Endrick and Girlfriend Gabriely Miranda Sign 'Relationship Contract' With Weird Clauses

Endrick and Girlfriend Gabriely Miranda Sign 'Relationship Contract' With Weird Clauses

Isaac Darko
updated at April 20, 2024 at 6:00 AM
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  • Endrick has signed unusual clauses with his girlfriend Gabriely Miranda
  • The 17-year-old is dating 21-year-old Brazilian model Miranda
  • Endrick's relationship with his lover has caught the attention of many

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Brazilian sensation Endrick has opened up that he and his girlfriend, Gabriely Miranda, have entered into a 'relationship contract' with a number of weird clauses.

17-year-old Endrick is set to join Real Madrid in July, and he has been in a relationship with his blogger girlfriend for six months.

Endrick and Gabriely Miranda have put their love in a contract.
Endrick and Gabriely Miranda have put their love in a contract. Photo by Alexandre Schneider/@endrick (Instagram).
Source: Getty Images

While Gabriely, 21, is uncertain about accompanying him to Spain, she finds assurance in their relationship due to the contract they signed together.

Gabriely shared during the PodDelas podcast on April 12th, as reported by the Daily Star:

"There’s an email, there’s ID, his signature, my signature… everything is correct."

Endrick recounted his surprise when Gabriely proposed the contract, stating:

"When she was doing it, I thought she was very angry with me. Because it took her an hour. She didn't answer me. And she actually made a contract."

According to Gabriely, the contract stipulates that they both acknowledge their voluntary emotional commitment founded on respect, understanding, and affection.

The agreement prohibits them from engaging in romantic relationships with anyone else, including their exes.

Endrick also added: "Saying 'I love you' is mandatory in any situation and always holding hands."

Gabriely mentioned the presence of stringent restrictions and added:

"It is extremely forbidden to argue or fight in front of others, and you cannot have a drastic change in personality and behaviour. We can’t sleep or go out fighting.”

The footballer stated that whoever violates a rule must "pay a fine".

He added: "Whoever doesn’t comply with this, at the end of the month, has to give what the other person wants.
"Like, I asked for an Apple headset, and she gave it to me."

Endrick said on another occasion, he received a Playstation 5 from Gabriely.

How did Endrick and Gabriely first meet?

According to Essentially Sports, Endrick and Gabriely first encountered each other in November 2023.

In a viral video circulating on social media, he was captured during an interview, with his gaze momentarily drawn to a striking blonde woman passing by - Gabriely.

Shortly after this encounter, they began dating but chose to keep their relationship private. It wasn't until December 8 that they decided to reveal their romance to the public.

Fans disapprove of Endrick's relationship with Gabriely

Sports Brief also previously reported that Endrick has sparked controversy among fans worldwide after being spotted with his girlfriend, following his stellar performances on the field against Spain.

The image of the young player engaging in a romantic moment with his partner, Miranda, has ignited debate on social media, with numerous individuals expressing their disapproval of his conduct.

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