Meet Wanda Ferraton, Bill Goldberg's wife: All the facts and details

Meet Wanda Ferraton, Bill Goldberg's wife: All the facts and details

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Former WWE and WCW wrestler turned actor on The Goldbergs sitcom, Bill Goldberg, is famous for various reasons, including the longest winning streak in WWE history. Like him, his wife, Wanda Ferraton, shares equal fame as an actress, stunt performer and model. Dig in here to learn more about the Texas Rangers and Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning stunt actress.

Who is Wanda Goldberg married to?
Wrestler Bill Goldberg and his wife Wanda pictured in various events. Photo by Fernando Leon/SGranitz/WireImage/Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic Inc.
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How long has Goldberg been married? The duo, which is considered one of the most iconic celebrity couples, has been married for over 18 years. Take a deep dive into the life of the Canadian stunt actress, her husband Goldberg and their son.

Profile and bio summary

Full name

Wanda Ferraton





Date of birth



53 years old as of August 2023

Zodiac sign


Place of birth

Saskatchewan, Canada

Current residence

Boerne, Texas, United States of America










165 centimetres (5'5")


52 kilograms (114.6 lbs)


Gwen Werbeski


Allen Farraton

Relationship status



William Scott Goldberg


Gage A.J. Goldberg


Texas College


Stunt Actress, businesswoman, Actress, TV show host, Farrier, Blacksmith


$1 million

Social media pages

Instagram, X (Twitter)

Where was Wanda Ferraton born?

Wanda is a Canadian native born in the small town of Montmartre in the province of Saskatchewan to Gwen Werbeski and Allen Ferraton. Raised in an adventurous environment on a farm with her four siblings, the retired stunt double grew up fearless and daring, a factor that played in her career choice.

Who is Goldberg's wife?
Bill Goldberg and his wife, Wanda Goldberg, during Bill Goldberg Promotes "The Longest Yard" in Atlanta at Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Photo by R. Diamond/WireImage.
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During an appearance on Jay Leno’s Garage in 2016, she spoke about her love of cars that started on the farm. On the show, she pointed out the vehicle she had been driving from the age of nine, a 1967 Mercury truck, saying,

“It was the farm truck. All of us kids learned how to drive on that truck.”

How old is Wanda Ferraton?

Although her exact date of birth is unknown, Wanda Ferraton's age is approximately 53 years old as of August 2023. According to several sources, the renowned stunt performer was born in 1970.

What is Wanda Ferraton's height?

Ferraton, who played Erika Eleniak's stunt double on Christmas Rush, is five feet and five inches tall (165 centimetres). She weighs 114.6 lbs (52 kilograms).

Where was Wanda Ferraton born?
Bill Goldberg and his wife, Wanda Goldberg, promoted "The Longest Yard" in Atlanta on May 25, 2005. Photo by R. Diamond/WireImage.
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How did Goldberg meet his wife?

In 2005, WWE Champion Bill Goldberg and Wanda Ferraton met on the set of Santa Slay, a horror-comedy they both featured in. Bill, who professed his love at their first interaction, played the main role, Santa, while Wanda played a stunt double. During a 2016 Jay Leno’s Garage episode, the couple revealed that they were each dating different people at the time of their first interaction.

After ending their previous relationships, the two began dating and later got engaged after almost four months. The couple tied the knot on the 10th of April 2005.

Who is Wanda Ferraton's son?

The couple are doting parents to 17-year-old (at the time of writing) Gage A.J. Goldberg. He was born on the 10th of May 2006.

How old is Gage AJ Goldberg?
Gage Goldberg (Left), Bill Goldberg (Centre) and retired stunt performer Wanda Ferraton (Right) attend a meet and greet at Sugar Factory American Brasserie at the Fashion Show Mall on May 20, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo by Bryan Steffy/WireImage.
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Before making her debut on the big screens, Wanda trained to become a farrier after a year's course in Alberta, Canada and a six-month apprenticeship in Australia. According to The Chronicle of the Horse, the blacksmith turned horseback ride served on the World Championship Blacksmith Committee for eight years.

She entered the world of stunt performances through a friend who worked as a stunt coordinator. In 1999, she began her newfound career as a stunt rider. Speaking to the media on her early career, she said,

“In my first stunt, I was run over by a horse at a full gallop. It felt amazing. I loved it.”

Some of her earliest stunt jobs came in June 2000 on the comedy-drama Skipped Parts, which was filmed in Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada. In September 2001, on The Unsaid, a crime thriller that was filmed in Regina, the capital city of Saskatchewan, Canada. In November of the same year, she performed stunts on the action western, Texas Rangers.

Which movies has Wanda Ferraton performed in?

As an actress, Ferraton played the warden's assistant in the 2007 film Half Past Dead 2 alongside her husband, former WWE & WCW Champion Bill Goldberg. She has also appeared as herself on Biography: WWE Legends and Wrestlemania 33 and hosted a 2016 episode on Jay Leno's Garage. She spoke on her early retirement from the high-risk job, saying,

“I did not get nervous. Nothing scared me. I have jumped off the top of trains and been thrown off trains into oncoming trains, but I never had any fear—until I had a child!”

As one of the best stunt performers of her time, she appeared in 12 films as a stunt performer, or double. Here is a summary of the 12 most popular films and TV Shows with Wanda Ferraton.



Stunt Role


Santa's Slay



Hollywood Flies



Caught in the Headlights



Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning



Christmas Rush



Johnson County War






The Unsaid



Viva Las Nowhere



Texas Rangers



Skipped Parts





Who is Wanda Goldberg married to?
Retired stunt woman Wanda Ferraton and her husband Bill Goldberg pose in the press room during Spike TV's First Annual "Guys Choice" taped at Radford Studios on June 9, 2007, in Studio City, California. Photo by Frazer Harrison.
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Ever the thrill seeker, Wanda turned to race cars after retiring from stunt performance. Although details of the endeavour have not been fully uncovered, reports suggest that she races in a 1970 Pontiac Trans Am in the Optima Challenge, a three-tier course that consists of a drag race, autocross and a road course. In the 2011 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational, she finished in the 38th rank.

TV career

In 2008, her 27-episode TV series Faithful Friends was picked for a second season that ran through to 2009 on Animal Planet. The show she co-wrote with a friend and hosted was generally about pets and how to care for them.

Dressage career

Ferraton made her dressage debut in January 2019 alongside her 6-year-old spotted Friesian horse, Patton, at the Adequan West Coast Dressage Festival. Goldberg and her horse scored 63.87 per cent on their training test.

Business career

Wanda is a philanthropic businesswoman who run the Cowgirls For A Cause, a company that sold hand-screened t-shirts and tanks to help rescue horses and preserve wild horses. She and her partner, Tricia Meeter, later sold the company. She now runs Hide And Chic Boutique, a business specialising in detailing, refurnishing and reupholstering antique and vintage furniture with cowhide.

She is also the president of Wanda's Wee Zoo, a non-profit organization rescuing farm and wild animals. The rescue centre is located in Boerne, Texas, in a farm setting likened to Wanda Ferraton's birthplace in Montmartre, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Wanda Ferraton's net worth

At the time of writing, Wanda Ferraton, Bill Goldberg’s wife, is worth $1 million. The source of her wealth is believed to come from her acting career and stunt performances, as well as her business endeavours. Her husband, Bill Goldberg's net worth is $16 million.

Like her husband, Wanda Ferraton has had a successful career in the limelight. Although she retired from big-screen stunt performances, she continues to pursue professional satisfaction as a horseback rider and the president of Wanda's Wee Zoo. Inc.

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