Different dart games: A list of different types of dart games to play with your friends

Different dart games: A list of different types of dart games to play with your friends

Darts is a rather low-key sport that has gained much attention over the years. Most people have tried their hand at different dart games at least several times. A basic dartboard and a set (or two) of darts are all you need to get started.

Different dart games to play
Three yellow shafts hit the target, scoring a bull's eye. Photo: Wragg
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But if you thought darts just had one use, you were wrong! Everyone can jump in and start playing because there are so many different versions. You could even hold a competition featuring multiple games. Following the list below, identify how many other dart games there are. Pick one from the list of names of different dart games, and the fun can begin.

1. Nine Lives

Again, any number of players can enjoy this sport, and each one will begin with nine. This sport aims to be the first to hit every number from 1 to 20 in clockwise order.

It is possible to lose a life when they use two of their three shafts and still miss the target number. To win a round, you must either be the last person standing or the first to get 20 points by making all three strikes to the bullseye.

2. 301 Darts

Different dart games
It is essential to determine the target and concentrate. Photo: Miles Rue
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In a round of 301 shafts, each person starts with a score of 301. Everyone gets three poles to throw per session, and their combined total is subtracted from the score at the end of the round.

While this is not always the case, you are often encouraged to aim for the double area when the session begins or while winding down. Double is the term for this situation. If you do not obtain a double, you will never win.

3. 501 Darts

How many different dart games are there
A display of 501 shaft game board game. Photo: @501dartz on Instagram (modified by author)
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The rules for 501 shafts are the same as those for 301 posts, and the sole difference is that players now start with a score of 501 and do not need to attempt the "double in" before the match. From the different rules, there is no distinction between competitive and recreational play with these rules. This is one of the best other dart games to play.

4. 51 By 5’s

It is also known as "All Five's" among some circles. Involvement from any number of people is welcome, though the more, the merrier. When it is your turn, you get to toss three shafts. One loses a point if a post does not make it through the board or bounces off. In each round, everyone attempt to throw three shafts with a total score that can be evenly divided by five.

5. Cricket Darts (AKA American Cricket)

How many different dart games are there
Chalkboard Cricket Scoreboard detail. Photo: The Palmer
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One of the most well-known darts sports is cricket. In this kind of Cricket, scoring a "close out" or three consecutive hits on the same number is obligatory for each player. To gain points, you must close a number before your opponent.

The winner is the one with the most points once all the numbers have been closed. If both have the same topics at the end of the match, whoever finishes first is considered the winner.

6. Around the Clock

Around the Clock Darts, often called Around the World, is played by throwing shafts at the board in a clockwise direction. Each person takes it in turn, throwing three posts, starting with one and going up to 20.

It is worth as many points as the round number you are on. Score twice as many points for a treble or double in a double or triple area. After twenty rounds, the victor is the person who has amassed the most points.

7. Killer Darts

Names of different dart games
Players throw a shaft with their non-dominate hand to determine their number. Photo: @dartsmind on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The classic darts game Killer Darts supports up to five competitors. This is one of the different games to play on a shaft board. Each player is assigned a number from 1 to 20, or they may select a number by throwing one shaft at the board with their less-dominant arm.

One is considered a "killer" once they have hit their number at least five times (here, a double gives two lives, and a treble gives three). After that, the killer is free to go after the opponent's numbers; if they succeed in hitting an opponent's number, the opponent will suffer a life loss.

8. English Cricket

The "batter" and the "bowler" are new additions to the match, distinguishing it from American cricket. The batter's objective is to rack up as many runs as possible while the bowler takes as many "wickets" as possible.

While holding wickets, the batter must rack up as many runs as possible. Hits over 40 points on the dartboard will count as runs, and the total runs scored in an inning will be the total number of points scored minus 40.

9. Shanghai Darts

Different dart games to play
Shanghai is an exciting, easy-to-learn game where anyone can win! Photo: @everything_darts on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Shanghai darts only use the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 shafts. Each person throws three darts at the board, starting at 1, to score as many points as possible before moving on to the following number. The greatest in a given round is if the 1 area is in play and 21 if the 7 area is in use. The sport consists of seven games, and the winner is determined by who has the most points at the end of the match.

As three, a "shanghai" can end the sport for one at any time. You have completed a shanghai if you have scored a single, double, or treble in the target number with each of your shafts.

10. Baseball Darts

Different dart games to play
The top perspective of a dart hits the STRIKE section of a baseball-style dart game. Photo: jcjgphotography
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Similar to Shanghai darts, baseball is a popular variant of the classic game. You play nine innings or rounds of Baseball Darts, and only the shafts that land on the inning number are tallied.

You need to aim for the 1 zone in the first inning, the 2 in the second inning, and so on. Singles are worth one run, doubles are worth two runs, and trebles are worth three runs. And just as in actual baseball, the team with the most runs after nine innings is declared the victor. If the session is tied after a bonus nine innings, play extra innings until a winner is determined.

11. Hare and Hound

Hare and hounds is another fun sport, and this is a match for two or more people. The sport begins with a coin flip, with the victor becoming the "hare" and the loser the "hound," whose job is to chase the hare.

The hare starts at 20, going clockwise around the entire board, whereas the hound can choose to start at either 5 or 12. If the hair gets to 20 before the hound does, the hare wins; if the hound catches up to the hare, the hound wins. In each match, you will get three throws with your darts.

12. Gotcha Darts

Different dart games and rules
A simple count-up game with a fun twist! Photo: @gotchaarenas on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Since everyone is on their own in Gotcha, the sport works best with many participants. In this match, victory is determined solely by accumulating a certain number of points, and target numbers for the sport are 301 and 501, although you are free to pick your own.

You can put everyone's names in one box on the scoreboard. After each player's three darts, write their initials and the current score next to each other. To "defeat" an opponent and bring their score back to zero, you must surpass their current score in a single turn. When you score 80 points in response to their 80, their score immediately becomes 0.

13. Halve – It

This match can be played by any number, from two to many. Even though it is more of a Standard for seasoned players, novices could give it a shot to hone their aim. To be clear, only seven of the significant score areas are

Each participant's goal is to achieve these precise scores in this specific order. You will rack up the points if you land in the designated spot. If you throw three shafts and miss the target, your score will be halved. The winner is the player who has the highest score after all seven rounds have been played.

14. Golf Darts

Different games to play on a dart board
We use felt golf balls to stick to the shaft board's velcro. Photo: @dartsgolfclub on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

There is also the recreational game of golf darts that anyone may play. Mastering the double ring is essential to your success in golf darts; this is a terrific way to practice. Make sure there's enough room on the scoreboard for as many people as you want to play with. Either 1–9 or 1–18 can be used for the match (corresponding to the hole numbers in a round of golf).

15. Legs

There is no specified number of players in this kind of sport. This match is perfect for you and will provide you with hours of entertainment. To create a player's legs, you must draw three lines under their name. To keep playing, each player must beat their predecessor's score. If a player's score is lower than the one preceding them, they lose a leg and losing all three legs automatically eliminates a player from further competition.

16. Tic-Tac-Toe

Different dart games and rules
TicTacToe is designed to be fun for players of all experiences and skills. Photo: @tictactoeskills on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

This match is played between two individuals or teams. A tic-tac-toe board consists of nine squares. To play, you must draw a bullseye in the centre and fill in the other eight squares with different numbers.

Players, like in the original match from which this one takes its name, must "mark their square" by striking one of the numbered spaces within that square. The winner is the player or team that completes three consecutive squares.

17. Chase the Dragon

One of the most well-known shaft games is Chase the Dragon, but beware: it is not for the faint of heart! Participants aim for the ten, twenty, and bull's eye content relevant they having points must be tallied in every sequence for targets.

This match aims to have each participant get a treble in each of the ten to twenty squares. In the treble system, treble 17 cannot be played before 16 is completed, and vice versa.

18. Knockout

Names of different dart games
Knockout is a fun, competitive game with simple, easy-to-learn rules. Photo: @onlinedartsassociation on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Everyone takes one stab at the shaft board, and whoever comes closest to the bullseye goes first. A high score is recorded from the first player who tries. If the one who goes after you does not outrank him, his name will be crossed out. You are out of the running if your name has three slashes through it.

A victor is declared when just one player is remaining. The rules of this match are identical to those of the classic game Legs, with the addition of a bullseye throw to determine the sequence of throws.

19. Tennis

How many different dart games are there
One can play with two people or 4 in a doubles match. Photo: @harriet_dart on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

This sport has many similarities to tennis. Each participant takes on the role of either receiver or server. The sport can be played with just two people or "doubles" with four people.

In the first round, the server uses the left side, which contains the 5-19; in subsequent rounds, they switch to the right side, which displays the digits 1-17. Three wins out of a possible six sets are required to win the match.

20. Mulligan

Different dart games
A game that will test your skills. Photo: @mrmulliganbasildon on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

In a game of Mulligan, you throw shafts and try to knock down triples. It takes an experienced player to hit the trebles in this match. To close, a player must get three trebles on each of the seven active numbers. Then, they have to make a perfect shot.

Every participant tries to make three consecutive trebles of the current number. The winner is the player who achieves three trebles in each of their seven digits and a final bullseye.

Thanks to these different dart games, your next game night will be much more exciting and entertaining. Many of the most well-known variations of darts were discussed, including 301, 501, Cricket, Around the Clock, Halve-It, and many more.

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