Dede Ayew’s net worth, salary, brothers, Instagram, family, house and more

Dede Ayew’s net worth, salary, brothers, Instagram, family, house and more

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updated at April 12, 2023 at 7:59 PM

It is infrequent to find a son born to a superstar footballer thriving under his father’s legacy and, at some point, becoming an outstanding player. But that is the case for the Ghanaian National Football team captain, Andre “Dede” Ayew. This star did not only thrive, but he managed to supersede every expectation out there. So, all this brings to question how all that success on the pitch translates to money? What is Dede Ayew’s net worth? Stick around for that and more.

Dede Ayew’s net worth
Dede Ayew during the AFCON 21 match between Ghana and Gabon. How much do you think Dede Ayew is worth? Read on to find out. Photo: Ulrik Pedersen
Source: Getty Images

Born to the legendary Abedi Ayew, for Dede, together with his two brothers, football runs in their blood. Over the years, they have managed to carve niches for themselves under their father’s legacy, which has led to successful careers. So join me as we discuss Dede Ayew’s net worth, salary, brothers, family, house, and many more.

Dede Ayew’s profile summary

  • Full Name: Andre Morgan Ayew
  • Nickname: Dede Ayew
  • Date of Birth: 17 December 1989
  • Age: 32 years as of 2022
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Place of birth: Seclin, France
  • Current Residence: Doha, Qatar
  • Height in Centimeters: 176 centimetres
  • Height in feet: 5’9”
  • Weight in Kilograms: 72 kg
  • Weight in pounds: 159
  • Position: Winger
  • Years Active: 2007- date
  • Current Club: Al Sadd Sports Club
  • National Team: Ghana
  • Total Career Appearances: 542
  • Total Career Goals: 147
  • Net worth: Approximately $16 million
  • Current Salary: $220,000 monthly
  • Instagram: @andreayew10
  • Twitter: @AyewAndre

Dede Ayew’s net worth

Despite being born into an already successful family, Dede has worked hard to get to the present point. Though he has earned most of his wealth through his long-standing career spanning over a decade and a half, part of it comes from endorsements from major West African brands. His net worth of $16 million places him in a well-deserved position as one of the richest footballers in Africa.

In 2016, the Ghanaian star signed a five-year endorsement deal with the West African bank Unibank Ghana to be their brand, Ambassador. He has also signed endorsement deals and participated in promotional activities with the electronic brand Samsung through their West Africa branch SEWA (Samsung Electronics West Africa). In addition, he also represents Fanmilk, an ice-cream brand from the Ghanaian company Fanmilk that deals in dairy products.

Dede Ayew’s transfer
Dede with the Ghanaian President Nana Akufo. Photo: @AyewAndre
Source: Twitter

Dede Ayew’s salary

In July of 2021, when Dede was transferring to his current club Al Sadd SC, his expected salary at the club caused quite a frenzy online. It was reported that he was set to earn a whopping $220,000 monthly after tax.

However, this didn’t surprise many critics considering his stellar performance has earned him many accolades, including Ghanian Footballer of the year and BBC Footballer of the year.

Dede Ayew’s age

At the age where a lot of us are still struggling with School, Dede was already making a name for himself in the football world and had fans wanting more of his football skills.

Dede Ayew’s age
Dede celebrates after scoring for his current team Al Sadd SC. Photo: @andreayew10
Source: Instagram

He was introduced to football at a tender age and was already following his father’s footsteps playing for some of the clubs his father had played for at the age of ten. Born on 17 December 1989, the Ghanian winger is 32 years as of April 2022.

Who is Dede Ayew’s wife?

Dede is married to the beautiful Yvonne Ayew, whom, until recently, the world knew little of. For close to a decade, she remained elusive from the prying eyes of the Paparazzi until one fan was able to uncover her social media account by the name of elaliaa.

Dede Ayew’s family

Dede, together with Yvonne, are proud parents to two adorable daughters, Inaya Ayew and Maha Ayew. Inaya, their first daughter, is 11 years old, born on 19 October 2011. While Maya, their Second, is 5 years old, born on 30 April 2016.

Dede’s house

Though the exact cost is not known, Dede is rumoured to have a mansion in the exclusively posh neighbourhood of East Legon in the Greater Accra metropolitan. There are several claims that the football star owns several houses in different countries he’s played football, including France and England.

What kind of cars are in Dede Ayew’s fleet?

It’s not a secret footballers of Ayew’s calibre like luxurious lifestyles and like to get the finer things money can buy.

In Dede’s case, the Ghanian star does not shy away from displaying his fleet of pricey possessions. He has been seen on social media on several occasions posing with them. The latest and last known addition to his collection was a Rolls Royce Phantom, which was shared on social media with his younger sister with the caption “Baby@AndreAyew10.

Dede Ayew’s cars
Dede posing beside his Bentley. Photo: @andreayew10
Source: Instagram

In addition to the Rolls Royce Phantom, here is a list of some of the vehicles he has been spotted with so far

  • Mercedes G-wagon
  • Hammer
  • Infinity
  • Bentley
  • Porsche

What awards has Dede Ayew won so far?

The Ghanian star has been awarded through his sheer hard work and skills. Following in his father’s footsteps, in 2011, Dede was voted as BBC player of the year. This is the same award that his father won in 1991.

In the 2015 AFCON, he was the top scorer of the tournament and was nominated for the AFCON player of the tournament, but he sadly lost the title to fellow Ghanian Christian Atsu. In 2021 during the colourful Ghana football Awards, the Black star captain was named the men’s footballer of the year.

Dede Ayew’s salary
Dede Ayew accepting his 2021 footballer of the year award. Photo: @andreayew10
Source: Instagram

Below is a summary of all Dede Ayew’s achievements

  • 2011 BBC player of the year
  • Top scorer in the 2015 AFCON
  • 2021 Ghana men’s footballer of the year.

What team does Dede Ayew play for?

Currently, the star plays for the Qatari side club Al Sadd Sports Club, which competes in Qatar’s top League.

Dede Ayew’s brothers

Together with his two brothers, Dede follows in their father’s footsteps. Both his brothers have successful football careers.

Dede Ayew’s brothers
Dede Ayew posing for a picture with his father and two brothers. Photo: @andreayew10
Source: Instagram

His older brother Rahim Ayew plays as a defensive midfielder in the Gibraltar National League Club Europa. At the same time, his younger brother Jordan Ayew Plays for English Premier League club Crystal Palace and the Ghanian National team.

Social media handles

From the above illustrations, one can see that Dede has had quite an illustrious career. It is due to this that he tends to attract a huge following. Whether in his personal life or football career, people want to be kept at per with everything Dede.

He has an official Instagram account by the name andreayew10, which has an impressive 456k followers at the time of this writing. He also has an official Twitter handle by the name @AyewAndre, which has 602k followers as of April 2022.

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