Premier Soccer League Explains why TS Galaxy Chairman Tim Sukazi was Denied Orlando Stadium Entry

Premier Soccer League Explains why TS Galaxy Chairman Tim Sukazi was Denied Orlando Stadium Entry

Keba Mothoagae
updated at April 12, 2023 at 7:51 PM
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  • A dramatic start to the Orlando Pirates vs TS Galaxy match took place in the bowels of Orlando Stadium instead of on the pitch
  • Galaxy chairman Tim Sukazi was seen in an explosive video pushing and shoving with stadium security personnel
  • Fingers were pointed by Mzansi observers in the direction of Sukazi, Orlando Pirates and the PSL, with the latter providing a reason why the fracas unfolded

The Premier Soccer League (PSL) has given reason on why TS Galaxy chairman was denied entry into Orlando Stadium's field ahead of the club's DSTV Premiership match against Orlando Pirates.

Videos posted on the club's Twitter page showed Sukazi and stadium security officials manhandling one another, before police came in to calm matters. Galaxy went on to lose the match 0-2.

Many theories developed as to what the brouhaha was all about, and it took until yesterday for PSL's chief operating officer to explain the fracas. It appears that Sukazi had not been granted Covid-19 clearances.

"A club chairman can only go into the dressing room if he's got accreditation," Schloss said to
"He can go anywhere yes with that accreditation, and he would have been required to have had his 48-hour Covid-19 test as well. The club will usually give a list of all 160 people to attend the game, including both teams and all officials."

Mzansi social media streets might not have been entirely satisfied with this explanation, however.

@kanyane23 said:

"Dear my beloved @orlandopirates, Tim Sukazi spoken to all these platforms yesterday telling them about what happened in Orlando, you surely have to respond to this, especially if you knw you have done nothing wrong shrugging or otherwise just apologize but you gotta say something pls

@joshseckel said:

"Even if Tim Sukazi was with in his rights, pushing and sharving was wrong, as a Chairman he is, all he needed to do was one simple phone call... He had even the Police to listen to his story but no, all he wanted was to bulldozer his way IN, that's wrong"

@VivosSA said:

@kanyane23 and @orlandopirates Your team is poorly run my guy.

@Enn_que said:

"Maar this chairman [Sukazi] is acting small like his club."

PSL beleaguered by more controversy

It seems to never rain but pour for the Premier Soccer League (PSL) at the moment.

While matters were getting embarrassingly out of hand at Orlando Stadium, the governing body of club football was trying to cure the headache of Kaizer Chiefs' Covid-19-related postponement plea.

As reported by Briefly News, the club experienced an outbreak which affected nearly 40 players and staff, leading to management requesting the PSL postpone five fixtures.

PSL chairman Irvin Khoza stated that the matter was proving a lot more difficult than people would assume.

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