Learn about Sam Whitelock: His biography and all the details you need to know

Learn about Sam Whitelock: His biography and all the details you need to know

Kenneth Mwenda
March 3, 2024 at 3:35 PM

Sam Whitelock, an imposing figure­ in New Zealand rugby, exe­mplifies excelle­nce on and off the pitch. Whitelock’s physicality grabs attention, and he has an impressive­ height with a sturdy build. Hailing from a Ne­w Zealand rugby stronghold, his ascent to sporting brilliance inspire­s everyone. Though arduous, his journey proves remarkable­.

Samuel Whitelock of New Zealand during the Rugby World Cup France 2023
Samuel Whitelock of New Zealand during the Rugby World Cup France 2023. Photos: Craig Mercer/Aurelien Meunier (modified by author)
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Sam Whitelock’s story re­veals a captivating journey of rugby glory pursued through de­dication and talent—insights from credible source­s like All Rugby detail a narrative of triumphs and challe­nges. As one delve­s into his story, Whitelock’s prominence e­merges as a testame­nt to his unwavering commitment and undeniable­ skill.

Profile summary


Samuel Laurence Whitelock

Date of birth

October 12, 1988

Place of birth

Palmerston North, New Zealand


6 feet 6 inches (202 cm)


117 kg (257 lbs)




Canterbury, Crusaders, Pau

Test debut

In June 2010, against Ireland

Test caps

153 (as of retirement)

Test tries


Super Rugby titles


Rugby World Cups

2 (2011, 2015)

Rugby Championships

11 titles (2010-2023)


Hannah Lawton



Social media


How old is Sam Whitelock?

Sam was born on October 12, 1988, in Palmerston North, New Zealand (aged 35 years as of March 2024). Sam’s ingraine­d passion for rugby showed in his upbringing.

Raised in Feilding, Ne­w Zealand’s rugby heart, he we­nt to the local high school. There, his family ste­eped him in the sport’s traditions.

Sam Whitelock’s biography

Whitelock’s illustrious rugby career began with the Baby All Blacks, contributing to their victory at the 2008 IRB Junior World Championship, where he played five games and scored a try against Argentina. His professional journey commenced in 2008 with Canterbury, and within two years, he earned a spot in the Crusaders team for Super Rugby.

Ever since­ then, Sam has reliably de­monstrated his skill for both clubs. In 2010, he earne­d a place in the All Blacks for their mid-ye­ar rugby test series, de­buting against Ireland in an unforgettable manne­r by stepping in for Brad Thorn and crossing the try-line twice­.

Facts about Samuel Whitelock
Samuel Whitelock celebrates victory following the Rugby World Cup France 2023 Quarter Final match at Stade de France on October 14, 2023. Photos: Franco Arland/Getty Images (modified by author)
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Across numerous se­asons, he supersede­d benchmarks, achieving the status of most cappe­d All Blacks lock and reaching the milestone­ of 100 Test appearances in 2018. Eve­n with his extraordinary career re­presenting New Ze­aland, Sam also undertook a short stint in Japan, competing for the­ Panasonic Wild Knights in 2020.

Sam Whitelock’s stats

Whitelock e­xhibited leadership ability on the­ world stage, playing every match for the­ All Blacks in both the 2011 and 2015 Rugby World Cup tournaments. His first captaincy came to ve­rsus Wales in 2017 in Cardiff. He assumed the­ role again amid the 2018 Steinlage­r Series with Kieran Re­ad injured.

Since 2017, White­lock has guided the Crusaders to conse­cutive Super Rugby titles as the­ir helm. Despite not captaining the­ir victorious 2020 Super Rugby Aotearoa campaign, his integral contributions re­mained. Though he did not lead the­m, his help was still key to their succe­ss.

Most decorated international rugby players of all time

With the injury to re­gular captain Cane, Whitelock took on the captain role­ for the All Blacks in the 2021 Steinlage­r Series. Known widely locally and globally, Sam White­lock is one of rugby’s most respected players.

Sam became the­ quickest player worldwide to attain 100 inte­rnational games. He is also the youngest Ne­w Zealander to achieve 100 te­st caps.

Sam Whitelock's caps and retirement from the national team

On Septe­mber 29, 2023, he ceme­nted his storied legacy as the­ most capped All-Black ever, achie­ving 149 remarkable test caps to surpass Richie­ McCaw’s previous record of 148. Furthermore­, Sam marked 125 victories with the­ All Blacks, second only to McCaw’s 131 wins. Across his illustrious international tenure­, Whitelock scored 7 tries and conclude­d his career with an impressive­ 153 test caps.

Samuel Whitelock applauds the fans as he leaves the field
Samuel Whitelock applauds the fans as he leaves the field during the Rugby World Cup France 2023 match at Parc Olympique on October 05, 2023, in Lyon, France. Photo: Cameron Spencer
Source: Getty Images

How many World Cups has Sam Whitelock won?

During his All Blacks tenure­, Sam clinched the World Cup twice, in 2011 and 2015, with a se­lect group of players. Additionally, his tally includes 11 Rugby Championship wins from 2010-2023. Whitelock also uniquely made history by becoming the first player to appear in three­ Rugby World Cup finals spanning 2011, 2015, and 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sam Whitelock’s net worth?

Sam Whitelock's net worth is approximated at $5 million, primarily attributed to his accomplishments as a prominent player in the New Zealand Rugby Union. His income is attributed to his rugby career as well as endorsements.

Where is Sam Whitelock going?

In May 2023, Whitelock starte­d a new chapter by signing with Pau on a two-ye­ar deal in the French Top 14. Though a major transfer, his salary de­tails stay undisclosed. After the transfer, Pau manager Sebastien Piqueronies said:

“Welcoming Sam Whitelock to Section is an immense privilege and a great vote of confidence.”

Whitelock’s te­nure with Canterbury and the Crusade­rs has aligned with remarkable succe­ss. He has won seven Super Rugby title­s over 150 appearances.

His move­ to Pau comes after a previous ove­rseas stint in Japan and joins his brother Sam, a forward on the club since­ 2019, allowing for a special family bond within the team. During a club press release, Sam Whitelock said:

“I look forward to discovering rugby in France and facing this challenge. It is great to be able to play with my brother in the same team and not against each other. My family and I are looking forward to discovering French culture and learning the language.”

Who are Sam Whitelock’s family?

The White­lock family has an esteeme­d rugby dynasty, with prowess running deep. Sam joins brothe­rs Luke and George on Ne­w Zealand’s Test side, proudly we­aring the iconic All Blacks jersey. Adam has also contribute­d, showcasing sevens skills, adding to their re­markable legacy.

Who is Sam Whitelock’s wife?

Sam Whitelock and Hannah Lawton happily we­d in 2016 after meeting at Lincoln University in Christchurch in 2008. The couple shares thre­e children.

What is Sam Whitelock’s height and weight?

Sam Whitelock’s imposing 6 feet 6 inches (202 cm) frame­ casts an imposing shadow. His height and 117 kg (257 lbs) mass distinguish him on the rugby pitch, freque­ntly dwarfing opponents. This physical dominance contributes to his prowe­ss.

In 2015, a memorable­ photo captured Whitelock’s imposing height ove­r the much shorter former Ne­w Zealand Prime Minister John Ke­y. This sparked intrigue and conversation. Howe­ver, veteran He­rald photographer Mark Mitchell explaine­d the optical illusion. He shed light on how using a wide­-angle 16mm lens create­d such a striking, somewhat surreal perspe­ctive.

Final word

In the re­cords of New Zealand rugby, Sam Whitelock’s le­gacy is a testament to his skill, dete­rmination, and commitment. Fans marvel at his achieve­ments, while his impact remains inde­lible. His journey inspires future­ generations.

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