Where to watch the Copa America? Different sites both free and paid to watch the Copa America

Where to watch the Copa America? Different sites both free and paid to watch the Copa America

Grace Waruguru
June 19, 2024 at 7:12 PM
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As a football enthusiast, you may wonder how and where to watch the Copa America. The tournament will run from June 20 to July 14, 2024, in 14 cities across the United States. It is arguably the third-most international football event after the FIFA World Cup and the Euro Cup. Check out the different paid and free options available for viewers.

where to watch the Copa America
Argentina's players celebrate the title of champion during an awards ceremony after their victory against Brazil at the Copa America 2021 championship. Photo: Thiago Ribeiro
Source: Getty Images

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The Copa America, translated as the American Cup, is organized by CONMEBOL, South America's Football Federation, and includes teams from Asia and North America. Sixteen teams compete for the coveted trophy every four years. Keep reading and find out where you can watch your favourite teams battle it out.

Where to watch the Copa America?

Football fans can enjoy the games online through a legal VPN or cable TV. Some channels have acquired the rights to broadcast the competition from around the globe.

Who is airing the Copa America? According to CNET, American viewers can follow the games on their favourite TV channels and TV platforms, including:

  • Sling TV: The platform attracts a monthly subscription fee based on the selected package, starting from $40 monthly.
  • Fox Sports: The channel will air all 32 matches.
  • ViX: The channel will air all the matches in Spanish.
  • Premier Sports: A paid platform that will air all 32 matches. The platform costs an estimated £10 monthly.
  • Univision: The platform has broadcasting rights for the Spanish language in America.

Where to watch the Copa America for free

Copa America 2021 winners
Argentina's Lionel Messi holds the trophy as he celebrates with teammates after winning 2-1 against Brazil at the 2021 Copa America final match on July 10, 2021. Photo: Nelson Ameida
Source: Getty Images

Do you need to pay to watch the Copa America? Viewers can pay to watch the tournament, but there are free options available, including:


The service broadcasts live TV on the internet, requiring no cable. Fubo is currently available in America, Canada, and Spain. Channels like Fox, ABC, NBC, and CBS are also subject to regional restrictions. However, a service charge applies after the free trial, which varies from country to country.

Express VPN

Express VPN is a virtual private network that allows viewers worldwide to protect their online identity as they browse the internet. The service enables netizens to access sites that are unavailable in their countries by changing their IP address.

A VPN unlocks websites and keeps you secure. Express VPN gives football fans access to all streaming sites to enable them to watch the tournament for free. The only cost incurred is the annual subscription fee once you download the service, and the site has a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Neymar at the Copa America 2021 final
Brazil's Neymar Brazil during the final match against Argentina at the Maracana stadium for the Copa America 2021 on July 21st, 2021. Photo: Thiago Ribeiro
Source: Getty Images

This Italian streaming site is restricted to Italy but is accessible to users worldwide through a VPN. The site will air all the tournament matches for free.

Where to watch Copa America 2024 in Australia

Australian fans can access any streaming website through a VPN of their choice. They can also watch the games on:

Optus Sport

Optus Sport is a group of Australian sports channels with a viewership of over 1 million users. Users can open a free account and watch selected content for free. The platform is a preferred option for many because it has exclusive rights to top leagues, including EPL, the Bundesliga, and La Liga.

Where to watch Copa America in Canada

Emiliano Martinez
Argentina's Emiliano Martinez celebrates with the Copa America trophy after winning a match against Colombia as part of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Qualifiers on February 01, 2022. Photo: Marcelo Endell
Source: Getty Images

With a reliable and legal VPN, Canadian fans can watch the Copa America 2024 tournament on any streaming platform and access the matches on TSN+.

The Canadian streaming platform offers an extensive collection of sports documentaries and matches. It charges a minimum of $8 monthly, and Canadian fans can also subscribe to Premier Sports.

Where to watch Copa America 2024 in Africa

African viewers can watch the matches on any streaming platform using a VPN that is legal in their country. However, the prominent sports channels on the continent, such as SuperSport, likely do not have the right to air the event.

Frequently asked questions

With the tournament's excitement, fans are eager to discover which platform they can watch as many matches as possible. Here are some frequently asked questions about how to watch the event.

Where can I watch the Copa America?

You can enjoy the games online through a legal VPN or cable TV. Dedicated channels and platforms include Sling TV, FoxSports, Univision, Fubo, and Express VPN.

Where to watch the Copa America 2024 in the UK?

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi speaks next to Copa America 2021, FIFA World Cup 2022 and Finalissima 2022 trophies at an event honouring the last World Cup Champions on March 27, 2023. Photo: Christian Alvarenga
Source: Getty Images

According to Sporty Trader, Premier Sports gained exclusive rights to air Copa America in the United Kingdom and Ireland, so the matches will be unavailable on free-to-air channels. However, football enthusiasts can watch the games on streaming sites using a legal VPN.

When is Copa America 2024 starting?

The tournament happens every four years and is scheduled to start on June 20th at the Mercedez Benz Stadium in Atlanta and climax on July 14th at the Miami Gardens.

Final word

Have you been wondering where to watch the Copa America? The 48th edition of the tournament is expected to draw fans primarily from America but also millions from across the world. You can watch it on dedicated channels and streaming platforms.

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