Central African Republic's national football team: players, coach, world rankings, nickname

Central African Republic's national football team: players, coach, world rankings, nickname

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updated at April 12, 2023 at 7:55 PM

Despite being regarded as one of the weakest teams in Africa and the world, in the recent past, the Central African Republic's national football team has defied all odds and football fans all over with its brilliant performance. Join us as we learn fascinating facts about CAR's football team!

Central African Republic's national football team
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In a country where its people are constantly divided by conflict, football seems to be one of their unifying factors, with its centre being their National football team. This article delves into interesting information about Central African Republic's team like its players, the coach, its world ranking, nickname and much more.

Profile summary

  • Full names: Central African Republic
  • Nickname: Les Fauves (The wild beasts)
  • Founded: 1961
  • Colours: Blue and white
  • Governing body: Federation Centrafricaine De Football (FCF)
  • Sub-Confederation: UNIFFAC
  • Confederation: CAF
  • Head coach: Raoul Savoy
  • Captain: Geoffrey Kondogbia
  • Most caps: Foxi Kethevoama
  • Top Scorer: Hilaire Momi
  • Stadium: Barthelemy Boganda Stadium
  • FIFA code: CTA
If you look at stories the world's press usually write about CAR, they are usually negative but the national team truly are unifying the country. This according to the teams coach in 2018.

Central African Republic national team history

Like most African countries, football is considered a favourite national sport. Even though the country reached independence in 1960, records show the team played two international friendlies before that.

In 1956 they played against Cameroon, and in 1960 shortly before independence, they played against Mali. They went by the name Ubangi-Shari at the time. Central African Republic joined FIFA through its governing body Federation Centrafricaine De Football (FCF) in 1963 and CAF in 1965.

Central African Republic national football team
CAR fans cheer their team during a 2017 AFCON qualifier match. Photo: Junior Kannah
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In terms of competitiveness, the team has had its fair share of wins and losses, with the biggest win being the 5-1 win against Cameroon in 1956 while the highest loss being an 11-1 loss to Ivory Coast.

In 2009 the team surprised many when it won the CEMAC cup by beating Gabon in the semi-finals and Equatorial Guinea 3-1 in the finals. This saw their FIFA rankings rise from 202nd to 89th position in 2011.

To the surprise of many, in 2012, they managed to secure a 2-0 against Algeria at home in the 2012 AFCON qualifier, which put them on top of their qualification group.

Who are Central African Republic's team members?

As of 2022, here is a complete list of Central African Republic national football team members.


  • Samolah Elvis
  • Samolah Prince
  • Takolingba Emmanuel


  • Ban Thibault
  • Digol Khamis
  • Guinari Peter
  • Keita Saif
  • Mboumbouni Dylan
  • Ndobe Sadock
  • Ngam Ngam Saint-Cyr
  • Niamathe Freeman
  • Yambere Cedric
  • Yangao Flory
  • Yapande Marc
  • Zarambaud Gisbert
  • Dambakizi Sidney
  • Ndokomadji Melkey


  • Pirioua Brad
  • Toropite Tresor
  • Bombo Calvin
  • Gaopandia Jospin
  • Kondogbia Geoffrey
  • Kottoy Ralph
  • Zahibo Wilfried
  • Dertin Amorose
  • Dimokoyen Saint-Ford
  • Guorrier Junior
  • Grengou Cyrus
  • Liki Mbiafolo Kenny


  • Kethevoama Foxi
  • Urie Axel


  • Mafouta Lois
  • Mokonou Delphin
  • Namnganda Karl
  • Tattevin Arnaud


  • Gombefei Toussaint
  • Kokkasa Slyvester
  • Kpeko Henoc
  • Mvondo Georgino
  • Ngoma Isaac
  • Yawanendeji Christian

Who is Central African Republic’s captain?

The captain is the pillar holding a team together, and for a team like Central African Republic, you need someone whose skills go beyond the game. Hence Geoffrey Kondongbia, who is the current captain of the team. Below is his profile:

Geoffrey Kondongbia's profile summary

  • Full names: Geoffrey Edwin Kondongbia
  • Date of Birth: 15 February 1993
  • Place of Birth: Nemours, France
  • Age: 28 as of January 2022
  • Nationality: French
  • Height in centimetres: 188
  • Height in Feet: 6’ 2”
  • Current club: Atletico Madrid
  • Position: Defensive midfielder
  • Number: 4.
  • Instagram: @kondogbia
  • Twitter: @GKondogbia
Central African Republic national football team
The wild beasts' captain. Photo:@kondogbia (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Les Fauves Coach

Since 2014, the team has been under the passionate coaching of Raoul Savoy. In 2021 he was reappointed on a two year contract to lead the team during its 2022 FIFA World cup qualifier. Below is his profile.

Raoul Savoy's profile summary

  • Full names: Raoul Savoy
  • Date of Birth: 18 May 1973
  • Place of birth: Sainte-Croix, Switzerland
  • Age: 48 as of January 2022
  • Nationality: Swiss and Spanish
  • Hobbies: Drawing cartoons
Central African Republic national football team: players, coach, world rankings, nickname.
CAR coach Raoul Savoy. Photo: PIUS UTOMI EKPEI
Source: Getty Images
Central Africa Republic is my home, I’m feeling well with the atmosphere, the people and the mentality. Says coach Savoy.

Who is Les Fauves top scorer?

Being considered a top scorer takes years of mastery and perfection of skills, and it is an achievement that only a few get to attain. With the current continental title being held by Cameroonian Samuel Eto’o.

On the other hand, CAR has had its fair share of high achievers, with the country’s title for top scorer of time being held by Hilaire Roméo Verdi Momi with 10 goals.

World ranking

Les Fauves or The Wild Beasts as they are sometimes referred to, sit at position 130 with 1127.20 points, just below Malawi with 1127.21 points as per the latest FIFA rankings.

Their highest position ever was 49, which it attained in 2012, while the lowest was position 202, which it attained around 2009 to 2010.

What is Central Africa Republic’s nickname?

The team is referred to as Les Fauves or The Wild Beast, a name it has undoubtedly come to deserve due to its recent performance.

The outlook of the Central African Republic national football team does look promising, especially with its squad of young international players. Suppose it’s anything to go by, its recent performance where they gave one of Africa’s giants Nigeria a humiliating loss in their home ground. In that case, we can say this is a team to watch in the coming future.

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