10 Clubs With Highest Earnings From Jersey Sales in 2023 With Barcelona Set to Make Own Kits

10 Clubs With Highest Earnings From Jersey Sales in 2023 With Barcelona Set to Make Own Kits

Elijah Odetokun
updated at March 1, 2024 at 2:03 PM
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  • Barcelona are reportedly planning to start producing their own shirts
  • This is to have access to 100% profits from their merchandise sales
  • The Spanish club earned the most from shirt sales in Europe in 2023

FC Barcelona are reportedly set to terminate the club's contract with American outfitters, Nike, as they seek to begin self-production of their merchandise.

The Spanish club are hoping to recoup 100% of the profit made from the sales of their shirts, which earned them the most revenue of any club in Europe last season.

However, clubs generally only receive about 15% from these sales.

Robert Lewandowski, Joao Felix, Raphinha, FC Barcelona, Getafe.
FC Barcelona generated the most revenue from jersey sales in 2023. Photo by David S. Bustamante.
Source: Getty Images

Sports Brief looks at the clubs with the most revenues from jersey sales in 2023, via ESPN.

Clubs with highest shirt revenue

1. FC Barcelona

The La Liga champions recouped the most sales from jersey sales in 2023 with an astonishing €179 million made from the Nike-produced blue and red striped jersey. It contributed to the club having the most revenue in Europe in 2023.

2. Real Madrid

The 14-time European champions are the highest earner outfitted by German company, Adidas. Real Madrid sold jerseys worth €155mil in 2023, with their famous white jersey having black and gold stripes.

3. Bayern Munich

The Bavarian giants have been in a relationship with Adidas since the 1960s, and the current deal is set to run till 2030. The German champions' traditional home jersey sold €147mil worth of merchandise in 2023.

4. Liverpool

The Reds' shirt sold €132mil in 2022, a 3.5% drop from the €137mil sold in 2022. Per Goal, the Merseyside club are the club receiving the highest percentage of sales from Nike, with 20%.

5. Manchester United

The Red Devils' Adidas kits sold €130mil worth of jerseys in 2023. It was Manchester United's traditional red colour with black stripes and shorts. They are the fifth and last club to make over €100mil.

Other clubs in top 10 earners from jersey sales

6. Paris Saint-Germain - €97mil

7. Arsenal - €89mil

8. Chelsea - €87mil

9. Juventus - €74mil

10. Tottenham Hotspur - €74mil.

Clubs with the highest wage bill in 2023

Sports Brief also reported that Barcelona had the highest wage bill in Europe in 2023. Despite their financial struggles, the Catalonian club paid €637mil in player salaries.

The bulk of the wages came from questionable decisions made by former president, Josep Bartomeu, who handed out huge contracts to players signed or renewed during his time.

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