Transgender Swimmer Loses to Another Transgender Competitor in the USA

Transgender Swimmer Loses to Another Transgender Competitor in the USA

  • Controversial transgender swimmer Lia Thomas was surprisingly beaten by another transgender swimmer
  • Yale University's Iszac Henig defeated the previously unstoppable University of Pennsylvania competitor in two races
  • Thomas is a transgender woman transitioning from male to female, while Henig is a transgender man transitioning from female-to-male

Headline-grabbing swimmer Lia Thomas, who transitioned from male to female, was the centre of more attention this past weekend.

Thomas, who has been breaking records controversially as part of the University Pennsylvania's swimming team, was defeated by Yale University's Iszac Henig, who is transitioning from female to male. This happened at an Ivy League tri-varsity meet between the two colleges as well as Dartmouth.

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Lia Thomas (left), a transgender woman, and Iszac Henig (right) a transgender man. Image source. Fox News and Out Kick.
Source: UGC

According to the Daily Mail, Henig bested Thomas in the 100m freestyle as well as the 400m freestyle relay races. Thomas had won the first of her races by two seconds - a month after winning the same race by 38 seconds - before winning the other, the 500m freestyle, by a second.

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As per NBC News, Thomas has been at the centre of a row about the fairness of allowing transgender and cisgender women to compete against each other. Specifically, the debate was about whether the National Collegiate Athletic Association's (NCAA) guidelines for transgender athletes are strict enough to ensure fair competition between the two genders.

Furthermore, the significance of this shock result, as pointed out in the Toronto Sun, is that Thomas is on hormone replacement therapy, while Henig is a trans man who is not. This is in line with aforementioned NCAA guidelines in place to ensure fair competition.

The Mail quoted one anonymous parent at the event as saying:

“I wasn’t prepared for that. Everything is messed up. I can’t wrap my head around this. The NCAA needs to do something about this. They need to put science into the decision and discussion.”

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Another anonymous parent claimed that Thomas looked unusually relaxed, inferring that she was not trying her best intentionally.

First transgender weightlifter at Olympics crashes out after three failed attempts

Transgender weightlifter Lauren Hubbard did not qualify in the women's 87kg category at the Tokyo 2020 Games, according to SportBIBLE.

As reported on Sports Brief, the New Zealander, who made history in becoming the first openly transgender athlete to participate in the Olympics, registered as 'DNF' after three failed attempts in Group A.

The 43-year-old did not successfully lift any weight in her category as she settled for last position in the ten-athlete group.

Source: Sports Brief News