Which 10 players have the most fantasy points in a game in the Premier League?

Which 10 players have the most fantasy points in a game in the Premier League?

Kevin Omuya
March 18, 2024 at 5:35 AM
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Since its inception in the 2002–03 season, the renowned Fantasy Premier League has become a top-tier game enjoyed by many. There may be a lot of fantasy football games out there, but none are more well-known than the Fantasy Premier League (FPL). People from all over the world can join forces to compete against one another. Here is a look at the top 10 players with the most fantasy points in a game in the Premier League.

EPL players with many fantasy points
Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspur (L), Wayne Rooney of Man United (C) and Yaya Toure of Man City (R). Photo: Jacques Feeney, Matthew Peters, Clive Brunskill/Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

Table of Сontents:

The rising profile of the Premier League, now broadcast in every country on the planet, directly correlates with this. I find the game concept to be both engaging and exciting. From the allotted funds, users across the globe assemble a squad to score points according to their actual performances.

Most Fantasy Premier League points in a game

The content provided herein is based on available data and analysis as of 2024. Below are the most fantasy points ever scored in a game.

Player's name



John Arne Riise



Mo Salah



Raheem Sterling



Frank Lampard



Matty Cash



Mo Salah



Kevin De Bruyne



Yaya Toure



Harry Kane



Wayne Rooney



10. John Arne Riise - 27

John Riise celebrates after scoring past Birmingham in 2006
Liverpool's Norwegian defender John Arne Riise celebrates after scoring against Birmingham on 21 March 2006. Photo: Odd Andersen
Source: Getty Images

One game week in 2004–05 saw Liverpool's John Arne Riise rack up the most fantasy points in a game by a player with an incredible 27. After netting two goals and assisting on another in a 5-0 victory over West Brom, the Norwegian now has 27 goals, the second-highest total for a defender all-time.

This haul was not an outlier; the LB had a productive career at Liverpool, contributing to 21 goals and 30 assists. Over three years with Liverpool, he scored six goals or more.

9. Mo Salah - 28

Mo Salah during EPL match against Norwich City in 2019
Mohamed Salah of Liverpool smiles during the Premier League match between Liverpool FC and Norwich City at Anfield on August 09, 2019, in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Photo: Michael Regan
Source: Getty Images

Mohamed Salah has been among the most famous players in the English Premier League. The Egyptian winger has been a prolific scorer for Liverpool since his move. In a double-game week during the 2021-22 season, Salah scored the most fantasy points in a game by position with 28, split evenly between Norwich and Leeds.

Salah scored two penalties and assisted one in the opening 35 minutes of the match versus Leeds. The expectation among FPL managers was that Salah would break Wayne Rooney's record. However, Salah failed to score or assist again in the second half. Mane scored twice late in the game to steal a bonus from Salah. If Salah had received all three bonuses, he would have tied his record from the 2017–18 season for most points with 29.

8. Raheem Sterling - 28

Chelsea's Raheem Sterling at Stamford Bridge in 2024
Raheem Sterling of Chelsea looks on during the Premier League match between Chelsea FC and Fulham FC at Stamford Bridge on January 13, 2024, in London, England. Photo: Mike Hewitt
Source: Getty Images

Raheem Sterling was on fire, scoring the most fantasy football points in a game ever in GW36,28 in a double-game week. A former Manchester City player, he scored twice (for 16) against Newcastle and once (for 12) against Wolves.

2,0, 2, 3 These were Sterling's final four GW scores from GW32–GW35 before his massive 28-point performance in GW36. In GW36, Sterling faced Wolves and Newcastle and earned 28 FPL points, his most outstanding performance. He had 23 from his previous nine games.

7. Frank Lampard - 28

Former Chelsea star Frank Lampard
Frank Lampard of Chelsea during a game in 2007. Photo: Nigel French
Source: Getty Images

In the 30th week of the 2007–08 season, Lampard scored 28 points against Derby County. He earned 20 for scoring four goals, 3 for assisting on those goals, 2 for playing time, and three bonuses. He would have finished with 29, the most fantasy football points in a game by a team, if Chelsea had maintained the CS, but they lost it in the 73rd minute.

Lampard joined Chelsea as a manager after managing Derby Country for over a decade when they came close to making the Premier League. After losing his job as manager of Chelsea, he is now in charge of Everton.

Lampard scored 28 points in a 7-1 win over Aston Villa. He was accumulating four goals and one assist. Lampard was penalized twice throughout that match. Impressive as the game was, Lampard's entire FPL season was even more so; he finished with 284, thanks to 22 goals and 14 assists.

6. Matty Cash - 29

Aston Villa's Matty Cash against Manchester City in 2002
Matty Cash of Aston Villa during the Premier League match between Aston Villa and Manchester City at Villa Park on September 3, 2022, in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Photo: Matthew Ashton
Source: Getty Images

As far as defenders go, Matty Cash has scored more fantasy points than any other player in a single game week. In GW28, Cash earned the most points in a fantasy football game, with 29 in two games against Southampton and Leeds, recording a shutout, a goal, and an assist each in 2021-22.

5. Mo Salah - 29

Liverpool midfielder Mo Salah in their match against Southampton in 2017
Liverpool's Egyptian midfielder Mohamed Salah celebrates scoring during the English Premier League football match against Southampton on November 18, 2017. Photo: Paul Ellis
Source: Getty Images

Once again, Mohamed Salah is on the roster. During Week 31 of the 2017–18 Premier League season, he achieved 29 points. He led his team to a 5-0 victory over Watford with four goals and an assist. Salah scored 29 for his managers in a week with just one game. Even for a single game week, this total is unprecedented.

With 303 points, the most fantasy in the Premier League at the season's completion, Salah surpassed Suarez's 295 from the 2013–14 season. Thus, he became the only player in FPL history to score more than 300 in a single season.

4. Kevin De Bruyne - 30

Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne in action against Leicester City in 2023
Manchester City player Kevin De Bruyne in action during the Premier League match against Leicester City at Etihad Stadium on April 15, 2023, in Manchester, England. Photo: Stu Forster
Source: Getty Images

A key cog in Manchester City's success machine, Kevin De Bruyne is up there with the best midfielders of his time. The Belgian international had 30, the most fantasy premier league points in a game in GW36. In one of his meetings against Wolves, he scored four goals and collected 30 points.

Despite City's 5-0 victory in the opening game of Double Gameweek, Kevin De Bruyne had a quiet performance, contributing only one assist and earning 6 points. In the second match against Wolves, he scored three goals in the opening half to ratchet up the intensity.

In the 60th minute, KDB scored the fourth goal to round off his rampage. It was a massive swing in the captaincy call between KDB and Salah, as Salah returned from a rest with only 6 points (compared to 60 for KDB). Regarding captaincy predictions, our algorithm also favoured De Bruyne over Mo Salah that week.

Bruyne was sent off for a second yellow card in the 78th minute of the match against Wolves, and he had a golden opportunity in the 89th minute, but his shot went just wide of the post. If that had not transpired, De Bruyne would have equalled the fifth-ever goal and set a new record for most FPL points in a game with 36.

3. Yaya Toure - 31

Yaya Toure of Manchester City during an EPL match against Leicester City in 2016
Yaya Toure of Manchester City during the Barclays Premier League match against Leicester City at the Etihad Stadium on February 06, 2016, in Manchester, England. Photo: Matthew Ashton
Source: Getty Images

While playing for England, Yaya Toure was unstoppable in the Premier League. He was also helpful to FPL. In the 2013–14 season, in DGW31, he scored 10 points against Manchester United and 21 against Fulham.

Yaya Toure had a monster season in 2013–14, contributing to nine assists and scoring twenty goals. There were six penalty goals and four free-kick goals. During that season, he contributed to Manchester City's second consecutive victory with 36 appearances. While Daniel Sturridge scored 21 goals and Luis Suarez scored 31, Toure concluded the season in third place.

He scored 241 points, including 34 bonuses. He reached a final price of 10.6 million FPL. Before this season, Yaya had scored 18 goals in his previous three seasons.

2. Harry Kane - 31

Former Spurs' Harry Kane before a match against Liverpool FC in 2022
Tottenham Hotspur's English striker Harry Kane warms ahead of the English Premier League football match against Liverpool on November 6, 2022. Photo: Ian Kington
Source: Getty Images

In addition, Harry Kane scored 31, the most fantasy points ever in a game in a single game week—that happened to be DGW37 in the Premier League during the 2016–17 season. For many years, Kane was a valuable addition to fantasy football teams. He scored four goals against Leicester City and Manchester United and added an assist for 24 and 7, respectively.

Just 6.1% of the 245,534 managers with that chip in play, or 15,194 managers, designated Kane as their Triple Captain. Kane scored 33 bonuses, 224 in total, nine double-digit hauls, and 7.5 per game. They helped the Spurs achieve their highest point total of 86 and second place.

1. Wayne Rooney - 32

Manchester United's forward Wayne Rooney in 2016
Wayne Rooney of Manchester United during the Barclays Premier League match against Chelsea on February 7, 2016 in London, England. Photo: Catherine Ivill
Source: Getty Images

Wayne Rooney holds the record for the most FPL points scored in a single game week. The renowned English striker scored 32 points in the 2009–10 season's DGW22. He scored three goals and assisted in a 3-0 victory over Burnley to earn 12 points. He scored four goals in a 4-0 victory over Hull City in the second game, totalling 20 points. Unsurprisingly, Rooney won PFA Player of the Year and Hull and Burnley were relegated that season.

Final word

The Premier League's race for the most fantasy points in a game in the Premier League is one of mastery and individual skill. These incredible accomplishments feed the zeal and enthusiasm of fantasy football fans worldwide. They help fantasy managers navigate the challenges of squad selection by constantly reminding them of the Premier League's limitless talent and excitement.

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