Here are the 15 times Ronaldinho shocked the football world

Here are the 15 times Ronaldinho shocked the football world

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When discussing football's greats, you cannot ignore the Brazilian legend Ronaldinho, often regarded as the greatest of his time. His decorated career includes one Champions League victory with Barcelona in 2006 and 2 FIFA player of the year awards in 2004 and 2005. He played 101 matches and scored 35 goals for Brazil from 1997 to 2013. In this article, you will find the 15 times Ronaldinho shocked the football world.

10 things only Gaucho did in football
Ronaldinho poses with a T-Shirt during a press conference to present Meta soccer at Casa Seat on 5 April 2022, in Barcelona, Spain. Photo: Marc Graupera Aloma
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From dancing before scoring against Chelsea to assisting a goal with his back to the goal, Ronaldinho has delivered countless moments of footballing brilliance worth reckoning. Here are the 10 things only Gaucho did in football without further ado.

15. Dancing before scoring

On 8 March 2005, Chelsea defeated Barcelona, 4-2, at Stamford Bridge in one of the best Champions League matches ever. Less than twenty minutes had passed when Ronaldinho scored twice after the home team had a three-goal advantage. Based solely on his unique second goal, Ronaldinho owned the game.

14. Unexpected no-look assist

times Ronaldinho impressed the world
The renowned legend in action during the Soccer Aid 2016 match in aid of UNICEF at Old Trafford on 5 June 2016 in Manchester, England. Photo: Alex Livesey
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Only a select few players have perfected the no-look pass, including Ronaldinho. In an El Clasico friendly on 29 April 2017, Barcelona legends defeated Real Madrid rivals, demonstrating why Ronaldinho is one of football's most beloved players. The Frenchman volleyed home a beautiful no-look chip from the Brazilian superstar precisely weighted for Ludovic Giuly.

13. Incredible solo goal denied vs Bilbao

Although the Barcelona icon does not quite have the stats to compete with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, you can be sure that he has delivered just as many unforgettable moments.

The enthusiasm that Ronaldinho gave to the beautiful game was frequently seen in the talents and gimmicks that were so one-of-a-kind that you never saw them coming. Ronaldinho's flair was out of this world. No player had even played like R10 when he was at his best for Barcelona.

12. Unexpected back assist vs Osasuna

Even if the Brazilian legend is seldom brought up in the broader GOAT conversation, you can bet that he is remembered as one of the most entertaining football players by many. His ability to use his back for everything from initial touches to passes during his prime seasons with Barcelona was one of his most unique skills.

times Ronaldinho shocked the world
The famed star in action during the match against Osasuna of the Spanish Primera Liga on 22 October 2005 at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain. Photo: Luis Bagu
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11. Juggling with closed eyes

As we all know, juggling is the most spartan workout for honing ball control. But, of course, every football player performs it, but can they achieve it just as effectively without seeing? Many famous football players, including Robert Lewandowski, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Theo Walcott, Xavi Hernandez, and others, failed to count to 10 when asked to juggle a ball. Yet, at the same time, a piece of fabric covered their eyes.

10. Unexpected Free kick vs England

The World Cup is a truly educational experience as much as a celebration of sport. Millions of people had their hearts broken 20 years ago by Ronaldinho, the magician, when his, shall we say, unanticipated free kick reached the back of the net. David Seaman, the England goalkeeper, then watched in bewilderment.

The Brazilian's shot had curled, floating, and dipping appearance that gave the ball the impression of a floater rather than an authentic Adidas Fevernova. His deep free-kick appeared to have gone awry, but then observers would have seen David Seaman flailing up from the goal line.

9. Triple sombrero vs Bilbao

Is there any trick in soccer besides showing off one's talent and confidence with the ball, which also humiliates the opponent to such a high degree? Not in my opinion. You can dribble past your opponent with a sombrero kick. It involves dribbling on one side of your opponent and flipping the ball over their head to continue.

times Ronaldinho shocked the world
Barcelona's Gaucho runs during the match against Athletic Club de Bilbao, of La Liga at the Camp Nou stadium 25 February 2007 in Barcelona, Spain. Photo: Bagu Blanco
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8. Unbelievable debut goal vs Sevilla

Twenty years after making his debut against Sevilla on 3 September 2003, Ronaldinho, still an adored figure in Barcelona, reflected on that particular goal. The documentary The Album: Ronaldinho from Barca Studios attempts to represent the thrilling period Barcelona entered after the Brazilian's debut at the Camp Nou.

7. Playing with the crossbar

None of his innumerable magic tricks may be as astounding as this one. Ronaldinho juggles the ball around the penalty area in a Nike commercial before volleying it toward the goal. Even though many may have expected him to score, as usual, they are nevertheless shocked when the ball is returned to him. Ronaldinho performs the move twice to demonstrate his excellent ball control and accuracy as if to emphasize that it was not a once-off.

The former Barcelona star's video became the first on YouTube to receive one million views. In addition to his importance on the field, Ronaldinho also had an unquestionable impact on it, expressing his lighthearted approach to the game and subsequently motivating a generation of incredible players to come.

6. Unexpected bicycle kick goal vs Villarreal

It is not surprising to find the Brazilian magician on this list because his bicycle kick is one of the game's most impressive and dangerous moves. Many believed it to be Ronaldinho's most acceptable goal after the match against Villarreal in the 2006/07 season. It is debatable whether it is or is not, but there is no denying that this objective is extraordinary.

times Ronaldinho shocked the world
The famed soccer star controls the ball during the Primera Liga match between Villarreal and Barcelona at the Madrigal stadium on 22 April 2007 in Villarreal, Spain. Photo: Denis Doyle
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5. Controlling the ball with his back

Have you ever played soccer using your back? Ronaldinho makes a pass behind his back, much as he used to when he played for Barcelona in his prime. All of Ronaldinho's passes have been observed by his fans. Ronaldinho's signature move is a back-side pass. The fans' reaction says it all.

4. Under the wall, free kicks

Now legendary is Ronaldinho's free kick that went beneath the wall. Ronaldinho of Barcelona scores a free kick after aiming beneath a leaping wall. Everyone expected Ronaldinho to jump high, but he sneaked the ball beneath the jumping wall. Consider the goal against England in the 2002 World Cup: Ronaldinho scored on a deft free kick.

3. Smart water bottle trick

This instance amply demonstrates Ronaldinho's skill as a game reader and his trickery and dribbling prowess. Furthermore, the Brazilian used a cunning strategy in a match versus Sao Paolo to demonstrate his sharp thinking. These, among many other moves, are regarded as times Ronaldinho impressed the world.

Here are the 2 times Ronaldinho showed who is the boss

Even though there are numerous times Ronaldinho impressed the world, the next two moves remain unbeatable.

2. Stealing the ball from the goalkeeper

Once more, Ronaldinho was attempting to trick Mexican goalkeepers. The Brazilian superstar tried to score a goal by physically taking the ball away from Santos Laguna goalkeeper Agustin Marchesin as he attempted to clear the ball in the second leg of the 2015 Liga MX Clausura final, which his team Queretaro was winning 3-0. However, Ronaldinho performed a great job of grabbing the ball from the goalie despite receiving a yellow card.

1. Ronaldinho snake move

Frequently referred to as the elatico or the flip-flap, this is Ronaldinho's snake move. He flips the soccer ball back with his inner foot after moving it to the outside in a single action. The goal is to encircle the ball with your foot. Attempt to flip-flap the soccer ball while standing on your right foot.

What is Ronaldinho's full name?

The renowned Brazilian soccer star's full name is Ronaldo de Assis Moreira. Ronaldinho made his career debut for Grêmio in 1998. At 20 years of age, he moved to France before signing for Barcelona in 2003.

How old is Ronaldinho?

Famously dubbed Gaucho, he was born on 21 March 1980 in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande del Sur, Brazil. As of September 2022, he is 42 years of age.

There is no denying that the listed times Ronaldinho shocked the football world embody pure nostalgia. A sports icon on a worldwide scale and an exponent of the Joga Bonito style of play, Ronaldinho became popular for his technical skills, dribbling ability and accuracy from free-kicks, his use of tricks, feints, no-look passes and overhead kicks, as well as his ability to score and create goals, all characteristics of his background playing futsal.

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