The life story of Grant Taylor, the former Skater of the Year

The life story of Grant Taylor, the former Skater of the Year

Lenah Ann
February 17, 2024 at 1:22 PM

Grant Taylor is among the world's most famous professional skateboarders who ventured into the sport at an early age. He rose to fame following his achievements on the world stage, winning the title of Skater of the Year in 2011 from Thrasher magazine. To many, he is considered the pinnacle of a new generation of skateboarders, fusing old-school skating techniques with modern aesthetics.

Grant Taylor is seen skating
Grant Taylor, the American famous skateboarder. Photo: @ downsouthinhell (Modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Aside from his sports talents, he possesses exceptional intuition, including an innate sense of style, strength, and elegance that has long been regarded as the gold standard. Although it is hard for skateboarders to agree on something, he has continued to be the exception. Here is everything you need to know about the former skater of the year, Grant Taylor.

Grant Taylor's profile summary

Full name

Grant Taylor

Date of birth

30 October 1991


32 (as of February 2024)

Place of birth

Atlanta, Georgia, the United States of America






5 feet 7 inches or 170 centimetres

Hair colour


Eye colour


Relationship status

In a relationship


Lillian Jane




Thomas and Rachael


McKenzie, Sarah


Professional skateboarder

Net worth

$1 million - $5 million

Social media presence


Grant Taylor's family

The renowned American skater Grant Taylor (age 32 as of February 2024) was born to Thomas and Rachael on 30 October 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States of America. He was raised alongside his two sisters, McKenzie and Sarah, and started skating at a young age.

Grant Taylor's father, Thomas, was a famous skateboarder and thus influenced his son's career. Noted for his significant influence on the sports industry, he formulated and operated Atlanta's first skateboard store, Stratosphere, in Little Five Points.

Grant Taylor's career

The renowned celebrity started skateboarding when he was six years old. Grant began competing in amateur competitive skateboarding events in the early 2000s, and in 2004, he achieved second place at the Phoenix Am.

Grant Taylor grinds off the top of the ramp during the Converse Coastal Carnage event
Top 5 facts about Grant Taylor. Photo: Victor Decolongon/Getty Images (Modified by author)
Source: Original

The Volcom company noticed Grant's incredible potential early in his skateboarding career and began supporting him. He made his professional debut in the sport in 2009 after completing an appearance in Nike SB's film Debacle.

He won Thrasher's "King of The Road" event in 2010 with Nike SB Team members and competed in the 2011 competition. He also earned the silver medal in the skateboard park discipline at the 2014 Summer X Games in Austin, Texas.

Grant Taylor's video parts

Like most skaters, he has made numerous videos for his various sponsors. Here is a list of his video parts and the year he made them.

  • Constant (2021)
  • Holy Stokes! A Real Life Happening (2016)
  • Destination Unknown (2014)
  • The SB Chronicles Volume 2 (2013)
  • Skate and Beyond (2012)
  • Killing Time (2011)
  • King of The Road (2011)
  • The SB Chronicles Volume 1 (2011)
  • Don't Fear The Sweeper (2010)
  • King of The Road (2010)
  • Debacle (2009)
  • Mind Field (2009)
  • 30th Anniversary Tour (2008)
  • Nothing But The Truth (2007)

Grant Taylor's awards

Grant Taylor poses for photos
The famous skateboarder, Grant Taylor, with his kid. Photo: @ downsouthinhell (Modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Grant Taylor's skater of the year title did not come on a silver platter since he worked for it, taking down legends such as Nyjah Huston, Dennis Busenitz, and Brandon Westgate. Here is a list of all his awards.

  • Silver Medal X-Games Skateboard Park (2014)
  • Skater Of The Year (2011)
  • Awards Best Transition (2010)
  • Awards Best Video Part (Debacle) (2010)

Grant Taylor's skateboard

Since he is famous for performing on various terrains, Taylor has several skateboards on the market named Anti-hero. His decks come in different colours and are worth approximately $75. They have a width range of between 8.125 and 8.5 inches and a length of between 14 and 14.5 inches.

Grant Taylor's shoes

Nike SB, Grant's professional shoe sponsor, designed a limited shoe edition to recognise him for winning the most prestigious award in skateboarding. The 2011 Skater of the Year has been featured on the black suede team edition 2 shoes in an opulent oak shoe box with elaborate engravings.

Grant Taylor's net worth

Grant Taylor is seen with his skateboard
Grant pictured with his skateboard. Photo: @downsouthinhell (Modified by author)
Source: Instagram

The American athlete has led a successful career, and in doing so, he has made quite a fortune, primarily through brand endorsements and sponsorship deals from companies such as Monster Energy Drink, Volcom, Anti-Hero, Independent, and Stratosphere.

According to various online sources such as BuzzLearn, he is allegedly worth between $1 million and $5 million as of February 2024.

Frequently asked questions

With his incredible performance and talent, he has continued to captivate audiences worldwide. He has, time and again, blown the internet with his skills. Here are the frequently asked questions about American skaters.

Is Grant Taylor on Instagram?

The famous skateboarder has made a name for himself and has thus become a renowned personality across various social media platforms. As of February 2024, he is on Instagram with over 148k followers.

Who does Grant Taylor skate for?

The renowned legend has various sponsorships with various companies. He skates for Anti-Hero, Independent, Volcom, Monster Energy Drink Stratosphere Skateshop, Shake Junt, Nike SB, Modus, and Spitfire.

What is Grant Taylor's nationality and ethnicity?

Grant Taylor with his wife and kids
The first photo shows Taylor's wife, Lillian Jane Taylor, and the second one shows his family. Photo: @downsouthinhell (Modified by author)
Source: Instagram

The renowned legend is an American national of a white ethnic background. He was born and raised in the United States.

How tall is Grant Taylor?

The American national is 5 feet 7 inches or 170 centimetres tall and has brown hair with hazel eyes.

Is Grant in a relationship?

The famous skater is a married man. He married Lillian Jane Taylor on 9 September 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia, and they have a son named Jesse, whom they often post on Instagram.

Final word

Grant Taylor has already stated that he will continue commemorating his father's memory via his skating. In his own country, he is recognised for pushing the sport's boundaries, and his influence goes well beyond national lines, impacting the sport's scene on the world stage.

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