New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge Makes Baseball History With 62nd Home Run of American League Season

New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge Makes Baseball History With 62nd Home Run of American League Season

Byron Pillay
October 5, 2022 at 10:03 AM
  • Aaron Judge made baseball history by becoming the first person to hit 62 home runs in the American League
  • Roger Maris held the previous America League record of 61 homers in a season, a record that lasted 61 years
  • Judge has yet to sign a new contract with the New York Yankees but will be hot property when his current deal expires

Aaron Judge is the undisputed king of the American League.

The New York Yankees star cemented his place in history by hitting his 62nd home run during the regular baseball season.

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New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge has written his name in the history books as he scored a record-breaking 62nd home run of the season. Image: Cooper Neill/ Matthew Pearce
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Judge’s home run took him past Roger Maris’ total of 61 homers, setting a new record for home runs scored in the American League. Even US president Joe Biden congratulated Judge on his achievement.

His feat is also considered to be the legitimate single-season record. The 61 home run mark has been surpassed six times in the National League, but the players who achieved the feat were linked to steroid usage, and therefore their records are tainted.

How did Aaron Judge hit his record-breaking home run?

As noted by The Guardian, Judge achieved the feat against the Texas Rangers, driving a from Jesús Tinoco into the left field seats. It didn’t take Judge long either, as he scored the home run in the first innings of the game, with even the commentators saying that some fans hadn’t even arrived at the stadium before Judge broke the record.

While the 62nd home run sets a new record, it’s also become a crucial bargaining chip for a new contract. At the start of the season, he turned down a seven-year contract for $213.5m with the Yankees.

Judge believed he was worth more, and his performance this season definitely proved that. Judge will now be in a prime position to negotiate a mega deal with any side when the season ends.

Aaron Judge surpasses Babe Ruth's legendary figure of 60 home runs in a regular baseball season

Aaron Judge is one home run away from cementing his place in baseball's history books, Sports Brief earlier reported.

The New York Yankees star hit his 61st home run of the American League regular season against the Toronto Blue Jays.

The homer took the Yankees to a 5-3 lead in the game. They went on to win it 8-3. The win, though, was minor compared to Judge's record-equalling performance.

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