Rugby Boss Jurie Roux to Learn His Fate, Mzansi Reacts Angrily

Rugby Boss Jurie Roux to Learn His Fate, Mzansi Reacts Angrily

Keba Mothoagae
updated at April 12, 2023 at 7:51 PM
  • South african Rugby Union CEO Jurie Roux was found guilty of funnelling R37 million of the University of Stellenbosch's money into its Maties Rugby Club
  • The matter has been ongoing since 2015, but it reached a peak in December 2020 when he was found guilty with the matter finalised this past week
  • Mzansi social media was united in condemning Roux's actions, demanding that he resign and also face criminal charges

The long, very drawn-out saga involving South African Rugby Union (SARU) CEO Jurie Roux appears to be coming to an embarrassing end for him.

Roux had allegedly funnelled around R37 million of Stellenbosch University's money into the institution's Maties Rugby Club. He did this before his SARU days when he was still in the university's financial department, according to an explosive expose on News24.

PAY BACK THE MONEY! Rugby Boss Ordered Jurie Roux Ordered to Cough Up Staggering R37m
SARU boss Jurie Roux will not enjoy the festive season, sweating over having to pay back R37 million to Stellenbosch University and likely losing his job. Image source. SA Rugby Magazine/Facebook
Source: Facebook

The article went on to state that an arbitrator found him guilty of the misappropriation of the university's funds, instructing that he and ex-colleague Christo De Beer - who was complicit in these actions - return the money. Roux fought to overturn the verdict tooth-and-nail, but this past weekend was the end of the line for him when his appeal failed.

Afrikaans language newspaper Rapport reported that SARU would convene to decide his fate. The union's offices in Cape Town are closed in December so the organisation is set to do so in January next year.

South African rugby social media was unanimously united in demanding that he resign with immediate effect, with some people demanding he be thrown into jail.

Neil Raeburn said:

"He has to go. No doubt about it. It should not even go to a decision as he should already be writing his resignation letter."

Chuma Kanyisa said:

"He must resign! His presence surely brings disrepute to SARU."

Albert Holmes said:

"If he is guilty, yes, he must be charged for fraud. No more job and pay back all the money, plus jail sentence. Likewise members of the ANC that are found guilty of corruption. It must stop!!!"

Gavin Ferreira said:

"He should never have been hired in the first place as he had this cloud hanging over him back then."

Adrien McGuire

"Resign or get fired, pay back the money, then go to jail. No questions need to be asked."

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As reported by Briefly News, PSL COO Ronnie Schloss said that Sukazi was denied entry because he did not clear Covid-19-related protocols.

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