Grayton Rhode: 9 Year Old Double Amputee Taking Rugby by Storm in South Africa, Video

Grayton Rhode: 9 Year Old Double Amputee Taking Rugby by Storm in South Africa, Video

Babajide Orevba
May 15, 2024 at 11:37 AM
  • Grayton Rhode is defying all odds as a young rugby player despite having no legs due to amputation
  • The lad sent the internet agog after viral footage showed him matching his opponents during a game
  • Grayton has prosthetic legs but his mother has disclosed that her son just wants to live a normal life

An inspiring lad without legs, Grayton Rhode, has refused to be troubled by his disability as he continues to make waves in rugby.

The 9-year-old schoolboy from the Western Cape, is a totally different breed, showing an exceptional level of courage and bravery.

The South African could be branded as the embodiment of resilience and determination as he continues to make headlines.

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Grayton Rhode lost his legs at the age of 3 and he is seen here with his coach Gaewinne Niemand. Photo Credit: News24.
Source: UGC

Viral footage of him playing the sport has sent the internet space into a meltdown with fans looking out for his performance

He was singled out for observation because despite being an amputee, Grayton matched his opponents, running circles.

The young lad lost his legs after he was diagnosed with a rare disease in 2019 when he suffered a life-threatening infection.

Grayton Rhode, from Stockwell NGK Primary School outside Ashton, was only 3 years when he lost his legs, News24 reports.

It was gathered that the only available option to keep him alive was the amputation of both his legs.

His mother, Annie Rhode, says Grayton just wants to live his life as a normal kid. She told Huisgenoot:

“He is unstoppable. He has the ability and the will to achieve his personal goals on the rugby field.”
“He has prosthetic legs, but they are too small for him; he’s so used to it by now [playing on his stumps].
"We need to actually go to the hospital again to get new ones, but he is actually more comfortable without them,” Annie explained.
“He does not feel any pain. When he started going to school, he was shy for about two weeks, but now he has no problem.”

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