Top 10 best NBA players who are 6’7" in the league right now

Top 10 best NBA players who are 6’7" in the league right now

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NBA players who are 6’7'' often strike the perfect balance between height and agility. This unique stature gives them versatility on the court, allowing them to excel in multiple roles. From driving the lane to defending key players, their impact is undeniable.

Best NBA players that are 6'7
NBA players Jimmy Butler, Kawhi Leonard, and Khris Middleton performing for their teams during different games. Photo: Jamie Schwaberow, Andrew D. Bernstein, Nic Atanya (modified by author)
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Their presence on the court often poses a dynamic challenge for opponents, blending a taller player's reach with a guard's nimbleness. As basketball continues to evolve, these 6’7'' athletes redefine the boundaries of their positions, constantly surprising fans and analysts alike.

Who are the top 10 best 6’7'' NBA players?

Their stature, striking a balance between agility and reach, becomes an advantage in offence and defence. The versatility of NBA players who are 6’7'' showcases the dynamic nature of modern basketball, bridging gaps between traditional roles.

10. Dillon Brooks

NBA players that are 6'7
Dillon Brooks (24) of Canada Men's National Basketball Team dribbles the ball during the game against Slovenia as part of the 2023 FIBA World Cup on September 6, 2023, at Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines. Photo: Stephen Gosling
Source: Getty Images

In the collegiate basketball circuit, the University of Oregon witnessed the rise of a prodigious talent in Brooks. Transitioning to the NBA, Brooks found his home with the Memphis Grizzlies. In the heartland of blues and barbecue, Brooks has emerged as a rhythm for the team—a player who consistently brings energy, drive, and dogged determination.

On the court, Brooks' defensive prowess sets him apart. He is not just one of the NBA players who are 6’7''; he is a stalwart who often finds himself matched against the opposing team's best offensive weapons. Currently, at Houston Rockets, scoring against Brooks requires opponents to bring their very best, and there is no guarantee even then.

Off the hardwood, Brooks' commitment to excellence extends to his personal growth and his engagement with the community. He serves as a testament to young athletes everywhere that with passion and perseverance, one can carve out a space among the elites, even in a league as competitive as the NBA.

9. Andrew Wiggins

All NBA players that are 6'7
Andrew Wiggins (22) of the Golden State Warriors looks on during the game against the Sacramento Kings during Round 1 Game 7 of the 2023 NBA Playoffs on April 30, 2023, at Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California. Photo: Rocky Widner
Source: Getty Images

As a young talent, his journey with the University of Kansas Jayhawks saw him dominate collegiate basketball, setting him up as the number one pick in the NBA draft. Individual accomplishments, including the NBA Rookie of the Year award, marked his initial years with the Minnesota Timberwolves. However, it is his stint with the Golden State Warriors that genuinely showcases his mettle.

Playing alongside stalwarts like Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, Wiggins has not only held his own but has often emerged as a decisive factor in crucial games. In a league where the spotlight often shines brightest on US-born players, Andrew Wiggins stands out, not just among the premier NBA players who are 6’7''. He also stands as a beacon of hope for international talents aspiring to make their mark in the NBA.

8. Bojan Bogdanović

Current NBA players that are 6'7
Bojan Bogdanovic of the Detroit Pistons dribbles the ball against the Boston Celtics during the fourth quarter at the TD Garden on February 15, 2023, in Boston, Massachusetts. Photo: Brian Fluharty
Source: Getty Images

Bojan Bogdanović is not just among the most accomplished NBA players who are 6’7'' but also a shining example of global basketball talent. Born on April 18, 1989, his early days in Europe, playing for powerhouse teams like Fenerbahçe not only honed his skills but provided him with invaluable experiences in high-pressure situations, moulding him into the player he is today.

Bojan's Croatian lineage carries a rich basketball legacy, and he has truly lived up to the expectations, representing his nation with pride at various international stages. His transition to the NBA saw him initially with the Brooklyn Nets, Indiana Pacers, and the Utah Jazz, and later at the Detroit Pistons.

7. Tobias Harris

Best NBA players that are 6'7
Tobias Harris of the Philadelphia 76ers reacts against the Boston Celtics during the third quarter in game three of the Eastern Conference Second Round Playoffs at Wells Fargo Center on May 05, 2023, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Photo: Tim Nwachukwu
Source: Getty Images

Tobias Harris, born on July 15, 1992, has adorned jerseys from several teams, including the Milwaukee Bucks, Orlando Magic, Detroit Pistons, and Los Angeles Clippers. Yet, it is with the Philadelphia 76ers that Harris seems to have found a home, evolving into an indispensable asset for the team.

But the story of Tobias Harris extends beyond his basketball prowess. Off the court, he has consistently demonstrated a commitment to giving back to the community. As he continues his journey in the league, he not only represents the best of NBA players who are 6’7'' but also embodies the spirit of an athlete dedicated to making a difference.

6. OG Anunoby

NBA players that are 6'7 in the East
Anunoby of the Toronto Raptors controls the ball against the Philadelphia 76ers at the Wells Fargo Center on March 31, 2023, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Photo: Mitchell Leff
Source: Getty Images

A London-born, choosing Indiana University for his collegiate journey further polished his skills, readying himself for the grand NBA stage. Drafted by the Toronto Raptors, he seamlessly transitioned into the league, quickly establishing himself as one of the best defenders, an accolade not many NBA players who are 6’7'' can claim with such conviction.

Off the court, Anunoby's stoic demeanour and sharp wit have endeared him to fans and teammates alike. With a penchant for fashion and a unique perspective shaped by his transatlantic journey, OG adds a distinct flavour to the NBA's cultural milieu.

5. LaMelo Ball

NBA players that are 6’7 in the West
LaMelo Ball of the Charlotte Hornets brings the ball upcourt against the Miami Heat during their game at Spectrum Center on February 25, 2023, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Photo: Jacob Kupferman
Source: Getty Images

From Chino Hills, California, the stints in Lithuania with Prienai and in Australia with the Illawarra Hawks not only honed his gameplay but also imparted invaluable lessons in adaptability and maturity. Upon his return to the U.S., LaMelo showcased his enriched skill set, blending his innate flair with a newfound poise, quickly capturing the attention of fans and analysts alike.

The Charlotte Hornets, recognizing his potential, made him their prized pick, and LaMelo did not disappoint. Bagging the Rookie of the Year award was a mere affirmation of his prodigious talent. In the constellation of NBA players who are 6’7'', LaMelo Ball shines distinctly, promising a future replete with highlight reels, accolades, and perhaps, championship rings.

4. Khris Middleton

Top NBA players that are 6'7 all time
Khris Middleton of the Milwaukee Bucks watches on during the game against the Detroit Pistons at Little Caesars Arena on March 27, 2023, in Detroit, Michigan. Photo: Nic Antaya
Source: Getty Images

Khris Middleton, born August 12, 1991, and hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, his collegiate journey at Texas A&M University was just a glimpse of the resilience he would consistently display in his professional career. As a second-round pick in the 2012 NBA draft, Middleton began his journey under the radar, away from the high expectations that often weigh heavily on top picks.

But with each season, he chiseled away, refining his skills and steadily ascending the NBA ladder. During the pivotal 2021 playoffs, Middleton's performances were instrumental in the Bucks clinching the championship, often delivering when it mattered most. Among the famous NBA players who are 6’7'', Middleton's journey is an inspiring narrative of unwavering dedication, resilience, and the fruits of hard work.

3. Kawhi Leonard

NBA players that are 6’7 in the West
Kawhi Leonard of the LA Clippers dribbles the ball during the game against the Los Angeles Lakers on April 5, 2023, at Crypto.Com Arena in Los Angeles, California. Photo: Andrew D. Bernstein
Source: Getty Images

Born on June 29, 1991, Kawhi Leonard's journey, starting from California, saw him develop his skills at San Diego State University before he was thrust into the limelight of the NBA. His defensive brilliance has, time and again, been the linchpin for his team's success.

But Leonard is not just about defence. His offensive game, especially his mid-range shooting, is akin to an artist's brushstroke – deliberate, precise, and effective, making him stand out among the top NBA players who are 6’7'' in the West. As a two-time NBA champion and Finals MVP, Leonard's accolades speak volumes, yet it is his stoic demeanour that sets him apart.

2. Jimmy Butler

NBA players that are 6’7 in the West
Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat looks on during game 5 of the 2023 NBA Finals against the Denver Nuggets on June 12, 2023, at the Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado. Photo: Jamie Schwaberow
Source: Getty Images

Butler's early life was rife with challenges; the hardships of homelessness at 13 is a grim chapter that he had to endure. His time at Marquette University was instrumental in honing his basketball skills and carving a path to the NBA. Today, representing the Miami Heat, Butler's tenacity and legendary work ethic reverberate through the league.

Butler's on-court prowess, coupled with his leadership qualities, make him a force to be reckoned with in the Eastern Conference. Indeed, his journey from hardships to the hardwoods of NBA arenas is a testament to Butler's indomitable spirit, rightfully earning him a place among the current top NBA players who are 6’7''.

1. Luka Dončić

Top NBA players that are 6'7 all time
Luka Doncic of Slovenia in action during the FIBA Basketball World Cup Classification 7-8 game between Italy and Slovenia at Mall of Asia Arena on September 09, 2023, in Manila, Philippines. Photo: Ezra Acayan
Source: Getty Images

From the quaint European nation of Slovenia, he has taken the NBA by storm. Making a name for himself among the all-time best NBA players who are 6’7'', Dončić's European exploits with Real Madrid foretold his NBA dominance.

At the tender age of 19, he bagged the EuroLeague MVP, setting the stage for his meteoric NBA journey. Now, as the helmsman for the Dallas Mavericks, Dončić's exceptional court vision, finesse, and unparalleled shot-making skills are evident. His off-court life, too, has seen attention, particularly due to his relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Anamaria Goltes, and their public appearances have often become the talk of the town.

In the expansive world of basketball, players standing at 6’7'' have consistently showcased versatility, skill, and a unique basketball IQ. These top 10 talents exemplify the best of this category, from their on-court brilliance to the captivating stories of their rise to NBA fame.

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