The different boxing styles explained: How many styles of boxing are there?

The different boxing styles explained: How many styles of boxing are there?

Lenah Ann
June 14, 2023 at 5:39 PM

Most sports have techniques that athletes prefer to use according to their talents, understanding, and skills to execute maximum performance. Like other sports, boxing is no different since fighters employ various boxing styles. The styles, strategies, and techniques have evolved over the years because the ring conditions, promoters, influencers, and sponsors have also changed.

Different boxing styles
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The sport has come a long way, and currently, it is among the most popular worldwide, with millions of fan bases from every corner. The boxing styles and techniques developed throughout the years have significantly shaped the modern-day fighting industry.

Different boxing styles

The sport has several styles that an athlete can use to ensure that they take the win. The sport is complex and it requires determination, psychological well-being, hard work, and talent. These are the four main different types of boxing styles.

4. The boxer-puncher

It is one of the unique boxing styles a fighter uses combined with the slugger and the out-boxer techniques. The greatest quality that these kinds of athletes possess is stamina, mobility, and accurate footwork, which makes them formidable and hard to read their moves.

Different types of boxing styles
Josh Taylor (L) takes on Teofimo Lopez (R) in a welterweight bout on 10 June 2023 at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY. Photo: Williams Paul
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The boxer-puncher is among the best boxing styles for short fighters since an athlete can easily switch to another technique depending on the opponent's tactics. Lennox Lewis, Sugar Ray Robinson, Thomas Hearns, and Joe Louis are famous legends who used the technique.

3. The slugger

The sluggers, known as brawlers, are famous for their powerful knock-out punches. They mostly win their fights with a knock-out since their kickboxing styles involve a massive punch force that can easily take out an opponent in one touch.

Additionally, sluggers are among the thicker and more robust fighters to grace the fighting arena. Thus, they quickly take heavy blows while planning their tactical counterattacks, mostly knock-out punches. Famous sluggers are mostly heavyweight legends such as George Foreman, Rocky Graziano, Micky Ward, and Evander Holyfield.

2. The out-boxer

The out-boxers are quick on their feet and thus like to keep their distance and look for perfect opportunities to attack when their opponent is tired.

How many boxing styles are there?
Robson Conceicao (L) takes on Nicolas Polanco (R) in a lightweight bout on 10 June 2023 at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY. Photo: Williams Paul
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Like Mohamed Ali, these categories of boxers are opportunists who can float around the ring, giving off powerful guard kicks in seconds. And since they keep their distance and are quick in ducking and dodging, it takes a lot of work to hit them.

Laila Ali, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Jack Johnson, Muhammed Ali, and Sugar Ray Leonard are the most famous legends of these fighting techniques.

1. The swarmer

The swarmer is among the famous types of boxing styles that require athletes to be energetic to execute it successfully. The athletes must have high endurance and relentlessness since they must be at the top of their game, chasing opponents non-stop.

Statistically, swarmers are the most aggressive fighters since they only give opponents time to breathe once their efforts bear fruits. Although they risk themselves by being closer to the opponents, they have a high chance of winning. Notable swarmer fighters include; Manny Pacquiao, Mike Tyson, Jack Dempsey, Joe Fraizer, and Rocky Marciano.

Boxing styles for short fighters
Damian Knyba (red tape) takes on Helaman Olguin (blue tape) in a heavyweight bout on 10 June 2023 at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY. Photo: Williams Paul
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Boxing sub-styles

Arguably, when it comes to fighting skills, fighters can employ unlimited techniques since everyone is different. Alongside the four main boxing styles, the three popular ones complement them.

3. Complete boxer

Although rare, they are regarded as the best boxers in the sport's history since they can easily use all the techniques switching from one to another. They gain an advantage over their opponents by adapting and changing their techniques to counterattack opponents' advances.

Here are some legendary fighters who can fit in this group: Andre Ward, Vasyl Lomachenko, Oleksandr Usyk, Sugar Ray Robinson, Terrence Crawford, and Canelo.

2. Counter puncher

Counter punchers are just like the out-punchers since they can switch their techniques depending on the situation. They can quickly attack, simultaneously draw back from the pressure, and wait for an opportune time to advance. Some notable counter punchers are Pernell Whitaker, Floyd Mayweather Jr, and Salvador Sanchez.

Boxing styles for tall fighters
Mariana Juarez (L) punches Mayeli Flores (R) at Toyota Arena on 10 June 2023 in Ontario, California. Photo: Cris Esqueda
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1. Pressure fighter

Just like the swarmer, a pressure fighter applies constant pressure to their opponents throughout the match until they win. The technique is among the best boxing styles for tall fighters since it is easier for tall athletes to throw non-stop punches. Some notable and famous pressure fighter legends are Joe Frazier, Julio Cesar Chavez Sr, Canelo, Roman Gonzalez 'Chocolatito,' and Golovkin.

How many boxing styles are there?

Although there are other sub-divisions and categories of boxing styles applied by various boxers, there are four main ones that all athletes use. The four are the brawler, out-boxer, swarmer, and boxer puncher.

What is Mike Tyson's fighting style?

The legendary fighter Mike Tyson used the swarmer boxing style effectively by hitting his opponents non-stop and relentlessly, and in doing so, he kept them out of play since they could not plan a counterattack with their little manoeuvring room.

What type of boxer was Muhammad Ali?

Boxing styles and techniques
D'mitrius Ballard (R) punches Shane Mosley Jr (L) at Toyota Arena on 10 June 2023 in Ontario, California. Photo: Cris Esqueda
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The renowned all-time ring legend Muhammad Ali was a heavyweight boxer who broke countless records. He went down in history as the greatest heavyweight boxer of all eras and was considered by most commentators as the greatest fighter ever to grace the boxing arena.

Why are there four boxing belts?

There are four main bodies that approve, regulate, and sanction fights, which is also why there are four belts since they each provide a belt. The bodies are the World Boxing Association, the International Boxing Federation, the World Boxing Organization, and the World Boxing Council.

Since various boxing styles employed by different fighters can sometimes be switched at will, it has proven difficult to determine an athlete's fighting technique. Although some might think that fighting is just about throwing punches and waiting for counterattacks, the sport is complex and has numerous techniques that can be used to achieve excellence.

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