Ranking the 6 Most Decorated Footballers in Football History

Ranking the 6 Most Decorated Footballers in Football History

Isaac Darko
February 24, 2024 at 7:43 AM
  • Former Barcelona stars are jointly the most successful players in football history
  • A lesser-known player has an impressive 39 trophies, mostly from his time at Al-Ahly
  • Sports Brief previews all the LaLiga matches coming up in Spain this weekend

Every footballer aspires to hoist as many trophies as they can. Even some of the finest players in the sport have surprisingly sparse trophy collections, illustrating the immense challenge of achieving success in football.

Icons like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have seemingly effortlessly amassed numerous titles throughout their illustrious careers, showcasing their unparalleled dominance on the field.

Next, there are players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who, while undoubtedly talented, strategically navigate among the world's most renowned clubs to accumulate trophies at their discretion.

That being noted, Sports Brief has compiled a list ranking the most accomplished players in football history.

1. Lionel Messi (43 trophies)

In the view of many, Messi stands as the greatest footballer of all time, now also holding the distinction of being the (joint) most decorated player ever. During his tenure at Barcelona, the Argentine secured an astonishing 34 trophies before adding three more at Paris Saint-Germain.

While it seemed Messi might retire without a World Cup victory, his aspirations were realized in 2022 when he played a pivotal role in La Albiceleste's triumph in Qatar. Just a month after joining MLS club Inter Miami in 2023, Messi swiftly augmented his already impressive collection of silverware.

2. Dani Alves (43 trophies)

Dani Alves, the first player in football history to amass 43 trophies, is universally acclaimed as one of the best full-backs of all time.

Hailing from Brazil, the defender has clinched titles with Bahia and Sao Paulo in his homeland, experienced significant triumphs in Spain with Sevilla and Barcelona, achieved success in Italy with Juventus, and tasted victory in France with Paris Saint-Germain.

Additionally, he boasts five trophies for his national team, including two Copa America triumphs. Although now aged 40, Alves has yet to formally retire. However, due to grave off-the-field matters, he is regrettably unable to grace the pitch again.

3. Hossam Ashour (39 trophies)

Since his debut for Al-Ahly in 2003, the Egyptian footballer has contributed to the club's acquisition of 39 trophies over a span of 17 years.

Among these accomplishments are 13 Egyptian Premier League titles and 10 Egyptian Super Cups. As a defensive midfielder, he represented his country in 15 matches before retiring in 2022 subsequent to his tenure with Al-Ittihad.

4. Andres Iniesta (37 trophies)

When discussing iconic footballers, Iniesta is a name that quickly comes to the forefront. During his remarkable 16-year tenure in Barcelona's first team, the midfield virtuoso achieved every possible accolade, securing nine La Liga titles and four Champions League trophies.

His crowning achievement transpired during the 2010 World Cup final, where he netted a dramatic 116th-minute goal to clinch victory for Spain against the Netherlands.

Despite now being 39 years old, Iniesta continues to exhibit his prowess on the field and has recently inked a deal with Emirates Club in the UAE Pro League.

5. Gerard Pique (37 trophies)

In 2022, Pique ended his professional football journey as one of the most accomplished players in the sport's history. The Catalan defender boasted a stellar career, showcasing his talent for Manchester United, Barcelona, and the Spanish national team.

With four Champions League titles to his name, Pique played a pivotal role in Spain's triumphs at Euro 2010 and the 2012 FIFA World Cup. Many will notice the presence of several Barcelona luminaries from the 21st century on the list.

6. Ryan Giggs (36 trophies)

Giggs' enduring career was truly exceptional. Initially known for his agility and rapid pace as a winger, the Welshman evolved into a seasoned playmaker in his later years, remaining a vital asset for Manchester United until his retirement at the age of 40.

Throughout his remarkable 24-year tenure at the Red Devils, Giggs amassed an impressive collection of 36 trophies. His record-breaking 13 Premier League titles may stand unparalleled for generations to come.

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