Inside Ronaldinho’s Bizarre Nightclub Clause that Allowed Him to Party Twice a Week

Inside Ronaldinho’s Bizarre Nightclub Clause that Allowed Him to Party Twice a Week

  • Ronaldinho had a strange clause in his contract when he joined FC Flamengo in 2011
  • The clause allowed him to go to party twice a week, with no repercussions
  • He was the best player in the world between 2003 and 2006 and won the La Liga twice as well as the Champions League with Barcelona

Ronaldinho will certainly go down in history as one of the best entertainers in the game of football.

Ronaldinho had a bizarre nightclub clause in his contract with FC Flamengo. Photo: Getty.
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The 2002 World Cup winner was certainly talented, although critics will argue that perhaps his career did not reach the heights it could have because of his life outside the football pitch.

The Brazilian, now 41, was a party animal who lived for and loved the nightlife, and it was hard to control him at his prime.

In Fact, Ronaldinho was so into his lifestyle that he had one of the most bizarre clauses in his contract when he joined Brazilian club Flamengo after his stint in AC Milan.

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With a contract on the table, Ronaldinho, then 30, demanded a “nightclub” clause which would enable him to have two nights out in the week to enjoy himself.

It is hard to name any top club which would be alright with such an arrangement but Flamengo, who were keen on signing the superstar at the time, agreed to the clause according to BeIn Sports.

In Barcelona, things were a bit strict for Ronaldinho, but he seemed to let loose when he joined Milan in 2008.

An AC Milan season ticket holder once testified to seeing Ronaldinho in the town on weekends, regardless of how his side performed in the previous game.

"Win, lose, play well, play badly - Ronaldinho didn’t care,” the fan said as per Bleacher Report.

"He would still find a party and enjoy himself long into the night.

"We loved him at Milan, but he hurt himself and his career, never worried who saw him."

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Any regrets for Ronaldinho?

As far as regrets are concerned, Ronaldinho recently made it clear he had none.

Having retired in 2018, the superstar, regarded by some as one of the greatest players to grace the game, said he was happy with how his career turned out.

“No! I’m completely happy with everything that’s happened to me,” he said. “God gave me a lot. I’m lucky to have experienced very happy moments, so I wouldn’t change a thing.” He said.