UGC

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Do MLS teams have mascots? Nearly all MLS clubs have official mascots that connect fans to their brands. The former mascot of the Colorado Rapids was a man constructed of water who would roam the streets with a super-soaker and wreaking mayhem. This article compiles a list of noteworthy MLS mascots and their teams.

MLS Mascots Ranked





Blue racer snake

Philadelphia Union


Belted Kingfisher

Vancouver Whitecaps



Real Salt Lake

Timber Joey


Portland Timbers

Crew Cat


Columbus Crew



L.A Galaxy



Colorado Rapids



Atlanta United FC

Tex Hooper


FC Dallas



New England Revolution

Each MLS mascot brings its unique charm to the pitch, from the happy antics of animal characters to the majesty of famous people. In no particular order, based on MLSSoccer and other sources, here is a list of the top ten MLS Mascots known to put the biggest grins on the faces of soccer fans everywhere.

10. Phang

Phang philadelphia
Philadelphia Union mascot Phang on November 27, 2018, in Philadelphia(L) and at Subaru Park in Chester, PA, on July 16, 2022(R). Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo, Gregory Fisher/Getty Images
Source: UGC
  • Unveiled in: September 2018
  • Club: Philadelphia Union
  • Emblem: Blueracer snake
  • Home stadium: Subaru Park

Philadelphia Union unveiled Phang to MLS on September 10, 2018. The Philadelphia Union's mascot features a serpent, symbolising tenacity, resolve, and the soul of Philadelphia. "Phang" is a pun on "fang," meaning "sharp teeth", meaning snake. Phang's contemporary design features the Union's official colours, blue and gold.

9. Spike

Mascot Spikes
Vancouver Whitecaps FC mascot Spike looks through the net during their MLS game against Chivas USA on October 3, 2012. Photo: Jeff Vinnick
Source: Getty Images
  • Unveiled in: 2011
  • Club: Vancouver Whitecaps
  • Emblem: Kingfisher
  • Home stadium: BC Place

As reported by MLS Multiplex, the belted kingfisher is native to northern Canada and the United States. The Whitecaps had another named "Winger" for 17 years before passing the torch to Spike.

Spike, an outgoing and playful orca, symbolises the Whitecaps' power, speed, and tenacity. Since the orca's dorsal fin is so easily recognisable, the nickname "Spike" is an excellent choice for the mascot. Spike's design embodies the Whitecaps' ethos with its colourful and dynamic appearance, using the team colours of blue and white.

8. Leo

Mascot Leo
Real Salt Lake mascot Leo the Lion before the MLS game between Real Salt Lake and the Portland Timbers at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah, on 19 April 2014. Photo: Steve Conner
Source: Getty Images
  • Unveiled in: January 2010
  • Club: Real Salt Lake
  • Emblem: Lion
  • Home stadium: America First Field

Leo the lion is the king of mascots in the Mascot Hall of Fame. He is a giant ball of fur that would not harm a fly. Leo embodies the bravery, determination, and team spirit of everyone involved. The mascot represents the majesty and kingliness often associated with lions with a mane and an intimidating yet approachable countenance.

7. Timber Joey

Timber Joey
Timber Joey, the mascot of the Portland Timbers, cuts a log against the Colorado Rapids on August 31, 2012, at Jeld-Wen Field in Portland, Oregon. Photo: Tom Hauck
Source: Getty Images
  • Unveiled in: June 2008
  • Club: Portland Timbers
  • Emblem: Lumberjack
  • Home stadium: Providence Park

Timber Joey is a legend and hero in Portland. Sky Sports reported he is one of the most famous and unique mascots in the MLS. In his peculiar tradition, he saws off a piece of 12ft wood from a log slab whenever the Timbers score a goal.

The idea came from Jim Serill [Timber Jim] in the late '70s, who brought a chainsaw to a game. This custom, coupled with his chainsaw and lumberjack attitude, has become a part of Timber's culture and helps create an electric game environment. Timber Joey honours the hometown tradition of logging history in the Pacific Northwest.

6. Crew Cat

Crew Cat
Columbus Crew mascot Crew Cat during the second half against the D.C. United at Field in Columbus, Ohio, on March 4, 2023. Photo: Jason Mowry
Source: Getty Images
  • Unveiled in: March 2015
  • Club: Columbus Crew
  • Emblem: Fenile
  • Home stadium: Field

Columbus Crew's mascot, the Crew Cat, served the club for nearly 20 years before his son, SC, took over after his disappearance. According to Dispatch, the club introduced SC at a jersey-reveal celebration in March 2015 at the Bluestone.

SC is vital during games and events in interacting with spectators and adding energy and joy to the stadium experience. The mascot wears jersey number 96, representing the year the Columbus Crew was founded.

5. Cozmo

Mascot Cozmo
Brigham Young Cougars mascot Cozmo the Cougar flexes his muscles during a game against the TCU Horned Frogs on October 14, 2023. Photo: Chris Leduc
Source: Getty Images
  • Unveiled in: 2003
  • Club: Los Angeles Galaxy
  • Emblem: Alien
  • Home stadium: Dignity Health Sports Park

The Los Angeles Galaxy uses the alien mascot, Cozmo. When Cozmo arrived in Los Angeles in 2003, he wanted to be part of LA Galaxy but could not play because he was not human.

Instead, he was offered the mascot role, which he gladly accepted. Cozmo, an alien with a naughty and entertaining personality, stands for the Galaxy's dedication to art, technology, and pleasure.

4. Talon

Talon mascot
DC United mascot Talon enters the field before an MLS match against Atlanta United FC on June 21, 2017. Photo: Tony Quinn
Source: Getty Images
  • Unveiled in: April 2022
  • Club: Atlanta
  • Emblem: Eagle
  • Home stadium: Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The spirited and fearless eagle mascot embodies the essence of Atlanta's ardent supporters. As a perfect emblem for Atlanta, the Eagle Talon represents power, independence, and pride. Talon is one of the best MLS mascots.

Talon raises the standard (and likely lowers it) whether he is handing out high fives or throwing a football bash with La Barra Brava. He is a source of entertainment for MLS players and fans.

3. RapidMan

The mascot for the Colorado Rapids poses for the camera before a game against the Columbus Crew at Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado, on April 5, 1997. Photo: Brian Bahr
Source: Getty Images
  • Unveiled in: 1996
  • Club: Colorado Rapids
  • Emblem: Iceman
  • Home stadium: DSG Park

RapidMan, who looks like an iceman, was the team's mascot from 1996 until his retirement in July 2007. Colorado Rapids announced the mascot's return in March 2020. Colorado used 'Edison' the Eagle during his absence as its mascot.

RapidMan is famous for wearing Rapids-themed apparel, such as jerseys or scarves, and the team's colours (burgundy, blue, and white).

2. Tex Hooper

FC Dallas mascot Tex Hooper during the MLS regular season game between FC Dallas and Toronto at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas on April 18, 2015. Photo: Matthew Visinsky
Source: Getty Images
  • Unveiled in: 1996
  • Club: FC Dallas
  • Emblem: Bull
  • Home stadium: Toyota Stadium

Tex Hooper has been with the Dallas club since 1996 and is heavily committed to the local community. The mascot is skilled at arousing crowds. Hooper represents the club's Texan heritage with his longhorn steer, energy, and enthusiasm. His cowboy hat, bandana, and passion motivate fans and players against other MLS teams.

1. Slyde

Mascot New England
The New England Revolution mascot, Slyde, poses for a photo during a match against Inter Miami CF on June 10, 2023. Photo: Erica Denhoff
Source: Getty Images
  • Unveiled in: 1995
  • Club: New England Revolution
  • Emblem: Fox
  • Home stadium: Gillette Stadium

The New England Revolution currently use the fox Slyde as their mascot. As the name suggests, the Revs play in Foxborough, Massachusetts, a town known for its abundance of foxes. Slyde has been a part of the club since 1995.

According to the Boston Globe, Slyde enjoys showing compassion for the squad while trash-talking rival mascots in the MLS. Slyde dresses in blue and red and has a zest for life.

Frequently asked questions

In the fast-paced world of sports, mascots represent their teams' essence, history, and personality more than just cute little cartoons on team logos. Here are some of the most common questions regarding them.

What is the mascot of the Dallas MLS team?

Tex Hooper, a bull, is the team's mascot. According to the team's biography, he entered this world in Frisco, Texas, on September 6, 1996.

What is Charlotte FC's soccer mascot?

Sir Minty is Charlotte FC's official mascot. He is a soccer ball that looks like a person and wears a crown, a cape, and a big silver chain with an "M" pendant.

What is the Philadelphia MLS mascot?

Phang was born the same as any other snake on the Delaware River. He has always wanted to play soccer, but kicking the ball is hard because he is a snake.

Final word

MLS mascots are perfect brands for bridging the team and the outside world. Their influence goes beyond sports, uniting people and inspiring fans.

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