Sudan national football team: roster, coach, world rankings, AFCON, nickname

Sudan national football team: roster, coach, world rankings, AFCON, nickname

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The Sudan national football team is a team that represents Sudan in the men's international football competitions and is managed by the Sudan Football Association, SFA. The team's fame skyrocketed following its participation in the inaugural Africa Cup of Nations, alongside its neighbouring countries, Egypt and Ethiopia.

Sudan national football team
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What is the Sudan national football team nickname? It is currently dubbed Flacons of Jediane. Have a peek into this article and find more information about Sudan's national football team roster, its players, coach, and current world rankings.

Profile summary

  • Full name: Sudan National Football Team
  • Nickname: Flacons of Jediane
  • Managed by: Sudan Football Association
  • Founded: 1936
  • Colours: Red, green, and blue
  • Federation: CAF
  • Head coach: Burhan Tia
  • Captain: Salah Nemer
  • Most caps: Haitham Mustafa (108)
  • Top scorer: Nasr El-Din Abbas (27)
  • FIFA ranking: 125 (as of December 2021)
  • Highest FIFA ranking: 74 (1976)
  • Lowest FIFA ranking: 164 ( 2017)
  • Stadium: Khartoum Stadium
  • FIFA code: SDN

Sudan national football team history

Being one of the oldest football associations in Africa, the Sudan Football Association was founded in 1936. However, the nation started experiencing football earlier during the colonial period in the 20th century. Aside from this team, other Sudanese clubs such as Al-Merrikh and Al-Hilal Omdurman resulted in the familiarization and popularity of football in the country.

AFCON campaign

Having the upper hand in experiencing football in the early years, Sudan was swift to affiliate with FIFA in 1948. Soon after the officials were instrumental enough, along with South African, Egyptian, and Ethiopian counterparts, they came up with the Confederation of African Football in Khartoum.

Sudan national football team AFCON
French coach Hubert Velud in red leads a training session for the Sudanese national team in the capital Khartoum on February 18, 2020. Photo: Ashraf Shazly
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Following this establishment, Sudan debuted in the Africa Cup of Nations in 1957, when they hosted the competitions and came third. Later in 1970, the team took part in AFCON competitions and came out as the champions winning the 1970 Africa Cup of Nations trophy. Unfortunately, it is the only African trophy they have ever won to date.

Is Sudan national football team playing in AFCON 2021?

After the team qualified for the 2018 African Nations Championship and finished in third place, the optimism in their success immensely grew that they qualified for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

Therefore, it is participating in the competitions, and they are placed in Group D.

  • 11 January: Sudan vs Guinea-Bissau
  • 15 January: Nigeria vs Sudan
  • 19 January: Egypt vs Sudan

Who are the current Sudan National football team captain and coach?

For any prominence or success of a team, it is highly dependent on the availability of a skilled captain and coach. Have a look at the profiles of Sudan's captain and coach below.

Sudan national football team captain

Below is the profile of Sudan's captain.

Profile summary

  • Full name: Salaheldin Mahmoud Nemer
  • Date of birth: 5 February 1992
  • Place of birth: Sudan
  • Nationality: Sudanese
  • Age: 29 years old (as of January 2022)
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
  • Position: Centre back
  • Number: 20
  • Current team: Al-Merreikh
Sudan national football team captain
Sudan's national football players take part in a training session, in Garoula, on the eve of the Africa Cup of Nations football match between Sudan and Nigeria. Photo: Daniel Beloumou Olomo
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Sudan national football team coach

Have a look at the profile of Sudan's coach.

Profile summary

  • Full name: Burhan Tia
  • Year of birth: 1965
  • Place of birth: Sudan
  • Nationality: Sudanese
  • Current team: Sudan National Football Team

Who are Sudan national football team players?

The following players were called up for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.


  • Alii Abu Eshrein (Al-Hilal Club)
  • Mohamed Mustafa ( Al-Merrikh SC)
  • Isshag Adam (Al-Hilal)


  • Salah Nemer (captain) (Al-Merrikh SC)
  • Mustafa Karshoum (Al-Merrikh SC)
  • Moaiad Abdeen (Alamal SC Atbara)
  • Mazin Mohamedein (Tuti SC (Khartoum))
  • Mustafa Alfadini (Al-Ahly Shendi)
  • Muhamed Kesra (Hay Al-Arab SC)
  • Amjad Ismail (Al-Ahly Shendi)
  • Muhamed Amin (Sweden Motala AIF)
  • Elsadig Hassan (Al-Shurta SC (Al-Qadaref))


  • Walieldin Khedr (Al-Hilal Club)
  • Dhiya Mahjoub (Al-Merrikh SC)
  • Mohamed Al-Rashed (Al-Merrikh SC)
  • Abddel Raouf (Al-Hilal Club)
  • Gumaa Abas (Al-Hilal Club)
  • Captain Bashir (Alamal SC Atbara)
  • Sharif Omer (Al-Hilal ESC (Al-Fasher)
  • Alsheikh Muhamed (Al Khartoum SC)
  • Suliman Zakaria (Hay Al-Arab SC)


Sudan national football team players
French coach Hubert Velud leads a training session for the Sudanese national team in the capital Khartoum. Photo: Ashraf Shazly
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  • Mohamed Abdel Rahman (Al-Hilal Club)
  • Al-Jezolil Nouh (Al-Merrikh SC)
  • Yasin Hamed (Hungary Nyiregyhaza Spartacus)
  • Musab Ahmed

Sudan national football team world rankings

According to the latest FIFA rankings, the Sudan national football team sits at position 125 globally with 1131.74 points. What is Sudan national football team highest FIFA ranking? The team's highest FIFA ranking was position 74 in 1996, and its lowest was position 164 in 2017.

Sudan national football team trophies

Since they debuted in the football scene, has the team ever won any trophy? Yes, they have. However, it has only won one trophy, the 1970 Africa Cup of Nations.

Even though the Sudan national football team has not yet qualified to play in the World Cup, the team's diehards have remained optimistic that the team will sooner or later bring the Cup home.

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The team is a member of FIFA, and the Confederation of African Football. So when was the team founded? If you want to find more information about the team, including details about its current world rankings, coach, captain, players, and participation in the Africa Cup of Nations, read here!

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