Erling Haaland Takes a Swipe at Kevin De Bruyne's Fashion Style in Together: Treble Winners

Erling Haaland Takes a Swipe at Kevin De Bruyne's Fashion Style in Together: Treble Winners

Martin Moses
updated at April 2, 2024 at 12:56 PM
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  • Man City's Kevin De Bruyne has shed light on his fashion sense
  • Erling Haaland mocked his Belgian teammate's dressing style
  • The exchanges are part of the new series on the City's treble

Manchester City's new documentary Together: Treble Winners has lifted the lid on the behind-the-scenes moments Pep Guardiola's team went through last season.

The Abu Dhabi-backed club defied all the odds to win their first UEFA Champions League title last season, beating Inter Milan in the final in Istanbul. The trophy followed previous wins in the FA Cup and the Premier League.

Kevin De Bruyne, Champions League, Erling Haaland, Together:Treble Winners, Pep Guardiola
Kevin De Bruyne celebrates with the rest of the Manchester City players after winning the Champions League on June 10, 2023. Photo by Marvin Ibo Guengoer - GES Sportfoto.
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More on 'Together: Treble Winners'

The six-part documentary was released on Netflix on April 2, taking viewers through the intrigues of completing a fete only a few teams have accomplished before.

Aside from the wins and losses on the pitch, the producers also took time to ask about the players' fashion sense. In an episode, Erling Haaland came in looking dapper, but Kevin De Bruyne was not impressed.

"I don't know what Kevin said because, honestly, his clothes don't look good," remarked Haaland, who at that time was in his debut season in England.

De Bruyne: Why I dress like this

De Bruyne took his cue from that comment, choosing to explain why he doesn't always seek to impress with his dressing.

"I am old. I can't wear what they wear," the Belgian hilariously fired back.

The 32-year-old then explained that, unlike his younger teammates, he has a lot of things on his mind.

"I have to wake up at 5:30 am and I have three kids to take to school. I pick whatever is on top of the pile and is comfortable."

The creative midfielder, who developed a beautiful working relationship with Haaland, then finished off the fashion argument that as long as his wife is happy, he doesn't mind.

"I think my wife is good with it. She buys most of the stuff, so..."

De Bruyne is married to Michele Lacroix and together, they have three children: Mason, Rome and Suri.

Guardiola's threatening message to his players

Sports Brief has also previously reported on Guardiola's incredible dressing room rant after losing to Southampton last season.

The manager lashed out at his players after they were knocked out of the Carabao Cup by the Saints at the quarter-final stage.

The scene is part of the newly-released documentary, Together: Treble Winners, which looks at the Citizens' treble campaign.

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