Jason Caffey's kids, life story, bankruptcy, court cases and wives

Jason Caffey's kids, life story, bankruptcy, court cases and wives

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Jason Caffey’s kids, numbering ten from various relationships, form a crucial aspect of the former NBA player’s intricate personal life. Known for his time with the Chicago Bulls and significant contributions to their championship successes, Caffey’s life off the court has been equally eventful. Post his career in basketball, he faced numerous challenges, including financial difficulties and managing his large family.

 Jason Caffey's kids
Jason Caffey of the Chicago Bulls poses for a 1996 photo in Chicago, Illinois. Photo: Nathaniel S. Butler (modified by author)
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His transition from the glitz of the NBA to a more subdued existence has been marked by various legal and financial issues. This includes navigating child support and bankruptcy, reflecting the often-unseen struggles of professional athletes after their careers.

Jason Caffey’s profile summary

Full name

Jason Andre Caffey

Date of birth

June 12, 1973

Place of birth

Mobile, Alabama, USA

High school

Davidson High School in Mobile, Alabama


University of Alabama

NBA Draft

Selected by the Chicago Bulls in the 1995 NBA Draft (20th overall pick)

NBA teams

Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors, Milwaukee Bucks

NBA championships

Two-time NBA Champion with the Chicago Bulls (1996, 1997)

Career stats

Averaged 7.3 points and 4.4 rebounds per game in his NBA career

Post-NBA career

Named head coach of the ABA’s Mobile Bay Hurricanes in 2010

Business ventures

Involved in real estate (JAC Enterprises) and a daycare centre (Allstars Developmental Academy)

Personal life

Father of 10 children with eight different mothers

Legal and financial issues

Faced bankruptcy and multiple child support lawsuits post-retirement


Returned to college post-retirement to complete his degree at Alabama State University in physical education.

How old is Jason Caffey?

Jason Caffey was born on June 12, 1973, in Mobile, Alabama. As of November 29, 2023, he is 50 years old. Jason Caffey’s journey in basketball began in Alabama, where he played for Davidson High School.

Who is Jason Caffey’s wife?

The former NBA star is not married. His ex-wife was called Bebe, and it is known that their marriage ended in divorce. Beyond his marriage, Caffey had relationships with eight women, which led to him fathering ten children. His personal life, particularly his relationships and children, have been a significant part of his post-NBA narrative.

Jason Caffey’s kids

Jason Caffey is the father of 10 children, born to eight mothers. This aspect of his personal life has been as much in the spotlight as his basketball career.

Among them is his daughter, Kayla Caffey, who stands out as a successful volleyball player, indicating a continuation of athletic prowess within the family. Caffey’s large family, including daughters like Jaylan and Taylor and sons Brian and Jacob, highlights the diverse paths and achievements of his offspring.

Caffey and child support cases

The challenges of managing such a large family, particularly the financial and legal aspects of child support, have been well-documented. As per ESPN, in 2009, an Atlanta judge ordered Caffey to be arrested after he failed to pay more than $200,000 in child support and legal fees to one of the mothers of his children, Lorunda Brown.

Jason Caffey’s early life and NBA career

His skills on the court earned him a spot at the University of Alabama under coach Wimp Sanderson. Caffey’s college career was marked by impressive stats that led to his selection by the Chicago Bulls in the 1995 NBA draft.

Throughout his NBA career, from 1995 to 2003, he played for the Bulls, Golden State Warriors, and Milwaukee Bucks, earning two championship rings with the Bulls. His stats, particularly during the Bulls’ 1996-97 championship run, highlight his contributions to the team.

Jason Caffey’s bankruptcy

 Jason Caffey Michael Jordan
Jason Caffey of the Chicago Bulls during a game against the Denver Nuggets at McNichols Sports Arena in Denver, Colorado, on February 2 1998. Photo: Brian Bahr
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After his NBA career, Jason Caffey faced significant financial challenges, particularly in relation to supporting his large family. Despite substantial career earnings, including a multi-million contract with the Golden State Warriors, Caffey’s financial situation shifted dramatically post-retirement, leading to bankruptcy.

His assets, as reported, included a house in Mobile, Alabama, valued at $175,000, and notable personal items like a 1967 Buick Wildcat and a 2006 Dodge Charger. However, these assets were contrasted with more than $1.9 million in debts, highlighting the volatility that can accompany the transition from a high-earning professional athlete to retirement.

This financial strain was further compounded by alimony and child support obligations. This consumed a significant portion of his post-NBA income from business ventures, including real estate investments and his daycare centre, Allstars Developmental Academy.

Jason Caffey’s net worth

As of the latest available information, Jason Caffey’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $8 million. This estimation reflects the financial fluctuations he experienced post-retirement, including his substantial earnings during his NBA career and subsequent financial challenges, including bankruptcy and child support issues.

During his career in the NBA, Jason Caffey earned over $34 million. This figure represents his total salary from playing with teams like the Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors, and Milwaukee Bucks. His earnings peaked during his time with the Milwaukee Bucks, where his annual salary was in the millions, reflecting his status as a valued player in the league.

Jason Caffey’s decision to return to college

Jason Caffey's career earnings
Jason Caffey of the Milwaukee Bucks goes for the shot during the NBA game against the Minnesota Timberwolves at Target Center on November 7, 2002, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photo: David Sherman
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Post-retirement, Jason Caffey’s life underwent significant changes. One of the most positive developments was his decision to return to college.

Caffey enrolled at Alabama State University to study physical education, aiming to complete the degree he began in 1991. This commitment to education underscores a desire to grow and evolve beyond his basketball career.

Alongside this pursuit of academic growth, Caffey faced several challenges. He encountered legal issues, including charges related to domestic violence and multiple challenges related to child support payments for his ten children. These struggles have been a prominent part of his post-NBA narrative.

Despite these difficulties, Caffey has sought to use his experiences for the betterment of others. He authored a book and engaged in public speaking, particularly aimed at educating and guiding young men. This aspect of his post-retirement life demonstrates a commitment to sharing his life lessons, hoping to prevent others from facing similar challenges.

Jason Caffey's net worth
Jason Caffey of the Milwaukee Bucks during the game against the Houston Rockets at Compaq Center on December 31, 2002, in Houston, Texas. Photo: Bill Baptist
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Final word

Jason's rookie card, a memento of his early career, and stories about his time in the NBA keep his basketball legacy alive. The court cases about Jason Caffey's kids and his filing for bankruptcy may have overshadowed his sports achievements in later years, but his impact on the court is undeniable.

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