NBA G League salary: How much does a G League player make?

NBA G League salary: How much does a G League player make?

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The National Basketball Association (NBA) G League, also called the G League, is the branch of the organisation dealing with minors. The organisation nurtures talented minors in the sport. The NBA G League salary differs from one player to another, depending on experience and qualification.

nba g league salary
NBA G League salary. Photo:, @Mídia
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Many sports critics have argued that minors are often not compensated adequately for their skills and labour by the G League. Find out if the NBA G League salary is adequate or not today.

NBA G League salary: all details revealed

The G League was founded in 2001 and has grown to 28 teams across different regions of North America. Most players sign a standard contract stating their compensation packages per season.

Average G League salary in 2023

In November 2022, the G League salary was revised. The new average was set at a minimum of $40,500 or roughly $8,000 a month, up from $37,000. The players are categorised into various classes, each with a different payment point.

NBA G League salary in 2023

The following are the scales used to remunerate minor athletes in the league.

Select player - at least $125,000 per season

Select players are at least 18 years old. They are talented and highly skilled. Once drafted into the NBA, they sign a select contract. They earn at least $125,000 per season. The amount may vary because each athlete signs a unique contract.

The base salary of a select player normally covers five months a year, which is the duration of a regular basketball season. This amount is exclusive of incentives, e.g. call-up compensation. In most instances, select players forego college education to play in the G championship.

What is the G League
What is the G League. Photo:, @Bk Aguilar
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Two-way player - approximately $502,000 per season

The NBA allows two roster spots per team. These athletes spend most of their time playing in the G League. Those in their fourth season of the NBA are allowed to sign two-way contracts.

Once a two-way player signs a contract, they are allowed to appear in a maximum of 50 NBA games. However, they are not allowed to participate in the playoffs. The compensation package for a two-way player is about $502,000 per season, excluding incentives.

Assignment player - no set minimum pay

An assignment player is one with at least three years of experience in the NBA. Such an athlete is normally sent to an NBA G League-affiliated team for a specified period. These athletes are normally placed in this position because of the reasons listed below.

  • To enforce discipline
  • To receive rehabilitation services
  • To create a spot for the organisation
  • To develop an individual

NBA teams normally own this athlete’s contract. A team can relocate its player depending on its requirements. In most cases, athletes placed in this category continue receiving their regular NBA salaries.

Draft rights player - at least $40,500 per season

Draft rights players are under 18. They are placed in the Draft's rights division, meaning they are yet to be selected in the Draft.

Once drafted by the G championship, they must remain in the championship all season long. They cannot be called up by the NBA during the season. These athletes earn at least $40,500 per season, or $7,000 per month, excluding incentives.

do g league players get paid
Do G League players get paid? Photo:, @Tima Miroshnichenko
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Recap of the NBA G League salary scales


Pay per season

Select player

At least $125,000

Two-way player

Approximately $502,000

Assignment player

No set minimum pay

Draft rights player

At least $40,500

What is the G League?

The G League is NBA’s official minor league. It prepares players, officials, coaches, and trainers for the NBA. It also acts as the league’s research and development laboratory.

Do G League players get paid?

Yes, these athletes get paid. The minimum pay per season is $40,500. The amount can be significantly higher depending on the type of contract signed.

How much do G League players make?

Select players earn at least $125,000 per season, while two-way players earn approximately $502,000 per season. On the other hand, draft rights players make at least $40,500 per season, while there is no set minimum pay for assignment players.

Who is the highest-paid G League player in 2023?

London Johnson is the highest-paid G League player in 2023. While his salary is yet to be disclosed, it is in excess of $1 million per season.

What is the lowest G League salary?

The new minimum salary for the 2022-23 season in the league is $40,500.

Many basketball fans wish to know the details of the NBA G League salary. Athletes in this league are categorised into various classes, each with a unique pay point.

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