Taniela Tupou's age, net worth, weight, Instragram, injury

Taniela Tupou's age, net worth, weight, Instragram, injury

Kenneth Mwenda
September 10, 2023 at 6:32 AM

Whether you are a die-hard rugby fan or new to the sport, the name Taniela Tupou is bound to ring a bell. Known affectionately as the 'Tongan Thor,' this Rugby Union player has impressed many with his skill, speed, and sheer physical power. From his early days in Vaini, Tonga, to his professional career, there is much to discuss about this rugby star.

How tall is Taniela Tupou?
Taniela Tupou poses during a Wallabies Rugby Championship Headshots Session at Sanctuary Cove on June 26, 2023, in Gold Coast, Australia. Photo: Chris Hyde
Source: Getty Images

The world of sports journalism is inundated with Tupou's exploits on the rugby field, but there is much more to learn about the man behind the legend. From age and net worth to height and weight, this article seeks to answer your most pressing questions about Taniela Tupou, including the latest updates on his injury status and salary.

Profile summary


Taniela Tupou




27 years (as of September 2023)

Date of birth

May 10, 1996

Zodiac sign


Place of birth

Vaini, Tongatapu, Tonga

Current residence



Tongan, Australian




Approximately 5' 11"

Hair colour


Eye colour


National team

Wallabies (Australia's National Rugby Team)

Social media


Alma mater

Sacred Heart College, Auckland, New Zealand

How old is Taniela Tupou?

Taniela Tupou's age
Taniela Tupou during an Australia Wallabies training camp at Sanctuary Cove on April 18, 2023, in Gold Coast, Australia. Photo: Chris Hyde
Source: Getty Images

He was born on May 10, 1996, in Vaini, Tongatapu, Tonga. As of August 2023, he is 27 years old. Taniela's youthful age, combined with an impressive list of accomplishments, makes him one of the most exciting talents in rugby today.

Tupou became known as a schoolboy rugby player. He has won prestigious awards like the Stan Pilecki Medal for being the Reds Players' Player of the Year in 2020 and 2021.

Taniela Tupou's rugby career

In 2014, Taniela gained fame at Sacred Heart College in Auckland for scoring three tries against Kelston Boys High School, earning him the nickname "Tongan Thor." Soon after, he was picked for the Pacific Barbarians squad to play against Tonga but lost 36–14.

Tupou was given a chance to commit to New Zealand rugby but declined. Despite interest from European and New Zealand teams, he moved to Australia, influenced by his ambition to play for the Wallabies and his brother Criff's presence there.

Michael Cheika, then coach of the New South Wales Waratahs, had been following the rugby star before his viral game. Eventually, he was formally recruited by the Queensland Reds for the 2015 season.

Taniela Tupou's net worth

Taniela Tupou's net worth
Taniela Tupou of the Wallabies poses for a photo during the Australia Wallabies Rugby World Cup Squad Announcement at Darwin Waterfront on August 10, 2023, in Darwin, Australia. Photo: Mark Brake
Source: Getty Images

As of the most recently available figures, the rugby star's net worth is estimated at $1-5 million. Considering his young age and the short time he has been a professional, these numbers are exceptionally remarkable.

Taniela Tupou's salary

His salary details remain undisclosed, but insiders speculate that he earns a considerable amount. With the impact he has had on the sport and the teams he represents, he likely commands a lucrative salary.

Rugby Union salaries can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. However, Taniela Tupou's critical role on his teams would undeniably place him in the higher echelons of earning.

How tall is Taniela Tupou?

The celebrity stands at a height of 181 cm or 5 ft 11 in, according to stats from the 2019 Rugby World Cup. His towering presence is complemented by his incredible athletic abilities, making him a formidable opponent on the rugby field.

Taniela Tupou's weight

Taniela Tupou's height
Taniela Tupou of the Wallabies poses during a Wallabies media opportunity at CommBank Stadium on May 10, 2023, in Sydney, Australia. Photo: Matt King
Source: Getty Images

Weighing in at an imposing 132 kg (291 lbs), Taniela Tupou is a force to be reckoned with on the rugby field. His weight is not just a number but a tactical advantage that enhances his impact on the game.

It makes him a crucial part of the team's strategy, whether for powering through defences or being a rock in scrums. His height and weight enhance his scrummaging skills, which are considered some of the best in the sport.

Is Taniela Tupou injured?

As of August 2023, the rugby star is not injured. This is great news, especially considering the setback he faced last November when he ruptured his Achilles while playing against Ireland.

He made a comeback in the Bledisloe Cup clash against New Zealand in Melbourne. The injury cast doubts over his future in the sport, but Tupou has displayed resilience.

Taniela Tupou's Instagram

The Australian's Instagram account offers fans a window into his life in and away from the rugby field. While he tends to keep certain aspects of his life private, his social media is still an interesting mix of training routines, personal milestones, and interactions with fans and teammates. It serves as a platform for fans to connect with him, keeping the 'Tongan Thor' more accessible.

Taniela Tupou's speed and squat

Taniela Tupou's speed
Taniela Tupou of the Reds runs the ball during the round three Super Rugby Pacific match between the Western Force and the Queensland Reds at HBF Park on March 04, 2022, in Perth, Australia. Photo: Paul Kane
Source: Getty Images

While exact numbers regarding Taniela Tupou's speed and squat capabilities are not public knowledge, his in-game performances have showcased surprising speed and agility for a man of his size. The combination of speed and power brings a unique dimension to his game. It makes him unpredictable and enhances his value to any team fortunate enough to have him.

Taniela Tupou XFL

Despite his suitability for contact sports and the physical attributes that could potentially make him a star in other arenas, as of August 2023, there is no information to suggest Taniela Tupou is considering a move to the XFL or American football.

His commitment to rugby is unwavering, and his presence continues to elevate the sport to new heights. However, there is another XFL player by the name of Taniela Tupou who plays for the St. Louis BattleHawks.

Taniela Tupou is more than a gifted rugby player; he is a sporting phenomenon. From his humble beginnings in Vaini to representing Australia in international competitions, Tupou's story inspires many.

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