Dive into the fascinating biography of Jamie Foy, the highly skilled skater

Dive into the fascinating biography of Jamie Foy, the highly skilled skater

Ciku Njuguna
February 18, 2024 at 5:19 AM
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Jamie Foy is an American professional skateboarder. Being a previous winner of the Skater of the Year award, the Florida-born boundary-pusher is a global force in the sport. Discover details of Jamie Foy, the undisputed handrail master.

Jamie Foy skates.
Jamie Foy is a highly skilled skater. Photo by @Jamie Foy and Jun Sato/WireImage.
Source: UGC

What is Jamie Foy known for? He is one of the most famous professional skaters in the world of skateboarding, with a record street and park ranking. This article dives into the life story and career path of the Zumiez Destroyer Award winner.

Jamie Foy’s profile summary

Full name

Jamie Foy


Big Boy Foy, The Big Pinch

Date of birth

14 June 1996


27 years old as of February 2024

Place of birth

Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA






170 centimetres (5'7")


Lucy Foy


Jim Foy



Relationship status



Professional skateboarder


New Balance Numeric, Deathwish, Red Bull, Spitfire, CCS, Island Water Sports, Thunder, Shake Junt, Dickies, Bronson, MOR



Professional debut


Active years skating


Net worth

$1 million - $5 million

Social media pages

Instagram, Facebook

Jamie Foy's weight and height

According to various sources, Jamie Foy’s height is five feet and seven inches tall (170 centimetres). While details of his weight remain unknown. The SOTY has used criticism about his weight to fuel his passion.

Facts about Jamie Foy.
Facts about professional skateboarder Jamie Foy. Photo by @Jamie Foy.
Source: Facebook

Jamie Foy’s brief biography

Foy was born on June 14, 1996 (27 years old as of February 2024) to Jim and Nancy Foy. He has two sisters, Chelsea and Brittany.

The career skateboarder began skating at an early age, with his school work taking the backburner. His sister, Brittany, weighed in on his success in a Thrasher interview with his family and friends, saying,

"I constantly criticised Jamie for neglecting school and excelling at skateboarding. Most of the family did. They did not hold back. By being true to himself, he has become successful."

Where was Jamie Foy born?

He was born in Deerfield Beach in South Florida. In 2018, the Deerfield Beach administration honoured the 2017 SOTY winner with an annual Jamie Foy Proclamation Day for his contribution to the sport. During the second yearly celebrations held in the town's Island Water Sports venue, the native who rode everything in the town, from handrails to ledges, ramps, and stair sets, said,

“Growing up, I have always wanted to be a professional skater. It has all worked out, and I am so grateful. I live in California now, but my heart is always in Deerfield Beach.”
Jamie Foy skating.
Jamie Foy pictured skating at various events. Photo @jamie_foy, @kingchronindatrunk, @kaylannediaz, and @deathwishskateboards.
Source: UGC


The 2017 is a regular-footed skater who ranks 14th on the overall All-Time Global Ranking. He is ranked 24th in the street and 633rd in park skating categories. Have a look at the full story of his success on the board.

At what age did Jamie Foy start skating?

According to various sources, his journey to skating stardom began at the age of one. At four, he competed in his first formal competition, winning a year's supply of pizzas.

Jamie Foy is a Pro skater whose meteoric rise is credited to his unique style on the board. Speaking during his Olympic debut at the Tokyo Summer Games in 2020, the national skater expressed his love for the sport, saying,

“It is a piece of wood with wheels. It starts out as a toy. Some people think it is a nuisance. But it can be a career, an art form. It can break down barriers. So I was like, ‘All right, let us see how far I can take it.’”

How long has Jamie Foy been skating?

At the age of four, he was able to compete in a formal contest. Since then, he has played on numerous brands, like Island Water Sports.

Jamie Foy skating.
Jamie Foy pictured skating during an event. Photo by @Skatenaweb.
Source: Instagram

His earliest competitions on the regional contest circuit, Boardr Am and Zumiez Best Foot Forward and Am, attracted the attention of various team managers who were eager to sign him. In 2017, he received one of the highest accolades in skateboarding, the Thrasher Magazine Skater of the Year award.

Who does Jamie Foy skate for?

In 2017, the partnership between Jamie Foy and Deathwish marked the start of his Pro career. However, he and the company have been working on projects such as Deathwish Uncrossed since 2013. Before and after 2017, Jamie Foy's sponsors fully backed his rise to the status of a legend on the rails. These include New Balance Numeric, Deathwish, Red Bull, Spitfire, CCS, Island Water Sports, Thunder, Shake Junt, Dickies, and Bronson.


Like many professional skateboarders, Foy has appeared in numerous parts and full-length videos. Here is a summary of his appearances over the course of his career.

  • Dickies Sunshine State
  • Deathwish Uncrossed
  • Red Bull, You Good?
  • New Balance 306
  • X Games Real Street
  • Field
  • Golden Foytime
  • Spitfire
  • Welcome To Deathwish
  • Flat Earth
  • Twoche
  • In The Meantime
  • Heath Kirchart - Sight Unseen
  • James Hardy - Homecoming
  • Andrew Reynolds - Baker 3
  • Jon Dickson - Green
Jamie Foy pictured skating.
Jamie Foy and a cameraman pictured filming a trick. Photo by @ETN.
Source: Facebook


  • 2014 Tampa Am Best Trick Winner
  • 2017 Thrasher Skater Of The Year
  • 2021 X Games Best Trick Winner
  • 2022 Tampa Pro Winner

Frequently asked questions

Among other prestigious skating awards, the 27-year-old athlete has graced fans' screens on the King of the Road. Here are more facts about the pro skateboarder.

1. What size board does Jamie Foy ride?

Jamie Foy’s deck is a customised eight-and-a-half Deathwish board. Originally, the athlete used an 8'5" board with a 32-inch and 14-and-a-half-inch wheelbase. He later tweaked the board to feature a 32-inch and 14-and-a-quarter-inch wheelbase.

2. Is Jamie Foy on Instagram?

As one of the most famous young skateboarders, he has amassed a sizable following on various social media pages. His Instagram account has 674,000 followers as of February 2024. Additionally, his Facebook pages had 19,000 followers at the time of writing.

3. Does Jamie Foy have signature shoes?

Jamie Foy and New Balance have partnered to release signature New Balance skate shoes. Throughout the partnership, Jamie Foy's New Balance 306 shoes featured the traditional vulcanised skate look and, later, lightweight suede material with breathable mesh panels.

Jamie Foy's signature shoes.
Jamie Foy's NB Numeric signature shoes. Photo by @jamie_foy.
Source: Instagram

4. How much is Jamie Foy's salary?

According to a Redbull report, top professional skateboarders such as Jamie receive an average monthly salary of $10,000 from a single income source. Other sources, such as Boardr, estimate his earnings to be $139,000. However, it does not specify if the earnings are cumulative or what he receives monthly or annually. The publication lists income from prize money to range between $200 and $15,000.

5. How much is Jamie Foy's net worth?

Various sources claim that the 2017 Skater of the Year is worth between $1 million and $5 million. On the other hand, some publications quote sums as high as $27 million.

Final word

Like many professional skateboarders, Jamie Foy has made his mark in the sport through videos, photos, interviews and tours. His continued excellence inspires up-and-coming skaters like himself.

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