A comprehensive list of the most iconic basketball player logos

A comprehensive list of the most iconic basketball player logos

Many basketball stars have developed personal logos to establish their sports brands. Through this, they have made remarkable profits by selling merchandise that has their identity. Some basketball player logos are more creative and attractive compared to others. This article reveals some of the most famous basketball player logos that have existed for many years.

Which NBA player has the best logo?
The NBA logo on a basketball, having a silhouette of former player Jerry West at Scotiabank Arena on 26 October 2018. It is among the oldest emblems in the league. Photo: Tom Szczerbowski
Source: Getty Images

Most basketball athletes hire professionals to design their identity symbols according to their desires. Logos of NBA players usually decorate running shoes and other sports outfits from Nike and Adidas. The unique trademarks often have hidden meaning and are inspired by several factors.

Basketball players and their logos

Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant are some of the legendary athletes with famous basketball player logo brands. Their iconic trademarks have made them popular off the field and helped them build a global fanbase.

What layout works best for basketball player logos?

All basketball players' logos
Shaquille O'Neal's trademark on his Phoenix Suns shoe during their game against the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena on 15 March 2009 in Oakland, California. Photo: Rocky Widner
Source: Getty Images

An ideal logo should communicate an athlete's values through colour, shape, and other design elements. Therefore, the layout varies from one athlete to another, based on each one's interests. Every NBA star's emblem identifies them through clothing brands, signature shoes, or social media. Some are better than others because of their designs and the personalities behind them.

Which NBA player has the best logo?

Over 4,000 athletes have participated in the NBA since its inception in the 1940s. Some have made it to the biggest stage in the sport because of their talent, achievements, and brand popularity. Of all basketball players' logos in NBA history, we sample the top ten best NBA players' logos with names of the athletes, including some of the classy Nike basketball players' logos.

10. Steph Curry

The Golden State Warriors point guard is known for his iconic monograms in his career, including the initials "S" and "C" associated with his style of play and precision. Curry changed his trademark in December 2020. His new emblem, Curry 9, has unique curves and flow that make it attractive.

9. Damian Lillard

Logos of NBA players
Damian Lillard has one of the most iconic emblems in the NBA. He plays as a point guard for the Portland Trail Blazers. Photo: @damianlillard
Source: Instagram

In 2015, Adidas created a unique symbol for Damian Lillard with the "D" and "L" initials and an "O" between them, representing his jersey number. The monogram had several meanings and came in black, white, and red. Damian plays for the Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA.

8. Penny Hardaway

Nike basketball players logos
Many players in the NBA have used Penny Hardaway's 1 Cent logo, including the Memphis Grizzlies. Photo: @NickDePaula
Source: Getty Images

Penny Hardaway's famous emblem was designed by Nike in the 90s when he played for the Orlando Magic. His 1 Cent logo is his iconic number 1, with the letter "C" spinning around it like an orbit. The slanted image and sharp lines in the symbol reflect dynamics and determination.

7. James Harden

Basketball players logo
James Harden's trademark by Adidas is a creative design that has made the iconic player a strong brand. Photo: @talkhoops
Source: Twitter

In August 2016, Adidas unveiled James Harden's new emblem with Adidas. The trademark resembles the letter "H" and is one of the best basketball players' shoe logos. It consists of complex serifs placed inside a circle.

6. Kyrie Irving

What layout works best for basketball player logos?
Cleveland Cavaliers mascot wears a shirt with Kyrie Irving's trademark in the 1st half of a game against the Brooklyn Nets at Quicken Loans Arena on 19 December 2014 in Cleveland. Photo: Nick Cammett
Source: Getty Images

Nike slightly changed Kyrie Irvingl's symbol in 2014. The monogram contains the letter "K" and four "I"s. The style resembles the ancient runes, primarily designed in black and white, creating an excellent contrasting effect.

5. Paul George

Famous basketball player logos
Paul George's unique emblem is among the most popular in the NBA. George is among the legendary icons who starred in the NBA. Photo: @____pambudi
Source: Getty Images

George's monogram depicts a butterfly representing his personality's combination of simplicity and elegance. Nicknamed "PG-13", the L. Angeles Clippers star created the symbol with Nike. It is one of the unique emblems in the sport.

4. Kobe Bryant

All basketball players' logos
Kobe Bryant wearing a hoodie with his trademark symbol printed in black at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on 8 March 2018 in L. Angeles, California. Photo: RB/Bauer-Griffin
Source: Getty Images

The late Kobe Bryant's logo first appeared on Nike Air Huarache sneakers. It comprises six geometric elements representing three rays of different lengths divided into segments. According to Bryant, the art represented a sword in its sheath, symbolizing raw talent. The design comes in gold, purple, and red tones.

Top three basketball players' logo

LeBron James and Michael Jordan's designs top the list. However, Jerry West's iconic photo silhouette has served as the NBA emblem for many years and is arguably one of the best in the league. So, who is the famous NBA player logo? Find out below.

3. Jerry West

Who is the famous NBA player logo?
Jerry West of the LA Lakers controls the ball against the NY Knicks at Madison Square Garden in 1970. His iconic image appears on the NBA emblem. Photo: D. Raphael, Mitchell Leff (modified by author)
Source: Getty Images

An image of the former L. Angeles Lakers guard inspired the famous NBA logo, created in the 1960s. The emblem features Jerry West with the ball in his hand, in a pose that embodies dynamics, strength, and grace. However, the legendary player does not own the symbol., complemented by the patriotic red, white, and blue colours.

2. LeBron James

Lebron James' trademark sign consists of the letter "L", "J", and "23" and a crown in a compact little square. The space between them is associated with a basketball court. James' first trademark appeared in 2003 when he played for the Miami Heat. The symbol featured a crown, his jersey number and initials. However, it has changed over the years to the current version.

1. Michael Jordan

Famous basketball player logos
The Air Jordan trademark at the Air Jordan XX Launch Party at Rise Nightclub on 18 February 2005 in Denver, Colorado. Photo: Christian Petersen
Source: Getty Images

Jordan's 'Jumpman' logo is among the most recognizable in the sports industry. It is also one of the most used NBA player shoe logos. In 1984, the legendary basketball star jumped and spread his legs wide open in a photo shoot, creating a dynamic silhouette for his brands. The image first appeared in 1988 on the Air Jordan III by Nike.

Nike and Adidas have some of the best basketball player logos in history. Some of them have transformed, while others have lasted for many years. They continue to strike debate among NBA fans, who also have their preferences.

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