Which NFL stadium has the smallest stadium capacity? A ranked list of the 10 smallest NFL stadiums

Which NFL stadium has the smallest stadium capacity? A ranked list of the 10 smallest NFL stadiums

Claudia Kogi
September 20, 2023 at 5:01 AM

Even though various NFL coaches would want you to think they can play anywhere, even in a parking lot, the arenas are just as crucial to the game as the players are. Each field has unique characteristics that add to the beauty of the sport. Besides, home-field advantage is not just a name in vain. Read on to learn about the smallest NFL stadium capacity.

Smallest NFL capacity
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Well, it is undeniable that stadiums are a fortress for NFL teams with more extensive and more intimidating crowds. However, how about the fact that the sport has won the hearts of many so that some players and coaches no longer require large spaces to display their skills?

Which NFL stadium has the smallest capacity?

The NFL stadium capacity varies widely across the 30 venues currently used around the league. With a difference of more than 20,000 in the capacity of the largest and smallest NFL arenas, Sports Brief compiled a list displaying the smallest NFL stadium by capacity.

Even within the realm of the massive stadiums in the league, there exist fields that, though smaller, still pack an impressive punch.

10. US Bank Stadium - 66,655

Located in Minnesota, the United States of America, it was one of the first modern arenas to be built. As a result, it set a baseline in the league for how new fields should actually be built. Famously dubbed the home of the Minnesota Vikings, it is one of the most impressive-looking buildings and the second-best NFL stadium.

Before it was constructed, the Vikings often played at the Metrodome from 1982 until it was closed in 2013. During construction, they played for two seasons at the open-air Huntington Bank Stadium in the University of Minnesota.

9. Gillette Stadium - 65,878

Since its launching in 2002, Gillette field has played host to the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick era, with the best quarterback of all time, Tom Brady, helping to create a Patriots dynasty during that time. It is no surprise that Gillette has sold out every home game, including all regular season, playoffs, and even preseason games since its launch.

At an estimated cost of $325 million, the stadium was funded by Robert Kraft. Since its inception, several renovations totalling approximately $225 million were completed prior to the 2023 NFL season opener.

8. Paycor Stadium - 65,515

Another yet smallest seating capacity NFL stadium is the Paycor field, which was launched on 19 August 2000. Previously referred to as Paul Brown Arena, it is currently the home venue of the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League, NFL.

The construction is said to have cost approximately $773 million. The highest attendance at the venue was on 21 September 2002, with 66,319 spectators. This was during a match between the Cincinnati Bengals and Ohio State. The lowest was on 13 November 2014, with 19,113 spectators.

7. Hard Rock Stadium - 65,326

Seventh on the list of the smallest NFL stadiums by capacity is the Miami Dolphins' Hard Rock, which has a seating capacity of 65,326. The team is one of the best-attended teams by percentage, and they sold out their 2022 season tickets for the first time ever.

Launched in 1987, Hard Rock had major renovations completed in time before the 2016 season, with a distinct feature open-air canopy built over the main seating areas.

6. Ford Field Stadium - 65,000

Smallest NFL stadiums by capacity
A general wide view of the Ford Field arena prior to a game between the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions on 16 December 2017 at Ford Field in Detroit, MI. Photo by Patrick Gorski
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The Detroit Lions once called the Silverdome home, which was, at one stage, the biggest NFL arena. The Lions now play at the 65,000-seat Ford Field, one of the smallest NFL arenas. Opening in 2002, Ford Field had a sellout streak that ended in 2008 when Detroit became the worst NFL team in history.

When the Lions are going well, games often sell out. For the first time in Ford Field's history, all season tickets were sold out in 2023, and there's much hype surrounding the team and quarterback Jared Goff.

5. Allegiant Stadium - 65,000

Allegiant Arena was opened in 2020 and has been home to the Las Vegas Raiders after relocating from Oakland. It is speculated to cost approximately $2 billion to complete and is one of the smallest NFL stadiums by capacity, with a seating of 65,000.

Personal Seat Licenses, PSL, used to be offered between $500 and $75,000 for each seat before the arena officially opened. Aside from football, it hosts various events such as concerts and even other sports.

4. State Farm Stadium - 63,400

Home of the Arizona Cardinals, State Farm has the fourth smallest NFL stadium capacity with 63,400 seats. Having been launched in 2006, the arena can move as it sits on a tray.

Every Cardinals' home game at State Farm has sold out since 2006, and interestingly, away fans generally turn up in great numbers too. Allegedly, it can expand to 72,200 seats for mega-events and 78,600 with standing-room allocation.

3. Lucas Oil Stadium - 63,000

Lucas Oil is a multi-purpose arena in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, in the United States of America. It replaced the RCA Dome as the home field of the Indianapolis Colts and officially launched on 16 August 2008.

It was constructed to allow the removal of the RCA Dome and the expansion of the Indiana Convention Centre on its site. Its construction is said to have cost $903 million. Aside from the NFL, other events include,

  • Circle City Classic
  • Drum Corps International World Championships
  • Bands of America Grand National Championships and Indianapolis Super Regionals
  • Big Ten Football Championship Game
  • FDIC International

2. FedExField - 62,000

FedExField, originally known as Jack Kent Cooke, is an American football arena in Landover, Maryland, Washington, DC. The arena is the home of the Washington Commanders of the National Football League, NFL, and is owned by Josh Harris.

Aside from American Football, other sports played in the stadium are soccer and rugby. Moreover, various concerts such as the HFStival and George Strait Country Music Festival, Limp Bizkit, Rolling Stones with the Strokes, Ghost Hounds, and Metallica with Deftones.

1. Soldier Field - 61,500

Launched in 1924 and reconstructed in 2003, Soldier Field has been home to the Chicago Bears since 1971 and is the oldest arena in the league.

Largest NFL stadium capacity list
A general view of the Solider Field stadium of the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on 5 June 2022 in Chicago, Illinois. Photo: Matthew Ashton
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With a capacity of 61,500, Soldier Field is also the smallest NFL stadium as of September 2023. Like the Commanders, the Bears are said to be looking for a new arena at the time the lease expires in 2033. It is the arena with the smallest NFL capacity.

Which is the biggest NFL stadium in the world?

Fortunately, in 2021, fans returned to NFL fields, and the sellouts demonstrated everyone's enthusiasm for the game. According to various online sources, here are the biggest NFL arenas in the world.

MetLife Arena - 82,500

With a capacity of 82,500, the arena is known as the home of the New York Giants and New York Jets. However, with a peak capacity of over 100,000 spectators, AT&T arena has the highest capacity of any NFL arena, while MetLife Stadium has the highest listed seating at 82,500.

American football is one of the most televised sports in the United States of America. With Soldier Field having the smallest NFL stadium capacity with a total of 61,500 seats, it is clear that the sport has numerous spectators. Besides, the only difference between the largest arena, MetLife arena, and Soldier Field is 20,00 seats.

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Sports Brief recently published an article about the biggest NFL stadiums in the world. Fortunately, in 2021, fans returned to NFL fields, and the sellouts demonstrated everyone's enthusiasm for the game.

American football is one sport that has won numerous hearts worldwide. Click on the link above to find more information about the largest arena in the world.

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