All you need to know about David Gonzalez, the Colombian skateboarder

All you need to know about David Gonzalez, the Colombian skateboarder

Kevin Omuya
February 18, 2024 at 4:29 AM

The skateboarding community saw David Gonzalez's meteoric rise to superstardom. It is remarkable how he rose from humble beginnings in Colombia to become a skateboarding phenomenon worldwide. An early and abiding love of skateboarding sparked Gonzalez's insatiable hunger for athletic greatness.

David Gonzalez
Colombian skateboarder David Gonzalez displays his 'Thrashed' decked skateboard. Photo: @davidgonzalez (modified by author)
Source: UGC

David Gonzalez's musical prowess and legendary skateboarding abilities have made him a household name. Gonzalez is a multi-talented artist who has succeeded in the skateboarding and music industries by combining his two great loves.

Profile summary



Full name

David González

Date of birth

August 9, 1990

Place of birth

Medellin, Colombia


33 years old as of 2024




Professional skateboarder


Thrasher magazine's twenty-second "Skater of the Year 2021"

Net worth


Social media

Instagram, X (Twitter)

David Gonzalez's biography

Colombian Gonzalez, Colombian professional skateboarder
Top 5 facts about David Gonzalez. Photo: @davidgonzalez/Instagram (modified author)
Source: UGC

Indigenous Colombian; born on August 9, 1990. Thrasher magazine honoured him with the title "Skater of the Year" in December 2012. Nothing is known about his family.

David hails from the Colombian municipality of Bello, located north of Medellin. He stopped going to school (in seventh grade) to focus on skating when he was twelve years old, and he has been growing his hair ever since, according to an interview he gave to the RIDE Channel's "Weekend Buzz" show in 2012.

David came clean about being molested in Colombia when he was around 15 or 16 years old in an interview he gave in 2013. His life on the streets was vividly depicted;

Colombia was where I was. On days like these, my pals would tell me, "Yeah, man, you gotta do it now." You've finally come of age; you now associate with the grown-ups. Now is the moment when you should be fully informed. We went out, we hired a prostitute, and then we returned to the house of my friends [...].I had a good time the first time I did it with a prostitute.

David Gonzalez's career

David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez showing his skating skills. Photo:@davidgonzalez (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Flip Skateboards noticed González at the Tampa Am contest in Florida when he was thirteen. His contract with Monkey Stix caused a stir when he was initially signed due to his low monthly salary.

After joining Flip, he tried to get out of the Monkey Stix deal. The "P2" models are among González's signature decks, which he has used since becoming a professional rider for Flip in January 2013. Globe and he worked together on the "The Heathen" sneaker.

He was featured in a "Double Rock" video in San Francisco, and his impressive skills were highlighted in a Thrasher profile, "Possessed to Skate." With many views and likes on Facebook, the video stood out in 2012.

Is David Gonzalez Still Skating?

Time has not dampened David's insatiable enthusiasm for skateboarding. In contrast to many of his peers, Gonzalez refuses to give up or even consider retiring; instead, he is committed to improving his game and expanding the limits of his sport. Skateboarders of all ages can take heart from his unwavering commitment to the sport.

David Gonzalez the guitarist

As the lead guitarist for his band Rattblack, González plays guitar extensively. He also shows off his guitar skills when he's not skating. Here are some of his videos:

  • Flip: Feast Tours (2006)
  • Thrasher: Money For Blood (2007)
  • Globe: United By Fate (2007)
  • Strange Notes: Covers, Baby! (2007)
  • Flip: Extremely Sorry (2009)
  • Mob Grip/Thrasher: Possessed to Skate: David Gonzalez (2012)
  • Flip: The Weight of the World (2012)
  • Volcom: Holy Stokes (2016)

David Gonzalez's awards

David Gonzalez shows off his award
David Gonzalez during a skating competition (left) and on the right is him showing off his award. Photo: @davidgonzalez (modified by author)
Source: UGC

David has been widely recognised for his outstanding career in skateboarding. He received multiple awards and accolades for his contributions, from renowned contests to accolades from within the field.

He was dubbed "the gnarliest skater to emerge from Colombia" by NBC Sports' Alli (Alliance of Action Sports). González was acknowledged as the twenty-second "Skater of the Year" by Thrasher magazine in December 2012. The Colombian skateboarder was notified of the honour at his residence in the United States and shouted,

"You don't even know how stoked I am dude!"

According to Thrasher Magazine, the highly esteemed 2012 Skater of the Year award was won by 22-year-old skateboarder David Gonzalez of Flip Skateboards from Medellin, Colombia. After Thrasher, he becomes the 22nd skateboarder to win this title.

David Gonzalez deck skateboard
David Gonzalez poses with his decked skateboard. Photo: @davidgonzalez (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The editor of Thrasher, Jake Phelps, was impressed by Gonzalez's series of dangerous skateboarding tricks in many magazine features and intense video parts, most notably "Possessed to Skate," which he had posted throughout the year. Notable opponents such as Guy Mariano, Justin Figueroa, Cory Kennedy, Marc Johnson, Austyn Gillette, and Nyjah Huston were defeated by him.

Tony Hawk was the inaugural winner of the Skater of the Year award after its 1990 transition from Skateboarder magazine to Thrasher. The award had been given by Skateboarder magazine since 1977. In the last twenty years, renowned skateboarders like Brian Anderson, Mike Carroll, John Cardiel, and Mark Appleyard have been presented with this esteemed trophy by Thrasher. In 2011, Grant Taylor was named Skater of the Year.

David Gonzalez's sponsors

David Gonzalez sponsored accessories
David Gonzalez shows his sponsorship products. Shoes sponsored by Globe (left) and accessories from Flip (right). Photo: @davidgonzalez (modified by author)
Source: UGC

David Gonzalez, the Colombian skateboarder and guitarist, has been sponsored by several prominent brands throughout his career, reflecting his influence and impact in the skateboarding and music industries. Some of his notable sponsors include Flip, Globe, Mob, Independent Trucks, ESP Guitars, OC Ramps, Rockstar Energy Drink, Ricta, and González are his sponsors as of August 2015.

David Gonzalez's net worth

David Gonzalez has become one of the wealthiest people in skateboarding thanks to his career as a leading figure in the sport. Although his net worth is not disclosed, his wealth reflects his success and impact on business.

Final word

David Gonzalez rose from humble beginnings in Colombia to become a skateboarding superstar on a global scale. His incredible skateboarding accomplishments have garnered him immense respect and admiration from all corners of the skateboarding community and beyond. If Gonzalez keeps inventing new tricks and expanding the sport's limits, he will be remembered as a skateboarding legend.

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